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July 27, 2011

Good evening to you. Once again your last channeling enforced a huge stirring ... yet I FEEL that for now we shall not continue with the subject ... allowing things to be digested. However I mentioned last time, there was another matter that I FELT would be very helpful to us if you were able to find words to explain. A reader wrote "What I am seeking to know is the definition and understanding of true unchangeable cosmic "LOVE" as defined by those of the light that you so eloquently channel and which we are told abides within us and is what we are in Truth! How can we 'BE LOVE' as they ask unless we have full and complete and clear knowledge and understanding of Love Itself?" Are you able to answer this in your own way for us please?

First of all we welcome you and all those who shall feast their eyes upon these words. This acknowledgment for many is undoubtedly proving that the purpose of our visits 'inside your head' Blossom are fruitful and that whilst we consider from our perspective ... that what we have to say is ... shall we say ... commonplace ... we are also stretching our thoughts to maintain possibilities of unending growth within the soul self. For those who take the decision to benefit from what we offer ... we are greatly uplifted. For those who choose to ponder and consider and discuss, we our uplifted also. For we would not wish you to 'religiously' agree with everything we are saying, just because WE are saying it. As always we say ... FIND YOUR OWN TRUTH. That which does not sit well for you ... put aside ... for now ... for there is every chance that in days ahead the very same sentences will make complete sense. It depends entirely on which part of the fence you are positioned.

So ... we would consider the question asked to be a very poignant one and we know you yourself Blossom have been looking forward to the answer that we are to reply.

LOVE ... as we say to you ... is LOVE ... is LOVE ... is LOVE. We have mentioned before the absolute frustration at times from not being able to explain in words that which we would like.

Absolute frustration? Forgive me... I thought you were beyond such trivia?

Slightly less satisfying would we say ? For indeed there will be much more understood when we are able to simply connect with you (all) through the FEELING that you pick up ... and within that ONE FEELING you would digest a multitudinous amount of knowledge. For we would agree would we not that words when read can be interpreted differently from the spoken ? Depending on tone and energy and inflection?

Oh without doubt.

We have also stated that Love is a FEELING. You are realizing Blossom as you are writing this ... that actually we have spoken quite a bit about Love.

Yes , I went in to 'pause' because I am aware of that which has been put into THE BRIDGE meditations and the combination of words spoken on that exact matter . Mmm! Feel a bit remiss about that.

And yet ... there is no need. For the question asked is ' to know the definition and the true understanding of unchangeable 'cosmic Love ' was it not?

Yes .. not sure about the word 'cosmic' being in there ... but all things have a reason.

How should we define LOVE? We cannot! Yet we can say that when you have it ... when you 'get it' then all there is to KNOW about LOVE is KNOWN. You receive glimpses of it ... not in your head ... through your heart. These glimpses are literally that. Small depictions of what is to come from within yourself when you arise into that which you are moving into. We recognize we speak in this way many times. Yet what else would you have us say? This is why we come ... to show you the way home ... to show you in which direction to walk. Yet the choice is yours. And how do you know you are on the right track? Because you FEEL it. More and more are now FEELING this FEELING in which it FEELS to be LOVE! Yet we would say that ...

You want to say 'you aint seen nothin' yet' .

No ... with respect ... that came from you .


We want to say ... that what you think is 'thee' most wonderful FEELING of LOVE you have yet experienced ... is but a grain of sand on the beach compared to that which you SHALL FEEL and experience in the days that are coming your way.

That must be amazing ... for even NOW I am jumping for joy and even said to my husband as we walked along today, that I was having to refrain from breaking into a skip!

This is LOVE. This is the FEELING you receive when you KNOW LOVE.

Perhaps this will help you understand what LOVE IS a little more ... when we say that LOVE is universally universal (?). LOVE cannot FEEL differently to one than it does another. At this stage within yourselves you can FEEL and experience certain 'level's' of LOVE depending on circumstances and souls you are with. The level of LOVE may appear different to another yet it is still LOVE.

HOWEVER! Once all has been removed of the layers upon layers of goo that has accumulated in/around/and throughout the selves (?) ... then all one is left with is THE TRUTH ... LOVE . The more we are trying to explain it to you the more we are realizing and accepting that we cannot! For how can we express a FEELING ... it can only be felt ... yet by BEING FELT it can BE KNOWN. And we would finish up with this by saying ... when you KNOW it ... there can be no questioning as to whether or not it is that pure unconditional unchangeable LOVE .

You are discarding the layers ... and as they fall away , you FEEL more of the LOVE that you are. You BECOME more joyous. You FEEL happier in your BEING ... You can FEEL the change in you ... You recognize the change in you.

