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September 2, 2011

Blossom Goodchild
Blossom: Hello Everyone and welcome to September.

Interesting times we are in!

Firstly may I say, that a ‘very brief’ channell from The Federation of Light has just gone up. ‘Brief’ in that they explained that communications between us would not be happening for another couple of weeks! All a bit odd … allow me to explain.

Three days ago I sat down to channell and did so for an hour and a half. As I went to push the ‘save’ button, that dreaded box appeared saying ‘This programme needs to close ’ … ‘NOOOOOO!’ I inwardly yelled in slow motion, but too late … there was nothing I could do and lost the whole lot. Nowhere was it to be found. (I got over it after a few minutes of disbelief … allowed myself to laugh and got on with my day!) I was proud of myself for that achievement in ‘letting go’. So last night I tried again. Yet after a couple of paragraphs I ‘smelt a rat’! It just didn’t FEEL right and after a second word that didn’t blend with me, I aborted further proceedings! SO … this morning I decided to give it one last try and if that didn’t work I was prepared to leave it for another week … as I felt it would be right to do so and not force it. Here is what I got this morning:

Well, third time lucky as they say*. I know that if you are not here to chat this morning then I am to leave it for a short while. I accept this and understand. If you wish to be heard at this time, please go ahead.

We accept the position in which you find yourself. It Is not that we are ‘leaving’ … it is more to do with factual circumstances that are about to occur … and after discussion we feel at this time that it would be of more generosity of heart to retreat from these ‘often’ communications, for indeed as you say … just a short while.

This is ok, as long as I KNOW that it is not a final Goodbye and that this break … as we have had before …  is just temporary.

Dearest heart … in our world we do not consider it to be a break. We give to you knowledge as we have done for it is compatible with our plans to do so. This ‘break’ as you call it is not the first time, nor shall it be the last. Everything is ‘rushing’ ahead now and we consider that those of you on Earth now have ‘utensils’ to build upon and gauge for yourselves the positioning of your hearts place within all that is to be presented to you.

So, in ‘our time on Earth’ how long a break are we talking here?

 Not long … we propose two to three weeks from now.

Well, we have had two, plus three more … not too long a wait I guess. I really feel a ‘weak’ link and I am not going to push my luck. I Trust in you and I am assuming I will FEEL the nod when you are next ready to have a chat.

There, of course, are many reasons for this interlude. Some of which will become apparent in the time we choose to remain silent with you. KNOW souls of Earth that although this may seem that we are ‘away’ … we are far from it. Ever closer now to all things transpiring in the manner to which we have always stated. Nothing has changed for us … only the level of Love that you are walking back into. This is most agreeable and makes all things much Brighter as we go about that which must be attuned. We would offer a few more explanations in that … you also Blossom … are in need of this time as much is to take place within you and around you also. Energies are at an all time ‘swirling’ for all and it is important that we allow the self to settle within and gain proportion with that which is currently relevant to upliftment.

KNOW WE ARE OF LOVE and through this LOVE we come. Keep watchful … Remain in your DIVINE TRUTH and LIGHT at all times … through all weathers. This is to be your Saving Grace. We give LOVE of vast energy to you during these times … as indeed we have done throughout. For now …  we retract our energy from yours dearest one and we look forward to our next meet up.

Ok … I FEEL as if during this ‘break’ … our hearts will FEEL a strong ‘pull’ towards you … a sort of FEELING as if we can FEEL you much nearer … a KNOWING . Thank you for clarifying what I FEEL I already suspected. I will leave it there and look forward to our reunion in ‘this’ way. In LOVE and thanks and a few thousand xxxxxxxxxxxxxx! May the force be with you … Nanu Nanu … over and out

* I had tried a link up two days ago and although I got through, it was a very weak link. It was an hour and a half and a bit of a struggle to be honest. When I pressed 'contol S' to save the work ... the 'error ' box came up saying the programme needed to close and I lost the lot. Then again last night I tried and within five minutes I didn't feel things were right . I had a few words that made me wary and I have learned to close down immediately as I did not FEEL the communication was 'our mates' and I am not up for any of that nonsense! So ... above is the result of a last attempt for now to see if i could get anything at all. I was surprised I did. Breaks with both White Cloud and The Federation of Light have occurred before. I TRUST their judgement on the matter and of course always look forward to getting back together again. It is KNOWN that in these short breaks ... much 'alteration' takes place within us on a growth level. Many thanks for your understanding . Blossom.

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Comment from one of our readers:

Thank You so much for this message! I had noticed the lull in channelings lately, and recalled a similar lull from about a year ago, but did not understand why it was happening. These messages are truly comforting and inspiring. <3
Peace, baby!
Jackie" (September 2, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Wow ... so comforting to hear that about healing! I want to hope ... Thank you Blossom and thank you Kees :o)
Isabelle" (September 4, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"I think sometimes our spiritual teachers lovingly step back so we can practice what they have taught without, so to speak, "training wheels." For a child to learn to go through the day without diapers, eventually the parent has to actually take them off! Of course accidents will happen as the new consciousness is tried - then retreated from - and the loving parent is never far with clean laundry at the ready.

Seriously? Maybe it's easier to learn to see the Divinity within the animals and people around us if we back away from the privileged connections most people don't partake of directly. Ask a few weeks down the road if the heart connections didn't become stronger than ever because the crutches were set aside. . .
T." (October 12, 2011)

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