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May 12, 2011

Good morning! With each new day I can FEEL the energies of Light filtering through on a deeper level. I am blessed to FEEL so blessed! I know many FEEL the same and yet I KNOW also that many do not. As always we welcome your wisdom and TRUTH to assist us on our journey.

Many blessings indeed are upon us all in these times. It would depend of course in which position you find yourselves in upon your planet ... for there are many that have placed themselves in a spot that others would not have done. These souls are in perhaps 'untoward' places for many different reasons ... depending too on their souls evolvement and how experiencing certain things may assist them on their journey this life time. It is perhaps difficult for many to understand that those living in squalor, or those in war zones ... have actually placed themselves there. From an Earthly point of view, why indeed would one do so? Yet, from an 'unEarthly' point of view, there are exact situations within those placements that allow for souls to overcome blockages or indeed to redeem themselves from that which has hindered them in past times ... and in order for them to be able to move on ... it is greatly assisting their path to 'be there' during these times. Others ... may simply have chosen to be of LIGHT in such places . Such souls are of great Spirit and are honoured for their sacrifice to assist the whole.

Again may we say ... as we have done so often ... what may not be apparent to you because of Earthly restriction of knowledge (at this point) ... when viewed from a place that is of LIGHT ... can be made such sense of. The LIGHT switches on upon such matters! Therefore, may we suggest that whilst in the position you are in NOW ... to accept that there is much greater meaning behind ALL that may abhor you ... or make you FEEL 'What is the point when this world is so full of such atrocities?'.


We understand that this is difficult for you to grasp. For you BELIEVE yourselves to be deeply ensconced in it. And you are! You are deeply ensconced in THE ILLUSION of what you have chosen your LIFE TO BE.


With respect,, all very well for you to say ! When you are actually experiencing living on an illusion everyday .... of what you consider to be 'all that there is for you in this aspect of yourself' ... then it is quite easy to FEEL a bit confused about that statement. For if Earth is an illusion and we are living on it .... does that mean WE are an illusion also?

NO. It means that you have chosen to experience a world that is in essence an illusion. The part of you that IS REAL is participating in an experiment ... as we spoke of when we first began our communications with you. (1*) All that is actually REAL whilst you are in this experiment is your soul. The rest ... as many of you are getting ... is your own creation.

Let us try and explain to make it a little easier to grasp.

These days ... one has become aware of incredible technology that can be drawn from your computerized systems. One can now replace 'backgrounds' with digital imprints, so in fact, a person is nowhere near the vicinity in which they may be presented ... or how it seems to appear! One can literally place themselves 'on a stage' and by the press of a button, that soul can appear anywhere that the backdrop makes them out to be.

Clearly you knew that I was sent a link to see all about that, only yesterday. (2*)

We are always allowing for such things to assist us. So to continue ... what is being presented to you is not actually the TRUTH.

Sorry to interrupt again ... but that statement goes very deep does it not?

We do not choose to waste words dear lady. So too ... through your own minds creation you are able to 'make up/out' that you are 'somewhere'. You have created that somewhere ... as a consciousness. The collaboration of many ... through many years has assisted in making your world FEEL like a reality ... when in fact ... shall we say it is 'superimposed' . You have heard of certain evolved souls able to transport themselves purely by thought to another place ... another dimension even. They are merely changing their back drop.

Mmm! So ... are you saying that EVERYWHERE is an illusion ?

The only place that is not ... is within side your soul. For everywhere has been created. Should one choose for it not to exist (as an experiment perhaps) then a mass consciousness could indeed eliminate a particular planet off the map of existence.

So is it that the Golden Age we are Ascending into will also be an illusion?

Of course. For you have all been made aware now that what you think ... through TRUTH of FEELING ... you will create. This is why we come to talk of this. To try and assist you in understanding that ... YOU ARE CREATING YOUR NEW WORLD.

Yet you have said not so long ago that it is already there waiting for us.

It is ... In your thoughts. Each one of you KNOWS of the GOLDEN AGE in your thoughts ... for such thoughts of creation were shown to you way way back in the history of your soul. Therefore, it is already accomplished ... this New World ... it is just a matter of those who choose to remember ... to bring it into the reality of its particular illusion. We wonder if this is making sense to you?

Yes. It is. Somewhere, some part of me KNOWS this.

This therefore, is why we continue to speak to you of LOVE. For it is through LOVE alone that such a place can present itself to you. You cannot walk into a NEW WORLD OF LOVE ... if you are not purely of LOVE. How can you possibly live in your own creation of pure LOVE if you have not allowed yourself to become it? Each one of you has free choice. That which you choose to think becomes your way of life does it not?

Yes ... although it takes quite a lot of practice to remain in that KNOWING!

None the less, would you agree this is so?

Indeed. I can feel as if we are about to get into something a bit complicated regarding opportunities for everyone involved. I Feel the need to ask the question ... 'what about those who don't quite come up to scratch on the pure LOVE thought?' I mean , so many of us are doing our best ... is our best good enough? And what about those who seem so lacking in understanding of LOVE for another?

