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May 17, 2009

Hello again chaps and chapesses. Well, it seems the turbulence message assisted many, as indeed it did me. Thank you for that. And your Sunday sermon today would be about?

We do not wish to preach. We intend only to be of service to those who ‘choose’ to take value from our words that we offer. We are showing to you of a stone …

Well, it looks like a stone … or more like a large piece of citronella. (Will look its name up after as not very knowledgeable on crystals, and that’s the word that came to mind). Its yellowy /gold. (Citrine is the word I was looking for it seems!)

It is within a tube and is presented as if it is being more or less grinded. Although as you can see, it is merely the outer layer that is being shawn, and as more layers are removed you are beginning to see the gloss. The shiny layer that seems to have depth. As if from this layer presented, one knows that there is such a vast degree of ‘more’ inside. You see dear ones … if you can look upon this time … this turbulence …  in this way, you are able to see that eventually the ‘rough’ outer layer will be removed completely and only the smooth depth of undeniable Truth is known to be what lies within. The dust that has fallen to the ground can simply be blown away. It has no hold. It has no strength any longer. Its power has diffused and IS NO MORE. When one holds this crystal into the warmth of the sunlight one can see that not only is there much more inside , but when held to the Light one can see many more facets that had not been visible when shrouded by the crusts of time. Look upon this Divine specimen. See how the colours shoot out in Rays of Gold from deep within.

Go t to say it … Golden Rays!

Indeed dearest Lady. And as you look at this in your mind’s eye are you not experiencing a deep sense of Love and warmth? And does this not make you feel that because of remaining in The Truth of what one knows to be Truth, the turbulence was worth the bumpy ride for a short time.

I understand. Yet, it hasn’t really been a short time, but perhaps in the bigger scheme of things …  from where you experience it …  it is but a drop in the ocean. And yes, these ups and downs are of great comparison. The highs the lows the ‘hanging on in there’.  I have to say; when one is feeling in tune with the plan it certainly feels overwhelmingly ‘GOOD’. In the same sense that when not in tune with it … it feels overwhelmingly ‘horrid’!

Yet we are able to see the Light breaking through. There are celebrations as we accumulate data that shows continual strength and perseverance in bringing forth the Truth. We ask you not to underestimate the power that is within you and to recognise it in its full capacity. The more you recognise it, the more strength it accrues and the sooner the new world can be brought into the Light of day.

Sometimes I wonder …. When we are actually ‘in’ the new world … will we look back at this and say ‘Phew! Thank goodness that’s over!!’ I hope this will be the case and that what we know in our hearts to be The Light that we are moving into , where there is no darkness to try and prevent us from Being this Light, will be experienced and recognised for what it is and where we are within it. Living in this world as it is now, can sometimes hurt the soul deeply when one looks at all that is still taking place. It certainly will be nice to only experience Love all around …. Once again.

And this dearest one is why we ask of you to be steadfast in your ‘dreams of the future’. Allow only this image to be present within you. This world of only Love. We say over and over that this is the reason you are here. We say over and over when souls feel they cannot find their purpose for being on your planet at this time … that the purpose is to bring the vibration of your earth plane back into the glory that it was designed to be. There is no more for you to do than that. And how do you do that? By Being your Light. By shining every Truth within your soulself out into this world of yours and staying firm within that Light. More and more of you are learning to do this. Not to ‘waver’. And the more this takes place, the brighter your earth is becoming.

In the new day, the dawning of the soul is upon you. Just as the sun rises in colours one only knows how to describe of as ‘immense beauty’, know too, that you … the essence of YOU … is rising up into a newness … displaying colours to the self and the all that have no words to tell of the experience these hues shall reveal.

Are you able to tell us when this huge chakra energy is going to settle down a little? It really is so strong.

Not for a while dear friends. There is plenty more where that came from! But recognise it for what it is and what it is doing. It is moving your entirety into a Higher level of itself. A Lighter level of itself. Therefore do not allow it to bring you feelings of anxiety. Instead replace those feelings with joy. With excitement in the knowledge that what is taking place is that which you have been waiting for … for so long. It is your birth right … this time around. When one lets go of that which has been carried around for so long, it is inevitable that their balance needs time to adjust to the Lighter Being of themselves. This is all that is taking place. With every breathe that you are taking … YOU ARE TRANSFORMING YOUR PLANET.

Therefore be of much laughter. Have we not said often times that Laughter raises the vibration. Do your part … LAUGH! And then … do you know what we would like you to do next?

Yep … Laugh some more!

Indeed dear ones. Make Light of situations that are ‘trying’ to take hold and drag you under ... for when you laugh and let go of fear, there is not an inkling of reason that will allow you to do so.

Do you know? My heart right now can feel the Lightness that we are moving into. The HOPE!!  I do so Trust that we pick up on this feeling more and more , and as you say, hold on to it. Deary dear! Sometimes there are simply no words or ways to describe that which the heart is feeling and wants to say.

That is because more of you are understanding Now what we mean about allowing your heart to talk. It tells the Truth. Words can mislead and be distorted at times. The hearts ‘feelings’ cannot. And you see dear Lady. This feeling that you are experiencing in this moment, is the same ‘anxiety’ feeling you have also been experiencing lately and yet, you are interpreting it in its correct fashion. It is just that as when one moves into a new home … it takes a little while to sort out where everything belongs. Yet after a while, when one has been in that residence for a while and become familiar with it, it feels home once again, yet it is in a different place.

So really, all these things you have been saying, with the turbulence, the letting go, the Love Vibration etc, it’s all happening at once and we have to determine HOW we are going to accept it. In Love or in fear?

Exactly. And there is no question as to which is more suitable is there?

None what so ever. As long as we keep remembering that!!!  Many thanks to you my friends. Many souls ask me to send their Love to you. Yet I know I do not need to tell you on their behalf. I reckon you pick up on the Light emanating from them. The unconscious Morse code that says ‘Hello up there. One day we shall be together!’

In the same way when you TRUST yourselves, you are aware when you look up to the skies that we are doing the same right back at you! Because your hearts can feel it. It is the same for us.

Thank you. In Love and Light and of course those Golden Rays !

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