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July 18, 2011

Good morning to you. There are a couple of things I would like to ask you about, but not sure if we shall have time to answer both in one session. So if not, we'll leave one until next time. The first one is about the prophesy that the Mayans have talked about regarding our planet going into three days of total darkness (at some point) ... and that whatever emotional state we are in will be heightened greatly during that time. Fine ... if one is in LOVE ... but not so good if one is in fear. If this IS going to take place I FEEL it important for as many people as possible to KNOW about it, so that when it happens we need not be in fear. Naturally, any wisdom on this issue would be greatly appreciated. IF you think it appropriate to do so of course?

Welcome to all who read these words and indeed to your sunny disposition Blossom. That which you have asked us to speak of can be interpreted in a way that isn't actually as it seems. In that ... there are those that even when the time comes, will not understand what is taking place ... even though they may have been indicated toward the Truth of such a phenomena. We would advise that at such a time when what you think is darkness is to occur ... it is only so if you choose to look at it that way ... in darkness. We would speak of it otherwise. We would say it is a Golden opportunity to rise up into the Light. For in that time when one cannot see infront of their eyes their will be great opportunity ... unlike any other one has had in this life time ... to SEE THE LIGHT from within. For it is that LIGHT that will allow one to interpret what is taking place from within another place of themselves.

So ... there will be the three days of 'nothing' then?

Approximately in your timing ... we would encourage you to KNOW that this is to take place. It is a pivotal marking towards that which is to follow. For as the NEW DAWN arises after such 'nothingness' ... one will wake up to a much different world.

In what way ?

During the time of 'nothingness' ... there shall be an energy entering your planet that has been 'saved' ... shall we say ... for that very occasion.

I have to butt in ... sorry, because it just came to me as clear as day, that this will be yet another time when we are to open our bottles of 'LOVE' that we have been storing.

Indeed , you are ahead of us ! This energy is 'insightful' in that it will contain within it a 'newness'.

Sorry, again! ... I had to laugh ... I made a typo error and it read a ' newmess'!! Heaven forbid!!!

Your humour continues to uplift and we say that this too is of great importance ... to continue the way so many of you are ... discovering the LOVE that you are. For as you correctly stated Blossom ... when this time is upon you ... the energy that you are aware of within yourself at that time ... shall increase with great aplomb! We are surmising that by such a time ... taking into account the way in which so many of you are 'coming into your own' ... that this will be of great benefit to the planet.

Yet if, as you say, it will heighten what ever state you are in ... there will still be many will there not ... who will KNOW nothing of this at the time and I would imagine will be very scared. For I FEEL when you say 'nothingness' there will be nothing. No day, no night, no stars, no Light!

Do you think it is by mere coincidence that you have decided to ask us about this today? Do you think that the soul who wrote in asking you to ask ... did it by pure chance? Did you think that your inquisitiveness on this has been growing ... to fall by the way side ... or perhaps do you think it 'all ' has been leading up to the fact that "WE" wish also to spread news regarding this matter.

Fair enough .. it seems a long way round to go about it ... but let's stick to the subject matter if we may?

By the time this 'portal' arrives ... many,many more shall know about it and be prepared for it. This will allow many to be helped if they are one that has not been made conscious of the happening. The Awakening.

I cant help interrupting. I KNOW I will be driving many mad because they will be wanting me to 'zip it' and just let you get on ... but 'HELLO'!!!! ... ''PORTAL' ??? That puts a whole different slant on the matter. And 'Awakening' ?? Please ... continue!

Now that we can ... we shall! We ask of you to just allow our words to flow for we are aware that you are getting a vast download of information and you do not know where to ... or how to begin putting into sequence that which we have just imparted . When the time comes for this 'transition' it is of great importance that one accepts that ALL IS WELL. We cannot say exactly how long it will last, yet we approximate around three to five days of your Earthly time. During this time a 'change' will be taking place within you and around you, yet you will not 'see' it ... for you shall see 'nothing' with your physical eyes at that time.

If we were prepared with candles ... surely we would see each other and things around us ... from the candle Light?

Little one ... What you shall see will be that which is not there.

Which means in Earth tongue?

That your world will be changing into its new form. Therefore, that which is around you will be transforming in energy also. This transitional time is of great consequence to the entry into the GOLDEN AGE. As long as YOU KNOW YOU ARE LOVE ... then there is nothing to fear. When we say 'portal' ... we do not mean that you will be rushed with great gusto at 1000miles an hour into a different dimension. And yet we chose this word wisely. For indeed that time will be allowing you to enter a portal of sorts. We can FEEL that your heart is beating faster and you are a little apprehensive at that which we are telling you ... are you not?

