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September 23, 2009

Hello there. Just go straight ahead with that which you feel appropriate to enlighten us with.

Dearest souls of earth. We are abounding in Love for you and your service to the betterment of your planet and to those living upon it and within it. May we refresh your memories for a short time? For it was not that long ago that within the very depths of your beings many of you, yes, into the millions were expecting to see a vast ship in your skies.

 It is hard to imagine that it is coming up for the 1st anniversary.

And yet dear ones, would you not say that if you were to take a trip down memory lane … your own private individual worlds have changed greatly within this time span on earth? Have you not encompassed much expressing of the souls values? Has not each individual assessed within themselves the Truths that have remained solid and the thoughts of what were once Truths that have now become invalid?

Do you therefore not see how much you have grown and expanded within your OWN TRUTH? Due to excess information one has had to rely upon themselves to sort the wheat from the chaff. And yet do you see? The most valid Truth of all is that you have all come into accepting the Truth that sits well with the self and not worrying any longer about that which does not rest easily within your heart place.

May we say with …as you would say … tongue in cheek …. We have taught well. For is this not what we have being desiring to instil? One can be swayed to and fro with the winds and storms that come across your path as you walk further into the Light … yet once your footing has been established and you KNOW that YOUR TUTH shall take you home, then the strength that is accumulated from the Higher aspects of yourself is able to hold that ground and guide you safely onwards.

I was thinking earlier … I am sent many things that conflict with each other … and still sent information which says that YOU are not of Light and that I am being deceived and therefore deceiving many. The good thing is … over this year, I have had to face so many challenges which have allowed me to solidify my Truth and have no doubts whatsoever that YOU are the good guys in my eyes, no matter how much others may try to state otherwise. It came to me that with all these different channellers available to us via ‘the net’ … and many saying that others are being deceived and ‘the dark ones’ are using us etc etc etc … It is getting to become a  bit like religion! Heaven forbid! What I like about you chaps, is that you do not say anything against anything. You simply encourage souls to go with what feels comfortable for them. It is not easy to put into words but surely we should all be able to move beyond this ‘my guide is better than your guide’ mentality.

And we would agree with you whole heartedly. For this is the very thing we are trying to avoid. In order for your world to raise itself into a fresher purer ideal, all thoughts of diminishing another’s worth cannot enter in. Until each one can treat another as has been said throughout time … as their brother … indeed be treated as they themselves would wish to be treated … then mankind will not be accepted into the Higher place … for it does not have a place there … if it continues to belittle and judge.

 We have offered many ways of understanding the TRUE meaning of LOVE. LOVE OF ALL. Yet we cannot MAKE you be this way … for it comes from deep within each one. Each one is OF IT, and yet this does not particularly necessitate the needs of those who have not found it … even though they are OF IT.

We would also mention that it is not for one to TRY to BE IT.  For one must simply BE IT without effort involved. This is what you are working toward.
 So wouldn’t you say then that if we are working toward it then we have to ‘try’? Sometimes I am faced with circumstances that I have to work through before I can send Golden Rays to them. I am working toward BEING of it … but at the moment I have to TRY … if you see what I mean? In order for us to BE in the New World do we all have to have reached that place of BEING LOVE? If so … Mmm!! … With all respect …  it might be a little empty!

You are not accounting for the fact that there is still time before this reaches completion. There is always TIME … yet not in the way you know it. Think for a second of this time as you understand it … of the speed in which all things are being accomplished. You simply cannot predestine that which cannot be predestined … your destiny!

Yet if it is destiny????????

 (The link then broke and I have returned this evening Sept 24th,  to see if we can pick it up from where we left off last night. I have not re-read anything other than this last paragraph …)

We were speaking of destiny and that which cannot be predestined. Would you care to elaborate please?

This would be of much pleasure to continue. Yet we are accepting that your energies this night are different from those of your previous evening.

 Yep. I was ok ... till I got here and found four really abusive messages on my email. You know … I am in human form at this time and they were so offensive they caught me off guard and I find they have really affected my mood. I did sit and send Golden Rays  … I feel you know that … but at the same time, I feel more fed up that I am now in a funny mood about it, because I really wanted to get a channelling done and now, I don’t know if I am in the right space to receive you  .

And we would say … let us turn it around. As with all things that seemingly are designed to upset and trivialise the importance of another’s gifts … turn it around. Think only of the opportunity this soul has presented you with. Think only of the need that soul has to receive what you call your ‘Golden Rays.’ Ask yourself also … if there was choice … who would you rather be? This is a Golden opportunity for us to explain that which we encourage you to understand. These scenarios are the very essence of allowing you to become your True selves. They are not tests as some of you consider them to be. They are opportunities. Opportunities to express LOVE in its purity. Chances to show yourself and others the way ahead in LIGHT. For if you choose to react in any way other than Love then it is no more than a ‘pointed’ occurrence to reveal to you where your ‘standards’ of your knowledge are sitting within you. For indeed dear one, there is much that we can teach to many. Yet it is in the practice of these teachings that allows the soul to grow into its True form once again.

And this would engineer us neatly to where we were suddenly ‘disconnected’ last evening.

