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September 25, 2011 Thrive

Hello again. I am FEELING it's about time to connect up with you once again and my little heart is a' pounding as I tune in to make the connection. Anyone home?

We are always home ... for that, dearest one, is where all Truth lies.

Well I went through a few things in our break ... how about you guys?

What we are noticing from many is the intense purpose to see this through. The strongest will is presenting itself to the soul and is allowing one to make contact with that Higher part of the self. It is clear to us that although this is taking place ... we have underestimated that which the souls of Earth at this time are capable of. For in recognizing more and more the Truth of ones Truth, one is also separating that which no longer is of use to the New World and assisting it to remove it's energy from the self. The ways in which this acceptance of the reality of what is taking place is unfolding, is releasing out into your atmospherics a 'call' which so many Beings of Lighter vibration are now in 'earshot' of. For in past days things were not quite so easily understood. We would say that 'calls of confusion and concern' were being heralded by souls of your Earth ... whereas now, at this transitional time ... there is a difference in that which is being 'called out to' and indeed 'called upon'.

The vibrational level that is now upon and within your planet has risen quite considerably and many of you were aware of the 'dangerous waters' that were swelling as the new current poured into your planet. This being said ... the tides are now subsiding for a time and the calm seas are bringing peace to the once troubled waters.

We ask of you to remain calm . To keep yourselves finely attuned to this new vibration. There shall be some who read of our words who shall say that they do not FEEL that they have moved into it. We say to you that it is not possible for you NOT to have done. For it is there NOW with you and your BEINGS are adjusting to their Higher potential.

There is so much change that HAS taken place and as your inner energy settles you will encounter these changes and they will bring such warmth to you heart.

May I ask what these changes are ?

You may.

( blank for a time ... ) OK .... what are these changes?

We would prefer not to offer for reasons that shall seem obvious when you recognize them for yourselves. You see dearest souls, it is YOU is it not that are making the changes upon your planet? It is YOU you have strived and toiled for so long to bring about this Divinity upon your planet ... that even as you take each new breath ... is transmitting out to your Earth energies, thoughts and FEELINGS that accompany the vibrational energy that you have come to Earth to transcend. If we were to explain to you the changes you would be looking around each corner for it to happen to you ... and should it not happen to a particular individual it mat cause doubt that they may not be 'good enough' or have 'earned the right'. Friends of ours, we smile at these thoughts that entangle your minds and move on through to your heart space. It is for you to understand that each and every one of you are Children of God. What you surmount (*1?) that word to mean is entirely your own position. Yet we say to you , that when you understand the TRUTH of that which we have just stated ... there certainly would be no consideration of doubt ... for when you TRULY KNOW YOU ARE CHILDREN OF GOD ... EVERYTHING falls into place.

You are moving into a place within you that will astound your BEINGS. We are aware that we have spoken of this many times. Yet when these moments occur ... you shall recognize that the repetiton of such words was necessary.

As you FEEL and understand the Higher vibration that we spoke of earlier you will also FEEL and understand YOURSELVES on a much deeper level. All 'promiscuity' (*2? ) from which you have betrayed your souls TRUTH shall disperse into the nothingness from which it was created. Dearest most treasured souls ... WE LOVE YOU . We wish you to FEEL this LOVE in a different manner from that which you have 'desired' it to be. We desire now for you to delve deeply into your hearts demise and within that place of squabbling regarding who you are and WHAT IS TRUTH ....


STOP ALL THAT YOU HAVE LEARNED THROUGH THE OLD SCHOOL. All the indoctrinations, all the misleading untruths that have enslaved you for so long .

STOP NOW with all these thoughts that have seen you chained and shackled to walls that have not allowed you to BE WHO YOU ARE.

STOP NOW questioning what lies ahead of you and whether or not you shall survive.

STOP STOP STOP fretting about what is or is not going to take place ... what will happen to you ... what will happen to your animals ... your homes ... your finances.


Instead ... take in new breath .... and

START ... breathing IN this Higher energy that is now surrounding you ... engulfing you .

START FEELING these energies in their TRUTH and what they bring forth to you for your HIGHER GOOD.





