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June 1, 2011

Good morning my friends. I was hoping you are about for a chat ... the subject being of your choosing of course.

Dearest souls of Earth ... We greet you this day and offer to each one of you our deepest FEELINGS of LOVE that we are. We are greatly aware of so much change that is taking place upon you planet. Some of you are aware of this and some of you are not. But we ask you to accept that much behind the scenes that has been taking place ... is now ready to present itself in full view and there will and can be no denial of that which is presented.

You have been so very patient with yourselves ... with us ... and all that is emerging. You have proven to yourselves that you are Warriors of Great Light and it is now time for the ball to start rolling and for you to reap all the Highest good that you have so gently sewn.

In the days that are ahead ... and we speak in terms of days that are nearing ... what you behold will fill your BEINGS with the knowledge that all that you have steadfastly held onto within the TRUTH of yourselves ... that KNOWINGNESS that only you can KNOW ... was indeed the right thing to do. There is to come now ... the time in your world ... upon your planet ... when so much of greatness is to present itself. You will no longer be able to sit in silence about that which you KNOW to be of TRUTH, yet have been a little daunted by speaking of it to others. For it shall be that those others are now asking ... perhaps imploring for you to share your knowledge with them ... for that which they see in your skies will need explanation.

Here we must point out ... that all that we have spoken of ... all that we have shared with you ... and all that has penetrated into your hearts ... must now be encountered by the part of you that is of a HIGHER understanding.

In order for others to be free from fear of what is soon to take place ... it is imperative that those who have been awakened and KNOW that we are of LOVE ... shall be able to interpret for those who may only just be waking ... due to what is before them .... the absolute TRUTH of WHO WE ARE.

LOVE is the key throughout the entire affair. When one remains centred within their heart space ... they can FEEL the strength within ... that can only BE DIVINE ... then it is from this place in the heart that each one will discover a unity and strength among you ... that up until this time one did not know they were gifted with. By following only your hearts FEELINGS ... by listening only to the beat of your heart as more and more occurs ... will you be able to decipher that which you KNOW is righteous and that which is telling you that it is not of the TRUTH. Be aware of deceivances by those who are now so very afraid of losing all that they have built. Their kingdoms of greed and want have no place in the NEW WORLD that is being built by you ... the Warriors of Light who have come to crash down those walls and rebuild a NEW HEAVEN . A place upon Earth that as an original species of this planet ... you are once again PROUD to be part of.

The time is so very near now ... our dearest friends. Long have you waited. Long have we waited . Yet cannot your hearts FEEL the excitement that something is about to take place?

It is now then that we wish to disclose the reasoning behind why we asked of you to 'collect bottles of LOVE' from inside of you . Do you recall? We asked for you to find a space where you would visualize filling up bottles of LOVE and storing them for us. We know that many have done so and we know also that many have not always recalled the memory to do so. This is of no concern. Yet as each one CAN remember to do so ... it will be of value to the cause.

For it is this that we ask of you to do ... when the time comes ...

We would ask that when appearances of unusual vessels ... be they vast strobes of Light ... be they anomalies that one has never yet considered a reality ... when these 'events' take place ... and they shall .... we would consider it a great advantage for the unity of those of Earth and those not from Earth ... if you were to KNOW that the emptying of these bottles into your atmosphere will TRULY assist greatly in the merging of the worlds ... so to speak. We ask you to visualize with the KNOWING in your heart ... the effect that this shall have. It will be as if the 'stoppers' are removed and the energy that has been saved/savoured will flow out into the very air in which you breath ... and it shall 'meet up' with an energy that we are sending out to you. You will know dearest allies ... there will be no questioning of whether or not it is the right time to do so.

In great LOVE and joy we say to you that the very air shall be FELT because of this. For those who KNOW ... for those who have been waiting ... the trumpets shall sound! The heralding of the beginning of the next phase shall be set in motion by these events. This next step that takes you Higher into your journey of Ascension shall then take each one into a quickening of stages for not just the individual soul but for your planet as a whole. It will be difficult sometimes for you to be able to keep up with all that is transforming and occurring and yet it shall be of such delight. Wonder upon wonder shall be known to you. Things that one had FELT would never take place on your planet in terms of change ... shall in some cases ... happen in an instant ... and that which once was ... certain energies that did not serve ... shall have disappeared as if they never were of /in existence.

There is so much excitement throughout planets . You are the talk of the town! EVERYONE is preparing. They are getting out their best suits! This is the only way we can describe it to you. As if everyone has had a special regalia in their wardrobe that had a protective cloth over it ... it has simply been there ... waiting ... and NOW ... the suits are being brought out of that place and 'aired' ... It is simply a matter of the green Light for GO being shown and the time to adorn those 'uniforms of honour' will have come.

CAN YOU FEEL IT WITHIN ... OUR FRIENDS? CAN YOU? YOU ... YOU have allowed for these events to come into play. YOU who have persisted in your desires to improve and build a better world have allowed for this to take place.



The FEELING that you will recognize within you as it does so ... fills you with 'HOME'.



And as the Higher vibrations have permission to enter your planet Earth ... these Higher vibrations of LOVE ... this then is how you shall KNOW that you are of it. For the FEELING within you will connect with the HIgher Vibrations that are coming through to tell you so.

Be of great enthusiasm. Be of great upliftment. Focus only on the KNOWING that YOU brought this about by concentrating on the LOVE that is. YOU who refused to let fear take hold. YOU who by following your TRUTH allowed the transformation to take place in the days ahead. There can be no failure of this now.



Remain in the space of excitement. Keep up the vibration of joy and happiness and spread it around! For it is not long now when those that have feared us through media misinterpretation shall be shown the TRUTH and 'the little green men' syndrome shall be replaced by the KNOWING that we are Pillars of Light!

Any chance I could get a word in? Guess not! No need indeed! Yet I shall of course say ...THANK YOU. IN LOVE & LIGHT! SO MUCH LOVE AND LIGHT!

Website: Blossom Goodchild

Comment from one of our readers:

"This is one of the most beautiful and heartwarming epressions I have yet encountered from any of the Extraterrestrials.
It is literally electric with Love-light-filled Excitement and positive Incitement. Thank you Blossom Goodchild and those who have chosen YOU as their conduit!
With Joy to share,
Fred." (June 1, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Thank you so much for sharing these channeling’s with everyone who wants to listen
When you read these messages you only know they are of LOVE.

From Norway" (June 3, 2011)

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