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June 12, 2011

Welcome to you, assuming all is well for us to communicate. I wonder if I may start off by asking something that I feel may assist us? Someone wrote in asking if you could elaborate further to gain better understanding on our part, regarding the statement you made in the last channelling: "Here we must point out ... that all that we have spoken of ... all that we have shared with you ... and all that has penetrated into your hearts ... must now be encountered by the part of you that is of a HIGHER understanding." I tried my best to reply, but found once again ... words to be inadequate and feel that you would be able to do a better job! Would you be so kind?

Many thoughts of Divine LOVE to you dearest lady and we will certainly try our best to assist in this way. Although we would say that the Higher part of the soul who inquired KNOWS the answer anyway.

As does mine, but trying to grasp it in this human form is not so easy and we so want to get it right!

In it's simplistic form we would elaborate by telling you that all that lies within your heart is of LOVE. What you ... in this human flesh form ... FEEL to be real, is merely a fragment of that which is. Therefore, that which you believe you understand on this level of yourself ... in this form ... can be interpreted by your HIGHER self in a much deeper way if you simply allow this part of you to be handed over to the Higher part of you.

And what is the easiest way to do this?

Trusting that by 'acknowledging' this intention that it is therefore taken care of. What we would like to add is that ... although this aspect of you ... down on the Earth plane .... may sometimes FEEL lost with in all that is taking place ... the HIGHER part of you is exactly on the button with EVERYTHING. The more you choose to open yourself up to accepting that the Higher part of you CAN be accessed .... the more it is that knowledge of Higher understanding will be able to filter through. The funny part about this for you is that you may not always know it is happening. Suddenly you recognize that you 'understand' more than you did before . Yet as you say ... this understanding is not necessarily something that can be explained in words of your language. May we suggest that although the language barrier may be present, that which the heart is picking up on cannot be denied. So therefore we would say, not to concern the self. There are indeed many things that one may FEEL they have not grasped the concept of and yet we say, you KNOW so much more than you 'think' you know.

As your vibration rises through LOVE, you are able to 'Get this'. For the more you LOVE , the more you KNOW ... or put another way ... are able to recall. Yes, we continue on with the same message that we started with. For that is the most important message there is to offer. To find LOVE that you FEEL you have lost. It is not lost dear friends ... it may be that it has been subdued over time and circumstance, but never lost. For it is YOU ... and YOU KNOW where YOU are . The very fact that this body of yours is animated is because YOU/LOVE is inside of it. As witnessed upon your planet ... when the spiritself leaves the physical instrument then that instrument can no longer be automated , for there is no LOVE in there to drive it.

Perhaps practice visualizing whilst in a meditational state of mind that you are leaving the physicality for a time and going where? We would suggest a beautiful vacation would be to visit the Higher Self. For there you will discover EVERYTHING that you are . EVERYTHING that EVERYTHING is. For YOU ARE EVERYTHING! Bask in this knowledge. Bask in all knowledge and see around you nothing but LIGHT of the PUREST HIGHEST vibration. That is HOME dear ones. This is where you come from. This is where you FEEL ALL TRUTH.

You are simply allowing a minute aspect of this PUREST HIGHEST LIGHT to experience an Earthly lifetime ... once again. In the big scheme of things this minute aspect of you is not so much as a speck of dust and yet without it ... without you choosing to be part of this Earthly experiment there would be little reason for amendments (?).

LOVE has to have expression. YOU have to have expression in order to evolve and become a brighter Light upon the planet. You are asking a question that is vast in your head are you not Blossom?

Yes. And probably a bit to huge to be answered in a nutshell, yet it seemed to 'pop up'. So ... here goes . What exactly was/is the point of this experiment .... this human Being thing?

What is the point of any experiment? To see the outcome? To see what one can learn from it. To see what advantages it presents. For all experiments, whether one feels are successful or failures ... so much is learned by/from them. In our understanding there is no such thing as failure ... only lessons learned. Is it not so that through experiments of what you many call 'failure' that the most is learned?

