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May 16, 2009

Good morning once again. There are so many aware of a difference within the vibration. There is activation within the heart and the head space that is beyond a tingling and we can only assume this is because of the depth of Love that is coming through as you have said, and is entering within our own vibration and allowing it then to settle. So many it seems, including me I might add, are experiencing great turbulence. Our Truth of ourselves being challenged to the core, and indeed the core of ourselves is where we must go to find the Truth that we know to be our Truth … if you get what I am saying?

Dearest lady. It is accepted that those of earth who are feeling ‘turbulence’ are very much within their right to delve deep within. This in many ways is the purpose ... along with the inevitable changes that our taking place in EVERYTHING as the upliftment progresses. It cannot be so that the transition into the new world ... back into that which it once was ... can take place without these disturbances. How we wish this could be the case. There would be less of an apprehension in these times if this were so. As with all things that are moving into a Higher vibration from the place that they have been in for so long there will be a sense of 'resistance' from the lower vibration that is being disguarded. Recognise this as a 'resistance' and allow yourselves to set it free in Love. It served you for a long while and was your friend, but now as your Truth … embrace The Light of yourselves. It is indeed time to release yourselves from its grasp and float into the newer form of yourselves.

Yet, if I may ask?  Is it necessary to have to undergo such degrees of soul-searching? So many souls, indeed treasured friends of mine are feeling so down hearted. I know them to be of such Light and it seems a common thread these days to find them in such a place of sadness and despair.

And yet we say to you that these times shall pass. It cannot be that there is no resistance from that which is clinging on and wanting the soul to remain in the lower vibration that your planet has experienced for such a vast expanse of your time frames. It is for you now to recognise the necessity to remain in your Light at all times. When one is feeling the ‘squeeze’, when one is wanting to ‘give up hope’ … remember the Light, the flame within your soul, within your heart space that cannot and will not go out. It maybe that you may need to blow on it, to place your hands around it as you do so, in order to give it the warmth needed in order for it to burn brightly once again. But know always dearest friends that YOU are here to BE that Light. This is the time more than ever, as this turbulence is taking place for you to look into that flame and stand in your strength. Bring it forward into the very heart of all that you are. Stand strong and firmly place your feet into the soil of your mother earth. Lift your swords of Light to the Divine that is part of each and every one of you. Ask for that Divinity to carry you through at a time when you are feeling frail and lost. KNOW that you are ONE with that Divinity. The Divinity of Love that is All.

This is the time when you knew you would have difficulties. This is why YOU were chosen to be on earth NOW. Because each one of YOU has the Light within you to shine out to the Earth and the changes that are now occurring. YOU were given this opportunity to BE who you are in a place that is not where you Truly belong. As we have said you have came here to assist in the uplifting of THE WHOLE. You are the warriors who have been awarded this position. Therefore dearest souls of Light, Beings of Love, take heart in this understanding of yourselves. When you recognise what is taking place, it is for you to recall the knowing you were ‘briefed’ with before you took your place within this transition. When you allow yourself to recall your mission, then indeed you will feel your strength return. Your purpose shall be once again acknowledged by your inner KNOWING.

We come to assist as we have always said. And yet are many of you not learning that our assistance is not of that which many of you were assuming? We are here to show you your Light. In that respect we are all one and you are no different from us. Indeed you are no different from anything or anyone. For you are all from the same energy. The same Light. It depends on the fulfilment of each individual aspect of each individual soul as to what vibration one chooses to resonate upon at any given time that seems to determine how much ones Light is choosing to shine forth within that moment of themselves.

Dearest friends. As the pace steps up, so too does the vibration. Know this. Expect this. You would not have been accepted to play your part on your earth plane if you were not worthy to do so. All are worthy, and it is necessary to KNOW so. Yet those of you that are experiencing such ‘distress’ at these times are merely ‘feeling’ the pull of the ‘lost’ as the energy struggles to remain in the familiar. It is you who shall bring that energy into the unfamiliar, by Loving it. And through that Divine Love  … the place that was once ‘uncertain’ to them , becomes their new home. And home as we know is where the heart is.

There are those of you who have chosen to have a home that hangs pictures on the wall that are of images of greyness, and there are those who choose to have pictures of rainbows. Be aware of your home dear ones. You adorn it for yourselves. Within your own design. What is yours in tune with?  And we ask if you would feel delighted to invite another into that home and be full of joy as you show one around, or would you feel a little resentment in asking another in.

Make your home places alight with colour and Love dear friends. Clean the windows, sweep the floors, brush away the dust, burn incense and allow the sweet scent of your Truth to evaluate the comfort YOU find living within the heart place you have created. For although indeed it is yours, there are many who wish to be invited in .

You are the torches that guide the way for those in the dark. You lead them into the pathway of Divinity that is being presented to All. Gather the lost, dearest souls of Light, and show them the road ahead that one is assured leads to a Brighter future upon your planet earth.

Thank you for those words. By being in touch with you, it helps us to be in touch with ourselves, which indeed get a little cobwebbed now and then. A good reminder for all I think in making sure that our heart space is so full of Love that there simply is no room at the inn for fear to even bother knocking!! In an extreme amount of Love and thanks to you.

We ask you not to forget that there is an ever flowing abundance of energy available when you allow your swords of Light to run low. It is advisable to recharge them on a daily basis. In this way it keeps your battery topped up at all times and does not allow for the energy to run so low that it becomes difficult to find the strength or indeed inclination to lift those swords. Our light is your Light and together this Light becomes the Light of your world.

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