Until you START doing so ... you cannot bring forth this NEW WORLD that is your NEW abode. If you continue to hang onto even a thread of the old world you are preventing the transition from 'doing it's thing'. It cannot 'lift' if it still has ties that hold it down. YOU are the ones to release those ties. THAT IS WHY YOU CAME. To undo the undoing's!!!

It is so important that you "GET THIS'. That you 'remember this'. It shall be as the days continue ... that memories of who and why you are here shall return to you . It shall be in a way of 'flashes' of vivid KNOWING . The more you connect with these occurrences the more this shall allow them to enter through the barriers that are coming down.

BY BEING LOVE AT ALL TIMES THROUGHOUT ALL HAPPENNINGS YOU ARE OPENING THE VORTEX THAT STREAMS MORE AND MORE INFORMATION TO YOU. It is a knock on effect and the more that is allowed to spring forth shall enhance the very core of the Earth.

You are moving into a time when you shall recognize great powers within you for this power that you are ... this LOVE. This POWER OF LOVE had been lain dormant for so long ... for too long ... and NOW IT AWAKENS ... and as it does so, it AWAKENS a part of you that has slept so deeply. This precious part of you that only when you awaken to it, shall you realize how much it has been missed. For it is your 'off spring' ... your part of you that comes from the heavenly you ... IT IS AWAKENING NOW and shall bring you such joy that is simply indescribable in your Earthly words. Yet when you FEEL this part of you that is once again awake, then ... dearest brothers and sisters of the one family ... shall you understand ALL that we have been saying. Not only shall you understand ... you shall FEEL it and KNOW it to BE THE DIVINE ESSENCE of WHO YOU ARE. And you shall welcome and embrace it with loving arms as one welcomes the lost when they return home once again.

Thank you. It FEELS very strong, this connection with you tonight. The time we have been 'silent'' has whizzed by, from my point of view. Yet to be back 'in touch' FEELS so warm and I am so happy that we are together once again.

Blossom ... our words that you so kindly offer out to many are soon to be more than just words. And when this comes about ... it is YOU ... each one of you ... that shall be so decidedly familiar with all that you attest to. Dearest ones of expectation ... we say to you that already your skies are filled with LIGHT. As this Light shines upon your Earth it shall reveal much that has been shadowed by the dark. When these events unfold we shall call upon you ... are Earth allies ... to TRUST ALL THAT YOU KNOW ... TO STAND STEADFAST IN THAT KNOWING ... for this KNOWING and TRUSTING in YOURSLEVES shall be the key to open the doorway into the NEW WORLD.

For now we FEEL it is time to dismiss our 'secretary' so as not to drain energies ... as you get used to the Higher vibration in which we now come though .

How kind! Just got to say ........... Great to be back on board. Thank you ... TRULY THANK YOU for this interaction from wherever you may reside to this little planet that is our vacational home. And what a vacation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*1. surmount. to prevail over : to surpass in quality or attainment : to get to the top of . Not sure if this word should have been surmise? yet surmount is what I got.

*2. Promiscuity. casual; irregular; haphazard: consisting of parts, elements, or individuals of different kinds brought together without order:indiscriminate; without discrimination. I had a moments pause when this word came through but went with it and didn't allow it to interfere with the link . Yet this meaning seems to fit as oposed to the connotation I know of the word. I had a moments pause when this word came through but went with it and didn't allow it to interfere with the link . Yet this meaning seems to fit as oposed to the connotation I know of the word.

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Comment from one of our readers:

"This one's interesting - sort of paradoxical! Sort of a puzzler, but then is it really? Certainly detachment is being suggested. Be loving in a detached way, not trying to force outcomes, etc. My guide speaks of how we are all much loved by God, without condition and without limit.

I've found that the more love I can accept, the more love I can give, also the more I can give, the more that comes my way. An old saying is that God sends the rain to rain on the just and the unjust alike. I've come to see "rain" as code for divine love. Loving the unjust may be a bit of a stretch if we haven't learned detachment. Maybe even if we have.

My own approach is if I can't think something nice about someone, not to spend a lot of time thinking about them. Guess I still have my limits! Maybe there some people I think belong in jail, but I could love visiting them there. That's the ticket! The biblical Jesus suggested visiting people in jail, not letting them out - if memory serves. It's all in the perspective.
T." (September 26, 2011)

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