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September 16, 2009

Hello there. It has only been a week of our time since we last spoke and yet it seems like ages. Again I sit here with an empty canvas for you guys to paint on … what will your picture be this night? I do love the excitement of wondering what will have been spoken of by the end of this communication.

And what would you have us say dear lady? What would be the desires of YOUR soul that you would like us to embellish upon in order to create for you a scenario that allows intention to better your world?

Oh, there are a thousand things one could ask about what is to take place … about what is the meaning or indeed the point of this and that … but really … all my intentions are when I begin a session with you is for those who follow your words to be uplifted. For their soul to find Truth in their hearts about what you offer us as a way forward. Do you know that many are getting a little frustrated with all the channellings saying more or less the same thing and nothing really happening that’s any different?

Yes. We have been made aware of this and we smile. If what we are saying is what is Truth then why would we consider changing it in order to fulfil the desires of those who want to hear the ‘miracle cure’?

Please elaborate, even though I know what you are saying.

Dearest souls of earth. You are in a position NOW to adhere to EVERYTHING that you came down here to accomplish. You say you do not know what it is. You say you are waiting for something to happen and then you will know.

Well, in the depth of my heart, although I don’t necessarily agree on a human level of comprehension and believability … something … somewhere within me has this knowledge that one day many of your vessels will be more than apparent in our world and that many of us down here will then spring into action. Then…. will we KNOW what we are here for. That’s what I ‘feel’ about the future and yet I have no grounding facts for it whatsoever. I can’t even say it is a sort of fairy story that I want to come True because the image of that actually happening seems too like a movie to me. Also I am aware of the carnage … the fall out, because of those unawake, and I consider the world and how it would be. For indeed won’t there be chaos?

Let us try to calm the contemplative thoughts surrounding this agenda. When this takes place it will be of the most momentous situation that your earth has ever encountered. For indeed , in days past, when our ships were in your skies there was a difference in the way those living on the earth felt about us, because … many WERE us. As time moved on, we became Gods to many on your planet. This was not our intention. Already fear and greed had settled in its place upon your land and in the Beings of many … and what was worshipped was not that which was worthy of the adorning.

Fellow brothers and sisters from our core Being we say to you …. that come the day when we meet … much will be understood by those who can accept us from the start. By those who KNOW already who we are …… your family. Think of the union as we greet each other in the embodiment that can be accepted by many. Who we are is who you are. Therefore the level of Love that we have within us is the very same that is within you. Yet for so long now, you have had to endure the suffering of the lower vibration that the human flesh had brought itself to reside in.

For some … you will be ‘treated’ to a ‘top up’. A chamber experience where upon you may ingest an atmosphere of purity into your souls. It will be as refreshing as the summer rain and reignite much remembrance of who you are.

That would be quite a task. For I expect there are many who would like to book an appointment for that IMMEDIATELY. How many spaces have you got to offer … and may I say here and now … the queue starts just behind me !!

Here we would say that you are underestimating in your mind the vastness of our ships and all that they are capable of dearest lady. And yet for many of you, you will know your way around because you will remember your visits from your dreams. You see, these are the kind of things we say to you of things you already know. You have just to ‘switch on’ to that channel.

Yet, sometimes we cannot get good reception for a channell because of interference or bad weather or we are ‘out of range’. No offence … but you say we just need to ‘switch on’ … but how about you come down here, be in the human flesh and try it. It’s not that easy …believe us, many of us are working at it!

Agreed we are not in that same ‘space’ as yourselves and we perhaps expect something from you that is not quite as easy as we say it is … would you say this is correct?

Well, I am just one person and can only speak for how it is for me. Maybe there are many who can ‘switch on’. Actually, I can’t even remember what the switching on thing is all about. I’ve lost the plot along the line somewhere. Oh yes, recalling what we know. You see, that’s why I think that when this ‘time comes’ …. Then we WILL KNOW. THEN we WILL recall what it is we KNOW to do. Because … we will just go about what we have to do … as if we have been doing it all our lives. I know that sounds bizarre, but I get the feeling so often that is the way it shall be. Of course, it could all be my imagination. Any thoughts?

