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October 7, 2011 Thrive

Good evening to you my friends. Utter forth that which you FEEL will be most beneficial for those on our planet to hear at this time.

This we are most comfortable in doing and that which we desire to share with you is actually all that you already KNOW. This of course is the factor of so many of you resonating with that which we say, because it is of your knowledge and consent before we even offer words to be transcribed. How brightly you are shining within your souls KNOWING in these times. Is there one of you that can say this is not so? For even those who may FEEL ill at ease ... are also aware of the LIGHT that is deep within and of it's emergence to the surface in order to transcend. Pillars of Light are you indeed.

Ha! You brought it up! ( I am grinning from ear to ear)

It was our intention to do so. For would you not admit to conspiring thoughts of 'jumping ship' dearest lady ... should these Pillars that we have spoken of not present themselves in the exact way we stated that they would?

Mmm! You've been listening in! Well, seeing that you obviously want this out in the open I am happy to go along with this request . Yes ... I have considered stopping communication with you if this has not occurred by 2012. Not for ever ... but until you deliver the goods.

So your TRUST in us is wavering a little ?

Nope! Not al all. So I realize this may seem odd. Yet, the way I see it ... it wouldn't seem correct for you not to deliver as you have said ... with all respect ... because souls get disappointed and lose interest in what you have to say ... however enlightening it may be. That's all really. We still have a while yet ... so I see little point in wasting time on this as these pillars may appear at any time.

We prefer to redirect your query to the possibilities of such occurrences coming into LIGHT well in the time frame of that which we speak. It is unnecessary for us to be of concern regarding this matter . Do you FEEL understood?

Do I FEEL understood ? Or do you mean do I understand?

We mean what we say. Do you FEEL understood?

Sorry lost the plot here. About what?

About who you are?

It really doesn't matter if I am or not. I do what I do because I KNOW it is what I am meant to be doing. What is the need for this question please?

Because its relevance is necessary to the subject matter we have been digesting.

The Pillars of Light?

Indeed. Let us progress further ... do you FEEL understood by us?

Oh! Never really thought about it. I just always assume you 'KNOW ME' and therefore 'accept' my ways and thoughts. Therefore, I guess ... Yes I FEEL understood by you.

Yet you question our motives?

Nope. Your motive to bring these 'pillars of Light' to be displayed to us is only of Highest intention. It is not your motive .... you misunderstand ... it is my concern that if these Pillars of Light are not presented ... you will have many people lose faith in you and all the work you have done . I can't actually believe we are still on the subject to be honest.

Yet we find it of importance from YOUR point of view Blossom. For as you are aware ... WE are aware of your thoughts regarding this.

I have to laugh! ... Feel free to 'let it go'. As we have discussed ... there is still time. Let's just wait and see shall we? I would like to move on if we may?

And moving on , moving forward ... is something that many of you have been made aware of within your souls recognition of a Higher degree is it not?

Yep . Gotta say I am feeling very bright and breezy these days. Much Lighter in my own presence. Guessing this is the energy coming in and blending?

Correct. You see more brightly. You FEEL more tenderly. You behave more conducively to that which your BEING ... IS. This LIGHTness that is upon you is just the beginning dearest friends. The joy you are experiencing ... be it sometimes only fleeting ... is the onset to that which is to unfold ... before your eyes. You who have chosen to allow yourselves to find yourselves, are now able to relate a little more to that which we have expressed to you. And the more you are able to 'see' into that teaching ... the more you are able to let the wonderment present itself. The manner in which it does so is most subtle so as not to confront or set off balance. Yet you can FEEL it now ... this Higher level of yourselves. You are retrieving glimpses of who you are and through this discovery ... you are capable of catching the moment and KNOWING that 'It is taking place'. This upward journey is happening as you breath and you are smiling as you FEEL the presence of something that you have been waiting for that is now approaching.

Let your Light guide you. Let it be a beacon to others. Dearest, most DIVINE energies upon your planet Earth. You are here ... now ... in this present moment. You are walking the steps that lead you into the forgotten lands that once bathed you. You are allowing your Higher understanding to accompany you and you TRUST it. For it's TRUTH cannot be denied due to the FEELING that it offers. This KNOWING .... this deeper understanding of 'what this is all about' ... is telling you of home.

It is creating a magnetic field that is way above the force field that you have resided within for so long now. This NEW magnetic field is much stronger than you are accustomed to and therefore, it is setting you off balance here and there as you adjust ... and adjust you shall. And when you have done so ... you will FEEL this NEW FORCE. It has ... within the creation that you have accomplished ... new/old mysteries that shall unfold. Powers that have lain dormant are to awaken within you once again due to this new magnetized energy. Play with it ... experiment with it ... TRUST it as you discover it. Memories of old shall flood into your minds and skills long unattended shall once again be a natural part of your every day living.