One soul can ... within this illusion ... only be placed where they believe is the right place to be ... at any given time ... and we mean that both geologically (?*) and mentally and emotionally. One can offer assistance, yet if a soul chooses not to accept it ... then that is where they have chosen to be. This does not mean that when many are ready to walk into the NEW WORLD that they have 'missed the boat'. Where would be the LOVE in that? It simply means that they shall remain in the world of their own creation. They may choose to have a backdrop of war and unrest ... not only on the outside of their illusion, but also within side of themselves. It is only the self that can change anything about anything. It cannot be changed for you . Until one chooses a better way ... they shall remain in a place that they believe is 'the way it is'.

Yet we say to you from the deepest place of LOVE ... your world as it 'appears' now ... will appear very differently very soon. There is so much change to come about ... that your world will almost seem unrecognizable. We smile in LOVE ... for we are aware that for those that choose to read that last statement in fear ... they will imagine all kinds of disasters taking place and visualize a world of devastation ... yet ... on the other side of the coin ... for those who choose to live in LOVE ... they will visualize a world of such beauty ... a world of peace ... a world where there is respect for each other and only LOVE resides.

Yep ...I see what you are saying ... yet ... how do I put it into words ... let us say one soul fears and the other LOVES ... will those two worlds ... because they would be very different ... be on this SAME Earthly planet?

You are confusing once again your planet with an actual reality. For how can both be happening at the same time? Yet we say to you .. it is!!! Which backdrop are you choosing to place yourself within? That is all it comes down to. Are you ready for a blaster??

Bring it on!

The actual planet is your empty backdrop. You have placed yourself upon it .... each as an individual ... and yet remember you are ONE and the same ... it is just that right NOW ... you have chosen to have an experience that makes you FEEL that you are separate from one another. So, what we are trying to explain in the easiest way possible ... is that YES ... all scenarios take place within your Earthly experience on the same blank canvas. You, each one of you ... decide what is going to be painted upon it. Some may create a scene of war some may create a scene of fields of flowers.

Ok .... yet earlier you said that some souls have placed themselves in certain places for different reasons , so they haven't actually 'created' that place ... they have chosen to be in it.

Yet you see ... they have chosen to be in that creation ... that particular creation ... for themselves ... for the whole . We did not say that they have to stay in it.

We will go back to talking of souls who may not 'move into' the backdrop of The Golden Age at a time when many do. This does not mean as we have said that they may never reside there. That thought pattern to us seems slightly absurd. The GOLDEN AGE ... the NEW WORLD is there for all who choose to enter in. Yet it cannot be there until its soul is in a place that can accept the pure vibration of that ..


Yes. Remembering that even illusions have 'rules'!

I hadn't actually remembered that .... no! Those rules meaning?

That although the illusion created is exactly that ... an illusion ... within 'laws' of illusional creation ... there has to be certain 'standards' to be upheld within each experience of that particular illusion. This again is something for a later date. As we are aware that with each topic we are addressing, there comes with it many a conundrum of thought process and we do not wish to overload and therefore, confuse.

As White Cloud always says ... take one square of chocolate at a time ... let it digest fully and you will know when you are hungry and ready for the next bite. If we ate the whole bar all at once ... we would feel most uncomfortable and out of sorts!

Well, I FEEL this today has given us much food for thought. I am keen to sign off as I know it is time , so that I can read it back and try to sort it out in my head as well as having a good laugh about it all! I am learning that instead of trying to work out what is actually going to take place ... to just enjoy the ride ... and when I get there ... I will KNOW.

Thanks so much for this info! The time whizzed by. In Love and thanks always ... enjoy your day.

We enjoy it all the more as we see energies expanding in Light ... Such Joy. Such Joy. In LOVE to ALL ... to ALL in LOVE.

NB. I would just like to remind one and all that I am just the messenger. I do not have the answers to questions that might arise from this communication. I am sure when they are ready to explain more ... when they KNOW we are ready to digest another few squares ... they will surely let us KNOW.


2* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ot4jgEID7oU

?* I wondered when I read it back if they meant geographically? but it is unlike them to give the wrong wording. Therefore I am to assume that they mean geologically ... The study of Earth.

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Comment from one of our readers:


As I read today's message, I had the picture of different gaming systems. Atari was one of the first and it's graphics quite simple. The newer ones have graphics that look very real from a human standpoint. Each backdrop and design could only use the graphics (the moving characters in the game) that matched the current system. Some of these games were upgradeable and you could use the same characters in a newer system if you purchased the upgrade package.

The Federation of Light seems to me to be speaking of a similar system. Atari characters such as PacMan or Frogger can't be played as they were originally on the newest PlayStation without an upgrade of sorts. Also you can look at it this way and say if you "buy into" the new system you get to play in a new environment with better graphics! Have we not "bought into" the illusion that is now our home here on Earth?

Taking the gaming world a step further, you also get multiple "lives" or chances to finish all the levels of the game along with choosing to be the "bad guy" or "good guy" each time you play. Maybe our Higher Selves have chosen to play a game within a game! Thank you so much for all you do in bringing the information forth from the Higher Planes.

Cathy" (May 12, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Awesome! Now we're beginning to get somewhere! I look forward to the next installment.
Genie" (May 12, 2011)

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