Again we would say ... look back! How much have you changed ... about so many things? How many more reasons do you have to be in gratitude these days? The reasons have always been there and yet now you have changed your attitude and are in a place where you 'think' and FEEL to be grateful for them. YOU HAVE COME SUCH A LONG WAY ... Take a moment once again to FEEL who you are. Is not that FEELING stronger now than the last time we requested this of you? All the time with each breath ... you are becoming stronger and surer ... because you cannot deny the TRUTH. Is it not so very exciting? We Truly are excited with/for you. What is to come will 'blow your socks off' ... we believe you say.

There is so much happening . I don't admit for one minute to be able to keep up with it all. Especially on the financial/ political front . As you know my brain doesn't compute with that side of life. So I have to let that be. Yet on the 'sightings' front ... Wow! Bits of you seem to be popping up all over the shop!!! Clearly this is all part of your plan. Are you happy with the way things are going/moving/ turning out?

Lady of Truth ...

Thank you ... that went straight to my heart place and heated it up instantly!

Plans are changing and interacting with other plans continually . For one thing we are not in control of is the Human Beings gift of free will. Therefore, we monitor with great care and clarity what is taking place upon your planet and devise our next steps in accordance with appropriate behavior . We have an 'overall Master plan', yet this does not mean that the intricacies of such a vast maneuver are solid and must be adhered to. For that would leave many things undealt with. Therefore KNOW, that we follow up closely with day to day activities and resume council at regular intervals in order to keep abreast of any changes that may have been put into place. and may we say ... these changes continue to change!

We give guidance to those in positions of TRUST . For let it be understood ... that which you may think is being taken away from you , was actually taken long ago. It is now however that policies and indictment are to be returned ... as opposed to reclaimed.

Mmm! ... In danger of losing me here! I'm hanging by a thread and guessing you can see/feel the intense focus on my face .

Yet , all you need to is 'hear' us and type ...

Oh if only 'me' would get out of the way and allow me to do that!

We return to answering your question. We are indeed elated at what is taking place. When plans are put into action and carried through with success ... it is rather like winning an important race ...in your terms. Such celebration of joy and achievement. Can you see how we have 'carefully' and may we say 'intelligently' allowed things to 'have their place in time'.

I am pretty sure you are aware of a question that a gentleman has asked? Well, a proposal really * regarding the concept of having quite a few of us ( he compared it to the 4,400 TV series ) taken up to your ships ... so that when you did appear and even greater ... land ... out we'd pop ... which would give many who were in fear the realization that you ''Come in Peace" ... and those people could spread the word via the media that there is nothing to fear. What do you think of that suggestion ... a sensible one is it not?

We are aware of the controversy regarding this matter .

Oh! Is there?

On many levels in many circles ... in your world and in others. For you see, as 'sensible' as the suggestion appears ... and indeed we understand the point being made ... there are many other aspects that need to be taken into consideration.


Like ... those who still refuse to let go of power and ego and live in darkness ... wanting others to be pulled into the darkness also ... feeling it necessary to transport those 'said' people into the guise of 'quarantine'... which of course would not be necessar ... but those in fear would not know that is the case. It would be highly possible that these 'detainees' would be removed from their physical life experience. All sorts of concocted tales would be presented and believed by those who are unaware.

Could you not prevent this then?

By what means would you suggest? Certainly not by force or any form of 'power' that we may possess. The 'slogan' that is so familiar as you stated 'We come in peace' is a law that will be abided by. We have no other intention. Therefore, is it necessary to make your dwellers of earth completely aware of this TRUTH.

Any other reason? ...

Is that not a good enough one?

I sit corrected!!

Yet we would add that other factors come into it also ... to do with atmospheric impact ... balance ... trying to put into words something they can not! Think also of the 'pressure' that would be placed upon these souls.

We thank the gentleman for the proposal. We KNOW this gentleman to be of assistance in many ways and that his heart is of purity in the quest to maintain peace throughout all. We are TRUSTING that we have satisfied his curiosity on the matter.

Thank you so much . I know he will not only be happy with 'an' answer ... but more so the fact ... that I asked!!!

I am experiencing a strange twitching and tingling just under my bottom lip ... anything to do with you ?


Nothing more to disclose on that ? I'll just twitch away then shall I?

It is to do with our energy within yours that is all.

Oh good .. I was worried for a minute I would look in the mirror and have grown a beard! I KNOW ... it's time to go ... Thank you ... For all that you are and all that you impart. In Love and thanks to you. xxx

* The gentleman who 'proposed' did so in a very eloquent and formal/respectful manner . This is just the way it came out for me! I sincerely hope he KNOWS I meant well !

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