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March 14, 2010

It’s been in my mind to connect up with you this morning. Wondering if it is suitable for THE ALL?

We are in position to comply with these wishes. We understand that although it may seem negligent at times for us not to always follow through with that of which we last spoke … it does not always serve our purpose to continue from where we left off.

Oh dear! As I know some people are really interested to hear what your follow on from the last channelling would be.

And yet we would answer that in our knowledge ‘timing’ is everything.

Even though you have no time.

This is correct and yet this does not mean that we are not able to gauge the sensitivity of the energy overall ‘at this time’.

So are you saying some are ready to hear it and some not?

This is so. It is a matter of conjoining that which is compatible for the greater good. It does not suit your desires to be given information that is only of a level that can be understood by few.

Quite interesting you say that … I am aware of those who are SO advanced in their knowledge about this planet and others. They write to me on a completely different level of understanding … which in all Truth … is really not my thing! I am not really interested in this deeply involved, would I say scientific layer? I do not understand it … It does not resonate with me in the slightest … and yet I fully accept that for those who ARE into that field … how exciting it must be for them. Does this mean I wonder… that those who are into other worldly matters in a more complex manner are more aware and awake than say …. Me? I don’t have a problem with that at all , we are all different , but there are some matters that I simply have no idea about … again … it amuses me that you have chosen me as your messenger …

We inform ‘you’ because of this very concern (?). If we were to communicate with those that are intrigued by such intricacies of the interplanetary, electomagnitical interface of the binary consortium …

Laugh!!! I get your point!

We gathered you would. Do you see? It is not of intelligence, it is not of unintelligence … it is only of Love … And Love is not complicated dear one. Love is just so. As it relays itself to any given soul at any given time depending on the understanding of Love for the soul that is receiving the information. Therefore, what we chose to relay to you, we do so in a conceivable recognition for the souls receptance.

And do you know … that depending on what energetic level (mood) I am in, even the simplest of messages can be understood yet not always accepted? It baffles me how I can be so unaware at times, simply because of the space I am in. The ‘struggle’ to keep in the right frame of mind sometimes beats me and I succumb to the not so blossoming me!! And yet really ….. knowing all that I know …. Should I not know better?

Knowing better does not necessarily mean that the action follows through.

Yet if we are to create our new world for ourselves through thought, then surely we need to be vigilant about our thoughts. And when we are not in a super - duper happy space … when we are on a bit of a downer … are we not creating a new world that is going to be pretty much like this one if we continue to allow ourselves to ‘not overcome’ these frames of mind when they present themselves?

Does this concern you?

I am intrigued that’s all. Sometimes I feel we are making great head way on this planet… on this enlightened path that we are told we are doing so well upon … other times it all seems such a dream … this new existence that we are supposedly moving toward, and nothing really seems to be changing at all…. Including myself!!!

And yet you know better do you not?

Only when I am in a good mood.

And why does that knowledge alter/falter when you are not?

Because of my frame of mind.


Who’s chasing whose tail here?

You seem to be chasing yours. Or this is how it seems to you… to many. Going round and round and not actually proceeding further. What would it take for you to accept the Truth of what is actually being accomplished?

Something more tangible I guess. Something to make us go ‘WOW!! YIPPEE!!! FAR OUT!!!’ … and then repeat it even louder whilst unable to remain on the ground, and then again louder and again and again …

Mmm … I am not going to scrap this … but I am going to leave it here for now …. Clearly my frame of mind is not appropriate for our discourse …. Well not in my eyes anyway. Sorry about that and perhaps we shall pick up again later.

You know …. We could continue …

If so … I will keep out of it … if you wish to carry on please go ahead. I’ll shut up!

It is simply inevitable for those on the earth plane to feel unaccepted at times. To feel the wanting of life elsewhere. To desire a contribution from someone/ something else in order to change things from the way they appear to be. We do understand of this. We can only be with you at this point in a way that is appropriate to be…. Which you are unable to grasp. The concept of our actual appearance in your skies is rapidly dimming for some and yet for others it is becoming ever nearer. Do not despair dearest friends. Consider the possibilities of a future that is of only Light. Remain in the knowledge of the Truth of that possibility. Believe within the very depth of your Being that which your soul’s desire for Truth is disclosing to you. YOU ARE NOT OF EARTH. YOU ARE OF LOVE. You are visitors to an exorbitant inhabitance that allows you to become the you that originally was.

Sorry … I‘d like to interrupt even though I said I’d shut up ... Have ‘you’ ever been down here? Have you experienced an earthly existence?

We have not. But that is not to say that we are ignorant of its format. We do not assume that we know all that is necessary to see one through a single lifetime … and yet we do know that we know of a way to assist. We know of energies that uplift ANYTHING from its current layout and can transform that which is incompatible with the Truth of the self in to that which is of the correct formula.

It is because of the respect I have for you that I really am going to leave it here for now. I will try again later when it feels more appropriate. Many thanks to you. I’m just feeling out of sorts and my mood is not appropriate for communication with you.

We accept this decision.


Ok … hello again … I am in a much better frame of mind. Pray, shall we continue?

It is always a delight.

And I guess you are aware that my day was brightened by hearing that your words are now also going to be translated into Chinese!! Presuming perhaps you already have a hand in this?

