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The Life Changing Near Death Experience of a Reader

The following e-mail conversation developped after a comment from one of our readers on this channeling by Blossom Goodchild. We thought it was too interesting not to share it with you.

Comment from one of our readers:

"You asked: But just to clarify …. This New World isn’t the same place as where a soul goes to after leaving the earth plane?

They said: This is correct. That matter must be left for another time.


Thank you for asking that! That's been bugging me a lot lately! I've been half wondering if all there kind talk wasn't a nice way of welcoming everyone into the 'hereafte' after some coming cataclysm. Good to know that isn't what they are talking about.

But I would like to hear what they say about the hereafter in 'another time'."
W." (02-26-'10)

Our reply:

"Thank you for your comment, W.

I added it to our site.

In love and light,

Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (03-03-'10)

You know for many months I thought you all were off your rocker. I feel bad now for thinking that. Too many of these channelers are saying the exact same thing. I think I have found nearly a dozen who are saying much the same thing as what you write. The Galactic Channelings web site is by far the best collection.

There are some channelers who have political leanings that they allow their views to "leak" into their channelings. But I can usually spot those by the tinge of fear mongering to it. The channelings that feel "authentic" to me are amazingly positive in tone.

I do see evidence of odd things in our solar system, and space that "shouldn't be happening". NASA photos of huge spherical UFOs parked around the sun.

I myself saw a silver cigar shaped UFO flying not far from my house over the local Marine Corps base in December. I got no sense of fear from the experience, only just sense of curiosity. I want to ride in one briefly! A quick tour of the solar system would be great fun! :)

I am still skeptical, but I keep seeing non-channeled sources verifying what these posts are saying. My engineering mind keeps looking at the data and it is becoming undeniable that something major is changing in our reality.

PS: About this time last year I died of blood poisoning. I had one of those Near Death Experiences where God told me I had the wrong idea about God, that I am a part of God, and God is the Totality of all life and consciousness. Then I got sent to my body and I healed! I still don't know why I got the 2nd chance on life, but if all this stuff comes true it will sure be wonderful to watch. I guess I get the same "vibe" from these posts that I got when I died, because I went into this warm loving light - that can only be described as a warm embrace and complete utter acceptance of me as a human being and how hard it is to live as a human on this planet. There was no condemnation for my mistakes. Just love.

Please don't post this particular reply. It's meant for you. The other one is fine to post." (03-03-'10)

Hi W.,

We respect your wish not to post this reply, but we would like to ask you to reconsider. Because we think it's an excellent example of the 'waking up' process that so many people are going through now. This process of doubt, hope, discernment, recognition, following your heart instead of your mind (fed by the media) is not easy for many, and we're sure your words will help other people realize that they're not alone in this and they're on the right path.

What makes your story particularly interesting, is this near death experience that you had. We feel it would be a waste not to offer these words to other readers! So please think about it, will you? Of course we can leave your name out of it or change your name.

Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (03-03-'10)

Okay, you can post it provided you remove my signature. Some of my friends cannot yet handle this kind of stuff - they are still emerging from religious fundamentalism. I played a big role in freeing about 40,000-60,000 people from a very severe fundamentalism in the late 1990s. I am known in some circles and one author quoted me in his book.

I really felt like somebody had rebooted my operating system with new software last year. It was a horrible health experience to go through but I came out of it so profoundly changed. I was so fearful of the future - I spent the first part of this decade fearing what news the day would bring and what awful thing my government would do next. Then one day it was like sun came out and the rains left (about March 15 or so last year) and I could sense something had changed in me or on this planet or both.

In my NDE I was in this bright place. I had been unconscious for two weeks and suddenly had full consciousness. It was the most dumbfounding and almost heady (exhilarating) experience. Suddenly it felt like my mind expanded beyond the confines of my skull - non-locality - it seemed my mind was everywhere at once, and my thinking was so clear, it was not a dream, no dream is that real. It was more real than here. I did have a body and still had the general same sense of myself as a human being and my beliefs. I was pleasantly surprised by the continuity of it all. I had no desire to come back. A voice (which I understood to be God - I did not see God) said "You are God". For some reason that didn't bother too much because I kind of had a sense of God being omnipresent, but I didn't really get it. Christianity at its core has a belief in the separateness of God from man and that was still very much in me - as in "yeah God made me but then ran off". I felt just utter complete acceptance and compassion - nothing but perfect safety.

In front of me was a rotating 4 dimensional hypercube. You can see an animation of one on Wikipedia. A hypercube is a lot like 3D cube but its vertices are perpendicular in 4 dimensions. A 3D cube is to a 4D cube what a square is to a 3D cube...its hard to explain best to view it on Wikipedia.


This is the hypercube

The voice said to me "God needs to change". And suddenly I knew my task was to change the 4D cube into something new by changing the angles and dimensionality of it into something new.

Then I went into existential melt-down. I panicked. I thought to myself "If that voice is God, and this hypercube is God, how can I be God?" I had no frame of reference for this. I went into the frame of mind that I thought it was a trick of the devil (ignoring for the moment that I had I been treated with nothing but complete utter love). But I knew I had died as a human, and I knew I didn't know anything about changing that 4D cube and as a fallible human someone was going to get killed at my incompetence in the situation. And I can't even visualize 5 dimensions. So I did the only thing I could, I said to the voice "My life is in your hands, do with it what you will, but I will not murder (thru incompetence) another intelligent being".

Then bam! I am in my human body again, ICU alarms are going off, I'm on a trach and a respirator, and I ached like hell. Holy crap! I just started laughing to myself because I knew I would live and I knew I would heal (despite the doctors dire predictions) and I did.

I didn't understand any of what I went through. I was afraid to mention it to my Christian friends - one to this day still thinks it was the devil and prays for my soul. My Buddhist and Hindu friends seemed to completely understand however. My Near Death Experience was nothing like the ones I have read about, it was certainly unlike Dannion Brinkley's and I didn't get as far along in the process as some have - I don't recall a life review...I guess it wasn't my time to go.

Then I had an online chat with a college buddy who is now in South Africa. I told him about it and he said "oh that's easy!" "The voice you heard was God, you are a part of God as are all humans, God is the totality of all life and consciousness and that totality is also conscious, and the God that needs to change is the rigid (cubic) God in your imagination." I was floored because he was right!!! I was given a riddle because God knew I'd remember a puzzle if I couldn't figure it out.

But now I am wondering if the increasing dimensions of the cube thing isn't also a reference to this earth going from 3D to 5D as the channelings speak of? (That thought just occurred to me as I write)." (03-04-'10)