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February 26, 2010

Good morning to you. As I ‘rise and shine’ on this new day I am hoping that we may be able to get in touch which I feel always assists the planet to rise and shine also! What words of wisdom would you care to impart this day?

Words of Love as always to those of you that have embarked upon the new road of your journey. With each step there are ‘feelings’ of excitement and wonder.

Eh … why am I getting an image of a frying pan … pray tell?

Were you not just of the day last gone questioning your ability to do what you do?

Yes ... But I felt I had reason.

And we say that you decided to take the decision to allow yourself to feel that way. Has not your friend White Cloud displayed this image … beating oneself over the head with a frying pan? Whereas from our perspective on a matter, we feel secure in our findings … no matter what they may be…. For we are secure within the knowledge of ourselves that all is well regardless of how things may ‘appear’ to be.

We have spoken many times of this very thing. Of the fact that how something may present itself on ‘your side of the fence’ … is in essence, very different from how it is on ours. What you may see sometimes as a disaster … in the overall picture … is simply a step towards a better outcome further down the track.

Is it not that it is known of the phoenix rising from the ashes? … That from those very ashes which are all that is left of the old … new life begins to form? This to us is freshness. A new beginning … and yet from the aspect of those upon your planet, such a natural disaster would be considered very detrimental would it not?

I see what you are saying and I know White Cloud has always spoken of ‘us’ not being able to see things from the bigger perspective. I guess when we allow doubts into our Being it can serve only in a way of helping us to recognise that doubting is pointless … and yet this questioning of ourselves … of what we do perhaps … it is just a part of being human.

Correction … WAS a part of being human. A self created destructive button that has transpired over many years. It is necessary for it now to be removed. For it serves little purpose. If you were to see one from their True Lightness … as we do … you would laugh and joke at the issue of which we are now speaking. From where we are positioned we see little point in bringing down the self … simply because a momentary glitch in the vibratory frequency allowed a nano second of self doubt … which then is picked up by ANY nearby negativity in order to feed itself. Therefore allowing that minute glitch in the matrix …

Where have I heard that before Neo?

... to escalate out of all proportion. It is negativity’s job to serve this way!


Indeed. For everything is part of a service to the whole … even though it is often presented in disguise .

But what is the point of that? I mean … Truly … life would be a lot easier if everything was presented … as is … without all these disguises .

And yet is it not that from the very things that have appeared ‘difficult’ the biggest growth has occurred? Therefore its ‘service’ is of great value.

Point taken. You had mentioned in another session that ‘in our earthly terms, very soon our world would appear very different from how it is now’. Someone asked if you would kindly explain that? For instance would there be sickness and death etc?

That will very much depend.


The pure thought of those that find themselves in the New World.

Yet you said ‘our world’ …

And we meant it. For you do not yet understand that the New World is your world. It is the ascending vibration of yourselves and your planet that is changing EVERYTHING and transforming it into this NEW WORLD … and yet it cannot be that it does not ‘come’ from the world that you are in now , because this NEW WORLD is of your old one.

You are all ascending at your own pace. There cannot be a single atom that is not part of this great plan. And yet … it may seem at times that there are those who are not a part of what is taking place. Or it may be that in your eyes that this is so. And yet again… do not assume that because something does not ‘look ‘as if it is involved, that it is not. Very much the opposite. Take a tree. It just stays in the same place. You cannot see it growing taller for it is not possible with your earthly eyes. And yet through the hundreds of years of its ascension … from that of a seedling … to the mighty tower of strength that it has grown into …. It had to move upwards. Because … now in its height … it is as plain as the nose on your face that this took place. It cannot be denied. And yet … did you see that movement? NO. Yet it , without doubt, was taking place before your very eyes even though you did not see it. Every second of it changing was invisible to you. Very much the same as that which is occurring within yourselves and the planet. Just because you cannot see it … does not mean it is not happening. And it shall be … that as one would say ‘how did that tree get to be so tall’ … that the same questioning of how one came to be so Light shall occur. And within that ‘Lightness’ shall be the world in which you dwell. Which … shall be ‘very different from the one you are living in now.’

Within the Higher Vibration there cannot be issues of war and hate and greed and all matter of ‘that’ vibration. It cannot enter in. It shall be left behind.

For those who ‘feel’ they are sick … they shall be sick if they so choose, but it will not be in the New Vibration … for sickness is not part of it.

Mmm. Ok … Let me ask you this then … I know of souls on this earthly vibration who are very sick indeed … they are also the most beautiful example of Light … so it would be obvious to me that the New Vibration of purer Light would be for them. Yet how can they ‘enter in’ if they have such sick bodies?