Dearest souls of planet Earth ... do you KNOW how much you have enhanced the ALL by volunteering to be part of this Divine Plan? This experiment ... this game .... that some appear to be insulted by ... in calling it so ... was NOT devised in the manner in which it turned out to be. As we spoke of in our initial communications Blossom (The Bridge) we thought it would be wondrous for the souls expression to be given free will. We were of such excitement as to the miraculous events that each soul as an individualized aspect of the ONE would be able to elaborate upon. We ... BEING and coming only from LOVE ... had not the notion that this particular experiment could turn out the way it did ... because of free will. As the energy slowly transformed into a lower frequency due to this free choice we STILL did not KNOW what the outcome would be. We who are only of LOVE could not know ... for we had not experienced such things within OUR way of BEING. Yet .. before our eyes this 'experiment' was unfolding in a way that we could not tamper with . It intrigued us as you know ... yet as your time and indeed your attitudes moved on ... we questioned at times as to whether or not this 'experiment' should be halted/aborted.

This may seem harsh to you ... yet it was just a matter of yourselves returning home or elsewhere. Far easier a solution. We continued to surmise the situation and we KNOW that no matter what prevails ... LOVE CONQUERS ALL. Therefore, after many, many councils held it was decided that the experiment should continue. This is where you must FEEL the importance of who you are and why you are here. YOU that are on this Earth plane now are the ones that have come to see it through its final configurations.

YOU are the very ones that have the wherewith all to MAKE SURE that this experiment that was started through LOVE shall return to its former glory. It has taken its toll on the very Universe and therefore effected all Universes ... but there is ONLY LOVE ANYWHERE ... in it's different guises ... and YOU Warriors of Light have been chosen to BRING your planet and the experiment upon it ... into one that turned out in the end to be one of the greatest stories ever told!

Thank you. From our viewpoint ... and I can only speak for me, as much as I GET that we are moving into our Higher Love vibration ... and I certainly can FEEL the difference within me ... I still FEEL so 'far away' from where I FEEL I should be in my understanding . I am aware of such possibilities that can be performed by the human Being. Not from ego ... not from 'look what I can do' ... but from LOVE ... such miraculous things that we are capable of ... almost to the extent of becoming another species it would seem ... compared to that which I am capable of now ... and I am assuming ( and one never should) that the lack of me being able to achieve such things is due to my position in this experiment. I FEEL that by now I should be achieving so much more. This NEW WORLD that is spoken of ... you say ... is awaiting us to walk into it. Well, in me , I don't FEEL I am anywhere near ready to live in this Golden Age. I AM trying ... Truly ... I am working in each moment to release myself from the old me and bring in the new me ... yet I am aware of my thoughts sometimes ... and I guess it's just a knowing that I'm not there yet'!

We thank you for your blatant honesty. And yet we would say to each one of you that all is not as it seems. The veil is lifting. Think upon it as a fog/smog that you have been accustomed to living in as far back as you can recall. Everything around you is unclear and hazy. This is not your immediate fault. This has occurred through the experiment and the different paths it took. Yet now we say to you ... we promise you ... we say again ... THE VEIL IS LIFTING ... and as it rises ... as the smog clears ... you will have new eyes to see.

All before you ... that you could only squint with your eyes to try to catch a glimpse of ... will be there ... as clear as day! We mean this also metaphorically dearest friends. That which your heart's that are of such delight and purity are now ... when the time comes to reveal the Truth ... will make all the difference in the understanding also of your True self. It is there .. it is within you ... and yet, at this point in time, until the veil is removed, it is almost impossible for you to FEEL the TRUTH of you who you are. Yet you are catching glimpses are you not?

Put like that ... I FEEL so much better about it . In fact ... about myself. Having lived many lifetimes in this density, as most of us have ... has left certain remnants that we are asking to be removed. It has left its imprint in many regards. It is so very reassuring to KNOW that these past displeasures shall be leaving us fully ... for good ! My heart, along with so many is bouncing with excitement at the KNOWING that we shall experience the joy of who we are. What a pleasure it will be to wake up in the morning and have our days filled with nothing other than the LOVE that we are, in its Truest form. Can't wait ... but I KNOW I shall have to .

Yet when you consider how long you have all been waiting , we would say that the wait is over .

I wasn't sure whether or not you wanted me to write the word 'almost' over.

Yet what was it that you wrote ? We are not prone to making mistakes ! We have learned that in your timing ... the wait seems very much longer than in ours ... yet we say again ... in our terms of timing ..the wait is over.

Loving thanks to you. One thing I am looking forward to doing when we all eventually 'blend' is having a good laugh with you about 'all that we couldn't understand ' from our position.

Yet we do not laugh AT you .. we shall only enjoy the vibration of that laughter WITH you. FEEL our presence drawing ever closer. FEEL the LOVE that we send to you in the core of your BEING. Not long now dearest friends. Not long now.

How long is a piece of string? So be it! In love and thanks.

Website: Blossom Goodchild

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