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February 7, 2011

Well good morning fine friends. It is still early, especially for a channelling, yet I feel pumped and ready to go. Hoping you are available and as always ready to give of your expertise on this ‘living’ thing.

Our expertise is quickly becoming that of many of the human race. A race that chose and has been chosen at this time to ‘remember’ all this knowledge that we are simply reminding you of. As you further open your hearts you are FEELING more of this Love that is you. This is part of your remembering and yet you ‘think’ it is something new!

Remember too, that LOVE KNOWS EVERYTHING. So the more you recall the fullness of the LOVE that YOU ARE … the more you remember of yourself … which in turn gives you the answers that many of you are seeking. We say, and have said many times, that ALL answers lie within you … and we are aware that there is a struggle to KNOW of this in essence. Yet, do you see? The more you are alerting yourselves to this wondrous Light within you, the more KNOWLEDGE is brought forth … not by us … by YOU!

All that you need to know … you already know. That which you do not need to know is not worth the wasting of energy and yet we smile for many of you have the desire to need to know these things that are unnecessary.

This LOVE that is you, this Love that you are becoming more and more a part of in your awakening hours, is only a fraction of the LOVE that you TRULY are. You cannot overload yourself all at once with this Higher energy of Love due to the fact that it would knock you over if you were to receive it in one dynamite package. Yet little by little you open yourselves up to its call. You absorb it into your hearts place and once settled within, it then slowly begins to present itself to you in its Divine essence. In a way that will have you reeling with delight and laughter for you are finally ‘Getting it’ and you had no idea just how wondrous ‘IT’ was going to be.

Could you explain a little more about it? In that … we are LOVE … nothing else … and yet you say we are absorbing a Higher level of Love … and yet is it not already within us?

A highly good observance!! It is nothing new for you to know that you are LOVE, although it is taking a while to fully comprehend for most. One forgets in their daily routines … of this LOVE that they are. For is it not so that the humdrum of the minds thoughts can so often be directed toward that which appears to be ‘not’ of LOVE? Yet, every thought, whether it is of a negative or positive … IS of LOVE… because there is nothing else.

Ok … so, say someone was to have a huge build up of anger toward another and wished something bad would happen to them? I mean surely THAT would not be of LOVE?

Yes it is. For there is only LOVE.

So, are you saying that it is LOVE yet on a lower frequency?


Well, exactly how low does this frequency go?

To the very lowest there is. Consider this for a while and think about it deeply from the warmest place of your heart. In your world you speak of the dark ones. There is much talk about all that they do, some is founded some is not. Yet … if you TRULY are of the understanding that WE ARE ALL ONE … these that do harm to their brothers and sisters … these souls that are in power and have committed atrocities that are unknown to many … are also YOUR brothers and sisters. Not only are they part of YOUR family … THEY ARE ANOTHER PART OF YOU!  For there is absolutely NOTHING ELSE other than the energy of LOVE from which EVERYTHING derives.

Many will find that hard to accept.

Then they need not accept it. Do we not always ask of you to BE in your OWN TRUTH? If what we say is not a TRUTH for some, then it is simply not their TRUTH … at this time!

Let us ask … how do you see this new world that you are moving into? You are told that it will be created by you and will BE of the greatest LOVE with no room for hatred, greed, etc to enter in. In order to BE of this calibre of soul, one cannot wish ill upon any other living thing. Therefore, do you not think it would be a good place to start by FORGIVING those who are in such darkness? For those souls are part of your soul. Do YOU want to be in such a place … any tiny aspect of you? So, would it not be the most beneficial for all to begin right now sending your LIGHT to those who direct such ‘fear’ at others. Yet is it not their own fear? Fear of not BEING the Truth of who they are? They have lost their way a long time ago and damage done has been far reached. Yet we say to you … WE LOVE THEM and we suggest if you want to live in a world where this is no such thing as war and unrest … that you do the same.