Because their sickness will ‘fall away’. In the same way that all things that are not of pure Love shall do also. Again the lack of expression through words cannot explain that which we need to explain. Sickness is indeed a reality for those that are experiencing that given sickness. And yet it is not a reality … it is an illusion.

With all respect … very easy for you to say. I know what you say is a Truth. I even know of some very sick people who know this as a Truth … and yet KNOWING this doesn’t make that illness disappear.

For in the density of this illusionary world, the creation of ongoing illnesses is part of the key to their growth. Every illness is chosen for the time one has with it.

I do understand. And yet for those that suffer so immensely, I am sure they would disagree. Is it not that on another level of the soulself such illnesses were agreed upon to either serve the self (in disguise), or others?

This is so … That is the simplified version. Oh! … to allow each one of you a glimpse of the greater picture. The overall understanding that we KNOW allows us to ‘get it’. We are trying with all the Love that we are to help you do the same. And yet as we have so often said … from your perspective this cannot be so. You cannot see the full picture, and therefore you cannot understand matters such as the reasoning behind illness and many other concerns.

As you know I wouldn’t dream of being rude … my question does not come from that place … but if that is the case … if we can’t ‘get it’ from where we are … why are you bothering? Why do you keep saying ‘until you ‘get it’?' … Because if we can’t ‘get it’ , due to our position … how come you are asking us to?

We do not find this … as you would express … rude? We find it perfectly understandable that you should ask such an appropriate question.

As you are aware … our purpose in this communication through you … which in turn reaches many … is to propose to you ..

Sorry ... I toyed with saying ‘but I’m already spoken for’… and that broke the train of thought … sorry … couldn’t help myself … BE SERIOUS BLOSSOM!!! Where were we? .

Enjoying every moment of our discourse … you were not chosen for your seriousness! ... Our purpose is to propose to you the prospect of the NEW WOLD. You already KNOW OF THIS within your innermost thoughts. We are merely AWAKENING those thoughts in order for you to bring them forth into your reality..

Which is an illusion … right?

Your reality at this time is an illusion because you have conjured up a world that is so.

So are you saying that the New Vibration into which we are moving is not going to be like that? It is not going to be an illusion, but it is going to be REAL?

YES, very much so. In the sense that there cannot be an illusion within the heights of this New place. For it is of a Light that can only shine that of which is … Light. And you are all Light. Therefore that is REAL.

But will we appear as human?

For as long as you feel the need.

Oh thanks… that’s really helpful!! The thing is … that is sounding to me very much like that of a soul that leaves it’s earthly body (as we call ‘death’), and keeps its human appearance until it understands that it no longer needs it.

And your point?

Is where we go after we die, going to be the same sort of experience of that which we are calling the New World?

Yes …and No.

Again… very helpful!

You see … as each of you experience a lifetime upon your earth plane … you are all on the same planet ... within … to a certain degree… the same vibration… and yet would you not say that the experience each one of you is having … is very different from each other? You are individuals. That is your Divineness. Therefore you are experiencing the same thing… the same world but from the perspective of YOUR self. And so it shall be that in this New place … In its GLORY, you shall be the expression of YOUR TRUE LIGHT. Yet … how you chose to be that expression … shall be up to each individual. So if it is that one’s choice is to remain in human form until such time that one chooses otherwise, then this is how it shall be for that individual. In the same breath we would say that should one choose to dwell only in the form of their Light, then this too shall/can be.

But just to clarify …. This New World isn’t the same place as where a soul goes to after leaving the earth plane?

This is correct. That matter must be left for another time. For we feel now we have used up our given quota of your energy.

That’s fine. I desperately need to get my breakfast anyway!

We can only try to understand that feeling of hunger that is experienced by human beings. We have no need to break a fast for we have no need of sustenance in the manner that is necessary to sustain your physicality … for we have none.

To all those who join together in this new way of understanding yourselves and the whole, we bid you a fond farewell until our next discourse.

And FROM all those that join together in this new way of understanding … we send our Love and thanks to you for your graciousness in this whole affair! Golden Rays beaming right back at ya!

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Comment from one of our readers:

"You asked: But just to clarify …. This New World isn’t the same place as where a soul goes to after leaving the earth plane?

They said: This is correct. That matter must be left for another time.


Thank you for asking that! That's been bugging me a lot lately! I've been half wondering if all there kind talk wasn't a nice way of welcoming everyone into the 'hereafte' after some coming cataclysm. Good to know that isn't what they are talking about.

But I would like to hear what they say about the hereafter in 'another time'."
W." (02-26-'10)

Note from GalacticChannelings.com: An interesting e-mail conversation between us and this reader about a Near Death Experience developped after this. You can read it here - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (03-04-'10)

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