Dearest ones .... YOU KNOW .... YOU UNDERSTAND .... YOU ARE 'GETTING IT" ! We KNOW of this as TRUTH. For the vibration that we can sense could not be held as such ... if it was not for this KNOWING. The frequency that you are dwelling within has changed channel from that which it was. This is of great joy to us ... for it PROVES that we are indeed coming into a time when we are of such delight. Those of you on Earth are to co-join with those who are not . Reunions of souls are to capture hearts calls. Long have you missed one another's heart beat.

Ask yourselves in this moment of your TRUTH ... of your understanding ... 'CAN I FEEL THE CHANGE IN ME? CAN I FEEL MY HEART CONNECTING WITH THOSE NOT OF EARTH'S PHYSICALITY?'.

We KNOW so many of you will grace yourselves with the correct answer ... in LOVE. We have journeyed so far, for so long. We have waited patiently ... as have you ... yet now in your TRUTH you can FEEL how close we are . Close to occurrences taking place that shall bring down the great divide that has led so many of your world to forget who they are.

When these moments are in your reality ... dearest most treasured brothers and sisters ... there shall be rejoicing throughout planets ... throughout universes! How close we are to these celebrations . FEEL you hearts beat faster in anticipation of this TRUTH . FEEL the excitement growing hour by hour. Let not that which surrounds you bring you into a place of dismay .... for what is displayed is a 'layer' ... a 'film' over that which is to be revealed. These falsities are melting before your eyes. Such untruths that have masked the absolute beauty of TRUTH are to be swept away and ALL that lies before you shall bring your souls into the brightest recognition of that which is TRULY and ONLY LOVE!


LOVE ... the most Divine LOVE that is YOU ... is awaiting your souls acknowledgment of itself ... to BE itself.

Soon now .... so very soon.

I won't even go there with that word. It really is ok! All is as should be . We are in gratitude to you for your connection. I really do FEEL a Heightened vibration as I am writing this ... It's very exciting to be part of all this . And I KNOW its just going to keep on getting better all the time! Whooo hoooo!!!!!!!!!!

Website: Blossom Goodchild

Comment from one of our readers:

"Blossom, don't lose heart about anything as you are providing a great service that is so greatly appreciated. I feel uplifted at reading each and every one of your messages received. Please know you are so appreciated by so many.

Just think of this last waiting period as honing our 'patience' skills, at least that's what I'm doing. It's all so near now, coming so fast, I feel it with every fiber of my being and all around me.

Love is quite literally in the air and we want to grab it and wrap ourselves in it fully and right now I might add.......but it will be here so soon.

Stay strong in the faith that I know you have Blossom. I send my love to you my friend......looking forward to wrapping my arms around you to say 'wow, we made it........and THANKS for all your work'.........so soon the love frequency will arive completely....joy, joy........complete joy.

Surrounding you with Golden Light,
Cheri-San Juan Island, Washington" (October 8, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Blossom, could the 'Pillars of Light' be us perhaps?
Kitty" (October 8, 2011)

Reply from Blossom Goodchild:

"Hello Kitty
Thanks for that suggestion. I have just posted the below comment on my blog as quite a few are suggesting the same.

yes, many are suggesting that and I understand that indeed we are becoming our own pillars of Light and yet 'they' stated that these pillars of Light would be vast , contain information energy and seen moving across our skies. This is my point ... I expect to see that which they spoke of ... in the way that they spoke of it ... otherwise they could have just said that 'we' are to become pillars of light. I am not in any way in 'a funny' with them about this ... just letting them know from 'MY' point of view how it is.

Love Light Laughter & Golden Rays
Blossom." (October 10, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"I have to say, I needed to see something like this from at least one of the channelers. The "realness" that comes from questioning an idea. Thank you Blossom for what you asked. I find myself "teeter-tottering" with belief and doubt and looking up at the skies EVERYDAY for some sign of all that is said on this website. I find myself fearing the possibility of this not being real. You can "see" with your mind. You can "hear" their words. I cannot. Anything of this nature seems vague at best to someone like me. So I rely on the belief that maybe there is someone out the there like you, Blossom, who can actually receive these messages and tell others about them. If after 2012 everything is the same is a scary thought for me. I will have to find something else to hope in. But I like to think I will keep my attitude of kindness and love towards all men and the earth, not because its what the aliens said to do, but because its what works for everyone to naturally be at peace. I thank god for the mysterious love in my heart for others and for what is MADE true to my conscious. And I thank you, Blossom for giving me hope if not for a moment in life.
Brandon" (October 9, 2011)

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