Many dearest one. Yet all you can do to see if this is so, is be patient. Because we say to you as many of you can now feel ………. Things are stepping up. The pace of newness and change is quickening to a degree that is having an effect on matters that are soon to exhaust those who are struggling to oppose the Light that is streaming down upon you and within you.

For those of you who recognise themselves and acknowledge that they are here in this sacred time to assist, they will feel a difference within themselves that is unsurmountable. There will be no more ‘what if’s’ or ‘buts’. There will be only understanding that all that has been foretold is underway. It is not beginning for it began in years past. We would say that you are in the midst of it NOW. And it cannot pass you by unnoticed. But it is for you to recognise it and use the energy that is now with you to the best of your ability. It is of no use accepting that stronger brighter more powerful energies have entered your world to align and balance and stabilise … if you do not incorporate utilising these energies in your very breath. As you become aware of the intensity of these energies and allow each breath you take to ‘LIFT YOU UP’ then you will discover yourselves in a new LIGHT. It will be as if you look at your hands and are amazed at the difference in them. For although they have not changed …. Your perception of them has! This is once again what we call “The Turning Point’ dearest ones. Do you see? Because you are ‘inhaling’ the Higher energies you are adapting to their frequencies and therefore discovering all that they hold within them.

THESE ARE THE WONDERS THAT WE HAVE SPOKEN TO YOU OF. And they shall be right in front of you … before your very eyes. The change … the change will take place as you watch. The Transformation will display itself to you in a more apparent fashion. It has been working subtly behind the scenes and then, with in the blink of an eye it will have changed. And yet it has been ‘morphing’ in a silent world as many of you sleep on.

A question was asked by a lady who wrote to me … now maybe appropriate …. Is there a difference between frequencies and vibration’? When you speak sometimes … I feel you use both words, yet they mean the same thing? Is this so?

We would reply in the easiest way that we can help you to understand. For this is a complicated matter. And even your most scientific humans would have difficulty explaining that which is involved on a level that they could understand, let alone the level on which it Truly exists.

Ok … so if you had to tell a nine year old all about vibrations and frequencies … how would you simplify it in order for it to be understood.

We show to you a saucepan of water. We show the bubbles rising to the surface as the temperature heats. In this we show of garden peas on the bottom of the pan and as the temperature rises … so too do the little green balls of goodness. Let us call the heat ‘the frequency’ … but the pressure the heat brings forth making the peas jump around in the pan of water is the ‘vibration’. So in a sense … the temperature … shall we put it … the temperature/heat of LOVE is the frequency … which then creates the vibration. The cooler the water the lower the vibration. For the frequency that the vibration is resonating within is compounding with the elements that ARE the water. Does this make sense to you Blossom?

Erm … hold on, I’ve got to read it back to see what you put.

A little lost at the end there … compounding meaning … according to the dictionary …To combine so as to form a whole; mix … Ok so … resonates means … correspond closely or harmoniously … so … therefore …. In my kindergarten way of explaining it … the frequency is the ‘what is’ … and the vibration is what is created from the ‘what is’ depending on what the level of ‘what is’ is? Oh Yes … that’s really simplified it … That’s perfectly clear now! Marvellous! Yet I really do know what you are saying. It’s as you say … difficult to put into words.

And yet we feel you have recognised the definition of the two .

Well, inside of me somewhere has. No wonder I chose theatrics … being a teacher would have done my head in!

Dearest souls … each and every one of you. We lie in wait … this is Truth from all that we know to be Truth. We say to you that these days that you sometimes think are fairytales … will come to life.

Please don’t say ‘soon’. That wouldn’t go down too well. We earthlings don’t understand your meaning of ‘soon’. It is of a different frequency to ours! If we went by ‘our’ ‘soon’ those peas would be pretty shrivelled up by now!

And yet if we went by ‘our’ ‘soon’, they would be just coming to the boil.

There you go again. So we’ll let it ‘simmer down’ for a bit to absorb the flavour and await ‘the saucer’ to put them on! Thanks very much for this. I’ve really enjoyed our conversation tonight.

And we also. A certain Lightness abounds.

Love Light and Golden Rays to you until next time .

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