Much is preordained and yet we would reiterate that there is in your world … the freedom of choice. Perhaps you would be surprised at how much can be changed from the plan because of this very thing. Opportunities are presented … a soul may recognize the opportunity as part of the process of the life plan and evolvement of its journey this time around …. In most scenarios the opportunity is taken up and acted upon and all moves in accordance with that which has been discussed before one entered the earthly existence. However … this is not always the case. It can be that disappointment ….as one example … has allowed a soul to veer off the pathway intended … therefore when presented with that which was awaiting to be given; a soul may choose to shun a suggestion … for its need to indulge in its sorrow perhaps … is greater at that time than the need to fulfil its destiny.

Mmm! That must be some pretty deep sorrow. I would have thought the soul would have to comply with a particular suggestion if it knew that is what it came to do …otherwise surely it would feel frustrated and lost.

And yet if it is already in that situation, it can be that it is unable to represent that honour at that particular time. You see, there is much involved in just the smallest of plans within plans within plans within plans!

Best not to go there. It would blow my head off! So would someone else then take on the said task instead?

That would depend. It may be that the task would be prolonged, put on hold as you would say , until that same soul moves out of their present indulgence and decides to take up that opportunity when it is presented at another time. Remember also that there is no time, so if that soul feels it necessary to partake in another matter and learn and grow from it, then so be it. Freedom of choice.

But doesn't’t it muck up the whole system?

We smile at your comment. For if you knew the full extent of what that so called ‘system’ involved , there would be no end of ‘mucking up’. And yet, we say to you that the system is unfailing.

And now you want me to ask “who runs the system?”

You do.

Obviously an explanation would be profitable at this juncture.

Then we shall give one gladly. A system was put in place at the time of the creation of human form. The system is vastly complex and yet it is ever changing. That is the systems system. That it can change format in any given moment dependent upon the correlation (?) of what is taking place AT that given moment. So in a sense, the system cannot actually be ‘mucked up’, because it adapts itself as it goes along. You are learning of co creation are you not? You are accepting and understanding that it is YOU, each one of YOU that creates the next given moment of your lives. The system works along side with this. It assigns itself the next move to work in with your next move. It is ever adaptable. Therefore do you see … in ITS eyes, so to speak, there is no right or wrong … there is only the ‘is’.

So then what actually is the system? How would you explain it? What is its role?

To benefit the whole. If you like, we would say it records every particle of life and its movement.

That’s some system!!! To what purpose? For what reason?

For the very same reason that you all agree to having your akashic records. Everything is under scrutiny.

What! Why?

Because EVERYTHING is part of an evolving process. You have a saying in your world… ‘You live and learn’ … and this is precisely what this system records …. And learns from it.

What? … so we won’t make the same mistakes again?

That would not be up to the system … that would of course be up to the human race at the time.

So is our human race to continue? Are we to remain as we know humans to be once we have ascended?

We would say that your race will be evolving as it always has and will continue to do so. It will be that you are a different ‘type’ of human , but looking back would you not say that the human race as it appears in your today ... is very unlike that which was called the same in the days of the men and woman that lived in caves? It is of the same. In the new world , the newrace that is to be part of it , will look back at the human as it is in this day and age and regard much of its behavior as those in your time look upon the behavior of the cavemen.

Is the word you are looking for ‘barbaric’?

These are your words not ours.

Yet sadly I would say they are perhaps apt in certain areas of our planet.

We feel of your sadness and we also picked up on the vibration of shame.

Yes, because as I wrote … that is exactly what I felt … for some odd reason.

Because you and many, are now moving into the collective consciousness, even though you shall remain as individuals. You are understanding the greater goodness of the Divine plan and as you grow stronger within that plan you begin to comprehend the knowledge that you are all ONE. It is very different reading words, accepting them and acknowledging them … to actually allowing them to be OF you. Many upon your planet now accept of the Oneness that you all are , yet to fully BE OF IT and FEEL IT is a very different matter altogether.

Do you ‘get it’ fully? Do you live in this Oneness … all the time?

Yes, we do. For WE are one.

How lovely that must be. In so many respects we must seem so very disadvantaged and so very far behind in the system that we are creating.

Disadvantaged? …. No! For how can this be so when your very essence is of LOVE. One day dearest friends of earth, you shall experience for yourselves that which we see emanating from your Beings and your planet. There is a great deal more hope on the horizon than you are presently able to comprehend.We are honoured to be part of the change that is taking place on your beloved Mother Earth. Her very core is rising into the New Dawn that is spoken of. Be of the deepest Love for HER. Take comfort in the knowing that her emergence from the darker forces that have imprisoned her heart shall be ONE that will MOVE ONE into its new position.

And I recognize the cryptic statement there. Little subtleties that you bring forth. I just need to say, and I don’t know why, that I realize that it is for us NOT to know everything that lies before us. We, as we are in our Truth, must simply awake in each new day and BE who we are. We may be faced with Joy; we may be faced with pain. Yet, whichever it maybe, as long as we Trust in ourselves and what we are learning regarding BEING the very best we can be in any given situation, then I feel we shall Truly find ourselves … knowing how to handle ALL the experiences that are coming our way … as we create this better world for ourselves and those who come after us. Here endeth my sermon!!!! Thanks Guys and Gals!!! I know that’s it for this time.

And our thanks to those of you who take heed of that which we wish to present in order to accentuate the fact that Love is all you need to BE. IN everything you do. IN everything you think. IN everything you feel, IN everything you are.

We are doing our best. Our blessings to you … as I know yours are with us. Until next time.

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