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May 22, 2011

Well, I thought I would try again and see if you are about, as when I tried earlier today ... you weren't. Is now a better time?

It was not that the 'timing' was astray. It was more to do with your energies and compatibility.

Yes, I thought as much, as I had tried to clear my space from the 'off' mood I awoke in! Clearly, I didn't clear it enough! I changed things around though and had a good day, so are we ok for a sesh?

The pleasure is all ours.

Oh! Many would dispute that. Let's just accept it's a win/win situation shall we?

By ALL means ... it is. As you continue forth upon your journey through your Earth's experience ... we find it necessary to attune ourselves into a vibration that previously had not been encountered by 'us' and you.

What would that be?

One that has solidified a bond between many of your world ... one that links into our energies ... as many now read the words which we have and shall continue to offer forth. It is as if there now can be an automatic exchange of energy vibration and due to this we find it very accessible to penetrate deeper into the hearts ... where the understanding comes from ... of so many of you souls on Earth who are now 'Getting it'. It is as if we can 'plug in' to you as you read on a soul level, which allows so much more to take place than just the reading of the words we present. This, for us, had not been calculated and yet it is indeed a pleasant endeavor and it assists the change that is progressing so beautifully. The LOVE that is presented from you all to us ... as you become LIGHTER ... is having such an effect regarding the speeding up of plans that are in the offing.

Well that's good news. Around me ... people that I know ... there seems indeed, to be wonderful things falling into place for them. That makes me so happy ... is this because of the Higher vibration 'doing it's thing'?

It is a combination of 'everything' being in it's rightful place. For those that are finding life a breeze , it is a mixture of what they have been putting out to achieve ...blending with the Higher energies ... which is allowing for the FEELING of excitement and joy to come into play. And of course, the more this resonates and remains ... the more ... more of the same shall continue to arrive, as one aligns themselves with ALL that FEELS suitable for their place ... as we draw closer to Higher expectations of thought ... which of course becomes the reality of.

May we explain a particular issue which we diagnose to be one that seems to ruffle the feathers of many?

Eh ... no thanks! ................... OF COURSE you may!!!

There are those who choose to continue to delve into matters that create fear. They continue to search your networking devices to find out more and more about something that is not of a Divine Nature. This seemingly harmless 'study' has far reaching consequences. For do you not see? As we have said before ... you are feeding fear.

Imagine for a moment that computers had not been invented. That there was no possible way for one to find out all the amazing ... on one hand ... and yet ... destructive ... on the other ... possibilities that may or may not take place in the ending of your year 2012. Imagine if no one knew of these things. Instead all they were aware of ... through living their lives in a Truthful fashion that complimented their hearts ... was that the FEELINGS inside of them .... FEELINGS of good and of upliftment and most importantly of LOVE ... were increasing as time moved on. They recognized the difference within themselves, and the effect they were having on others. They noticed that others too, seemed to have an aura around them ... a Lightness about them that was not there before.

All these 'noticing's' only increased the FEELINGS of good ...

... and so it continued.

They were not aware of vibrations coming through from elsewhere. They were not aware of strong planetary alignments and changing tides. They knew only that which was within and around them. And ... it FELT wonderful ...

... and so it continued.

They were unable to bring down the vibrations that were being offered, because they had not had their minds filled with scenarios of one thing or another. Many scenarios that contradicted each other .... so that in the end, one knew nothing at all of what was to be .... just 'mad fear' of many possibilities that clouded the mind and conjured up concerns of whether or not one leaves the planet or whether one stays ... Whether one is to go underground or up into the skies ... Whether there will be a planet left at all after all the stories offered that might blow your world into extinction etc!!

Do you see what we are saying dear friends? We ask you once again to recognize ...

The importance of STAYING IN LOVE ...

The importance of BEING IN LOVE ... AT ALL TIMES.

The more the importance of this is understood, the easier it shall become to rid your world of that which no longer serves. That which is destined to be removed ...because no-one pays it any attention anymore and therefore, it withers away ... from lack of food source.



Which, dearest souls, are you going to choose? We have talked of this often and yet ... it seems there is a need within many to seek out the worst that could happen and thrive upon its negativity. Not because they are dark souls, but because they find it easier to live in fear. How can this be? We do not understand it ... yet we KNOW that there are many WARRIORS OF LIGHT who are leading the way. Showing others the alternative way of BEING ... and by example showing how easy it can be.


When you hear words spoken of a negative nature ... politely explain that it is only that which is music to your ears that you choose to listen to these days. Let your thoughts, let your expression of those thoughts ... give out a glow of Light that allows others to FEEL warmth to their soul.

REMAIN IN YOUR TRUTH! In this way you will Light the way for all who have forgotten how to do so. Yet it takes but a souls glimpse of recognition and ones TRUTH will set you free.

Be not strangers to yourself and that which you are. Yet, may you walk the road that makes your soul FEEL the KNOWING that it is TRULY on its way home.

We are in much gratitude to all who have linked energies with us and we TRULY are in/of so much joy as we KNOW NOW for certain that our efforts to assist ... combined with your efforts to uplift yourselves and the planet are making all the difference in the world!

In LOVE we take our leave.

In LOVE ... I thank you on behalf of us all .

Website: Blossom Goodchild

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