You see beloved souls … the vibration that is surrounding your Beings is such that it allows a certain level of understanding to be revealed.  As that vibration is raised through the enlightenment of your knowing, it sheds Light on the next stage of understanding and so on and so on. Therefore the more you ‘practice’ not ‘try’, the quicker the upliftment of yourselves and the All shall occur. It is destiny. Yet … we cannot predetermine anything! Because … if we would put it this way … your fate is up to you. As we have said many times before … in many different ways … You steer the ship … You map out your course … You GO where you CHOOSE to GO …  Each individual maps out its own journey.

Many of you seem to be under the presumption that what takes place for one will take place for all. And this dear ones is where all this confusion arises. This is where conflicts start their game of who is better than who. This dear ones, when misunderstood is indeed how wars begin!!!!!! This is why we implore you to simply follow what feels right for you! If your heart TRULY is speaking to you and telling you that ‘such and such’ is TRUE ... for YOU … then go with that. And this part  … you may find causes quite a lot of controversy  … yet we say to you  …  do you not realise that this vast cosmos … this extreme planetary system … this universe that lies within the heart of many other universes … has it never crossed your minds that indeed every scenario may be enacted out?  You speak these days in your world of the law of attraction and bringing to you that which you create through thought. Therefore, does not that add up to the very obvious fact that … if each of you are finding a TRUTH that belongs to you …. That there will indeed be many many opportunities for all these Truths to be enacted out. Therefore … we would say that not one is wrong … it would depend on the energy concentrated upon in order to bring a particular circumstance about.

Ok … going for gold here … so … are you saying that for those who ‘think’ they are going underground or in your vessels … they will. For those who think a large planet is heading our way and perhaps will collide with earth … it will. For those who believe that they will continue finding out more of True Pure Love and that they shall simply transform earth and themselves with each passing day in to a paradise … they will. You get my drift of what I am asking I am sure?
Yes we understand that which you are saying and we would say that it would depend on the energy that has built up regarding any particular ‘play’. If a vast amount of souls believe for instance that Armageddon will occur then it will … for those souls.

And what of a neighbour that doesn’t believe that, but KNOWS they have to be at ballroom class at 6.30 Tuesday? I am not trying to be funny here … it’s just, as you know, many have no idea of all this sort of thing … so what happens to them when their ballroom teacher has his case packed to go on a round the universe trip for a few eons. It is very hard for me to understand how all of this would work out.

It concerns mass consciousness.

 And a great deal of ‘intricate timing’ I would say. You see I have also heard that the Mayans prophesied that our world will go into complete darkness for 30 days and then when the new dawn rises ... hey presto … new World. So … If that happens … what happens to the theories of those who are expecting to go through an 11.11 gateway?  You can see can't you … why little ‘old us’ down here can become more than a tad confused?

Dearest lady ... Do you know that you have actually been with us on a different level of yourself and KNOWN everything and understood All that shall occur in these following years?

No … I have trouble remembering what I went into another room for! You see … Truly, what is the point of me doing that if I have no recollection of it?

Because, it was necessary for you to comprehend these things on a level of yourself that could accept the future. This does not mean that you would be able to accept all that you were shown when BEING in your earthly embodiment with all its dysfunctional mind games.

 At first I just thought … steady on … but I’ve got to smile for I know exactly what you mean.

 Throughout this conversation that we share with you this night we have ONE thing that we are aiming towards explaining within all this that we have given you. Our mission … our reason for coming through to you and speaking with you, is to help you “GET IT’. Because the more of you that do … as we continue to express to you … the more of you shall bring about the ‘destiny’ that you desired to come down here to accomplish.

 To transform this earth of yours into its beauty.

To BE beautiful souls in LOVE.

You wanted to have this opportunity to make these changes. So you were given the chance. And now that you have been upon this world of humankind, you have allowed yourselves to be bombarded with outlets of others doubts and fears. You have allowed those who need to control to fulfil their desires. And yet, you came here to set yourselves FREE. This is why we ask you to WAKE UP and REMEMBER who you are. Regain your TRUE reasoning and allow a conscious effort to bring about that which you KNOW is your destiny. That which you came to do. Let go of all the fears of what you think might be and LISTEN to your ancient selves. For that part of you contains the knowledge you seek. We are struggling to give you words for that which we know you can feel Blossom.

 It is a feeling of … not urgency … but as if … you just want us to UNDERSTAND. We are doing are best. So many of us, and as time goes on there will be so many more. We have a connection … all of us … no matter what may be presented to us to ponder over. And that connection is steadfast. It is bonded through LOVE and we all know that it cannot be broken.

Funny. Even though we have gone round and about the houses tonight , I have gone from manic typing because you couldn’t get the words out quick enough … to now what appears to be a steady flow of my fingers. As if they are dancing. The rhythm of life. I am experiencing a Knowing of Knowing nothing … other than … EVERYTHING is going to be just fine. When we let go and let flow … what a difference in ourselves … and I guess if we TRUST more and more that by TRUSTING that flow it will lead us to the very place we came down here to get to, then we might all start to begin enjoying the process a lot more instead of concerning ourselves over the ‘what ifs’ that might never occur.

 May we finish this session on a note of Light heartedness. Let it be welcomed in the hearts of all that read these words … that we , like you have the same goal in mind. And the more energy that we can gather within that goal  … shall allow it to BE.

And that goal would be?


Except those falsities we have conjured up. Abracadabra … all gone!!
Thanks for this my friends. I shall now read back and ponder! In Love and Light and those shiny Golden Rays.


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