Yep ... even though we know it is meant to be ... I FEEL I will be a little in the frame of mind of 'what the ???" ... with all respect.

You seem to have forgotten ... or not be focusing upon ... the most important factor! The energy that you will be within ... the emotion that you choose to FEEL ... during that time ... will be greatly heightened. Therefore ... imagine ... if you choose to focus on the deepest LOVE ... will this not be the most three - five incredible days that you have ever experienced? With respect we would say ... that you in your innocence are automatically perceiving this time to be one of fear because you cannot imagine what living without any form of Light will be like ... for such a lengthy time. Yet we stress to you ... there will be Light ... YOURS!!! Each and everyone of you who allow yourself to turn inwards will be uniting with the energy of Light that is coming in 'through the portal'. This will be the most exhilarating experience you have yet encountered upon your earth ... and we say to you also that by the time this happens ... much to exhilarate the senses will have taken place. Which will have allowed many more souls to awaken by the time this 'wonder' occurs. What takes place within you, blending with the energy coming through and by 'sending out your bottles of LOVE' to the very air you breath ... will ascertain as to what vantage point your Golden Age will present itself to you when 'The sun comes up'.

Is that how this time will come to an end? With the sun coming up ? Will we look upon THE NEW DAWN? (whooh! Rush of emotion!!)

Loved Ones of Earth ... indeed this is so. We wish you to understand that this 'topic' we have spoken of is not going to take place tomorrow. By the time all is in place for it to do so ... so much will have changed within you and upon your planet. We, who are speaking to you now ... will no longer be strangers from afar. We declare that the TRUTHS you KNOW of in your souls heart place SHALL TRANSPIRE for the GOOD OF ALL. Each day moves you a little closer to the time when that which you KNOW of taking place ... shall indeed do so. SO MUCH is to present itself ... and from the moment the 'Real Light Show' begins ... there will be hardly time to catch your breath before the next and then the next 'deLIGHT' arrives. So KNOW then ... that when this 'nothingness' is in alignment to occur ... the LOVE that SO MANY will UNDERSTAND about themselves will have grown beyond measure ... therefore do you see? ... There will be nothing to fear. ONLY GREAT JOY ... in the KNOWING that when the sun rises you will be stepping through into your NEW WORLD ... which you 'are now' and 'will have' created. It is up to you.

I FEEL very excited because when you mention about all the great changes ... I FEEL as if so much is going to happen at 'The speed of Light' and yet it is a FEELING and very difficult to put into words. ... I know, I know ... welcome to your world!! ... ( I WISH!)) I guess you said 'The Awakening' because for those who are not yet awake before this happens ... this will also bring a Grand Awakening to many?

This is so. For those who allow themselves to FEEL and be open to the LOVE that is coming in ... they then become part of it. They 'remember' that this was to take place and accept it instantly. This will happen to many.

What about those who spend the entire time in fear? What will happen to them during that time and when the sun rises?

Different scenarios for different cases. As you say in your world 'horses for courses'. For want of a better way to explain what we desire. There will be some who become so afraid of their own shadow ... by that we mean ... afraid of who they are and the way in which they have chosen to 'live/exist' ... that they will chose to leave the planet either by 'natural' means or otherwise. There will be those who through living actually within their deepest fear ... that they then awaken from it. Words, words, words, words ... so much that we are unable to divulge because it simply cannot be explained in your understanding. Yet we would state that 'YOU ARE ONE'. This is a world of great LOVE that you are moving into. Those souls who have chosen to live in it ... will live in it ... and be of it. Those who still have learning to do before they can enter will be elsewhere ... until such time when they KNOW they are worthy of it and understand who they are. There is not one that shall be left behind. Not one. Each shall be moved into the place of understanding which they have allowed themselves to reach. The pathway of LOVE never ends dearest ones. Always will you walk upon it ... there is no rush ... just positioning. This choice comes from you. How you are positioned along the pathway does not always mean that you have to walk every step. Sometimes it can be that an angel lifts you for a time and puts you down in your new place ... for your soul was able to 'jump' ahead due to a particular state of 'getting it' and therefore 'understanding' allowed one to 'take a short cut'.

Sometimes I wish I had the 'oomph' to keep on writing. For could we not go on and on and on leading from one thing into another? Yet, I am now feeling tired and a bit brainblown! ( I just made that word up!) We didn't get around to my other topic. Next time perhaps. Thank you for sharing guys ... should I say gals as well?

We are beyond either .

Overseers of the Overseers without gender! Cool! In love and thanks. XXX

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