I know as these words are coming through that it makes total sense of course. I wonder how many are ready to do so? Not because you say it’s beneficial, but because their heart can TRULY mean it. We are moving on greatly within this new understanding that you bring forth and I reckon there will be many that will now vigilantly send their LOVE to those who are so very lost. That part of ourself that needs to be retrieved from the depth of all that is the very lowest energy of LOVE and raise it to all that it can be. Thank you.

So, to finish answering … the LOVE that is coming through on a HIGHER level to your planet is simply a HIGHER level of yourselves connecting up with the aspect of LOVE that is yourself down on the earth plane at this time. Due to the vibrational pull of your earth over time … a certain level of this LOVE could not be accepted upon your planet.

For a better way to explain … it could not blend in … for its consistency is of a different calibre and was unable to mix. However due to the exceptional rise in the vibration as a whole, this Higher level is now able to combine with that which is lifting itself and therefore allowing the greatest collaboration of all time to take place.

Remember that you are EVERYTHING AT ALL TIMES.

At this particular time right now … as you Blossom write these words …  and others read it … you are each experiencing a minute aspect of the whole of you. You are focused in on this tiny, yet very important particle of you that is experiencing this moment as a human on planet earth. There will be another tiny, yet very important part of you doing the same on another part of your planet and indeed on many other planets. Yet it is just a particle of the whole.

Sorry to interrupt … How does this work regarding ones Higher self? For I am FEELING that you have just been speaking about aspects of an individual’s Higher self as opposed to the ‘ONEness’ of us all. How do I put it … eh …  is our Higher self … say the Higher self of Blossom Goodchild …  the Highest part of Blossom Goodchild and this aspect of her on earth …  or is Blossom Goodchild’s Higher self not an individual Higher self … is it the HIGHER SELF of everyone combined … i.e, is it that ‘GOD’ that we are all part of ?  I am not explaining this well … clearly!! But do you see what I am saying?

You are inquiring as to whether the Higher part of your self that we speak of accessing is the HIGHEST there is?

Yes, I mean, are there trillions of Higher selves that could then move Higher into that ultimate energy of pure LOVE … the LOVE that we derive from …The LOVE at the top of the chain so to speak?

Your mentor White Cloud has spoken of this a long time ago with you.  It is merely a question of connecting the dots if you like. Yes, there is a ‘position’ where an individual’s Higher aspect is ones own. Yet indeed, there is also a position MUCH Higher up whereupon those individuals are no longer separated. Let us try to explain in that … two would become one … a little further up the scale … that one that was once two … will merge and become one with another that was once two… are we making sense to you?

Yes, I totally get this concept. And from what I have learned from White Cloud this is where our ‘soul groups’ come in. We blend in with our soul group.

And yet you are doing this at many levels. One’s soul group is a vast legion of souls for each group. So we may say that ‘further up’ …  soul legions merge from two into one and so on.

Yes I understand. And boy … is it always such a joy to connect up for the first time (again) with a member of your group … down here!! Your ‘Rose’ as White Cloud would say. Your soul just knows you have just met a petal from your rose. There is such recognition.

And indeed, this new venture that you are all on … this new pathway … will allow you to FEEL that way … eventually … with ALL souls. It will be as if, not only are you connecting with petals from YOUR rose, you then connect with roses from the same bush. Recognising each other in Love. Recognising that you are all attached to the same stem. Recognising that although individual … you are a part of the same Divine creation.

Well. I feel that is suddenly it. And yes, as usual spot on … the hour is up.  Thank you for this. It is so refreshing.

It is nothing other than pleasurable to us, to refresh the memories of each one of you. We offer our LOVE so that you FEEL it in a deeper way than ever before. We KNOW this is possible in these most exciting of days. Shine the Light that you are across the seas of darkness. For in TRULY forgiving those who have misunderstood themselves you are TRULY forgiving yourself for misunderstanding those who misunderstood!

Beautifully put. I LOVE YOU!!!!! As do we all. In Love and Thanks.

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