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September 7, 2009

Hello oh non earthlings!! I am asked by so many to ask you so many things. It would not be realistic for me to ask them all. You are probably fully aware that on this internet system we use there is a mind of information about EVERYTHING. TOO MUCH if you ask me … but you didn’t … that’s why I am going to ask you! I feel there is guidance needed as some folk seem to be … with all respect … ridiculously engrossed in all the information (much conflicting) … instead of LIVING! This computer world is all well and good for some things, but on the other hand has it not made us forget how to ‘go outside and play’? Any advice on the best way to deal with all this Ascension lark (if I may be so bold) would be greatly accepted and very much appreciated. It’s all getting a little out of control … and this is only the beginning if you know what I mean?

Dearest soul, indeed we are at one in thought with your sentiment. For there is much that we would like to express on this matter. A matter that is quite considerable we would say.

INTERPRETATION of that which is brought ‘down’ to your earthly vibration can become very distorted depending on the understanding of the soul that is A) channelling the news, and B) those that read it. In your world you have a speaking game named Chinese Whispers is this not so? What one originally ‘gives out’ is nothing like that which is received back again once it has been around the wheel a few times!! Again we give this word INTERPRETATION. If you were to really listen to your hearts when you receive new information, you would very quickly surmise that which is worth continuing with and that which is not.

We ask  you to accept that there are very intelligent forces at work that are not connecting with you for the betterment of your soul but they put into practice very cleverly the fears and the control that they feel necessary to emit  … that which those of lesser strength begin to believe as a coming reality. Have we not also spoken to you in times gone by of your days  … regarding the outcome of the days ahead being based on that which you of your planet choose to create?

May we suggest something? It would be most beneficial for many to break free for a time … for quite a reasonably accepted time … and not read or delve into any information that is given out regarding matters of that which lies ahead.

It would be far more beneficial to ones soul and to the planet as a whole to go out and make a daisy chain perhaps … or to sit by a brook and breathe in the energy of the trees and natures little ones. Outside … where one can absorb the goodness of the air, smell the sweetness of the rose. So much of one’s days are now confined to a chair and a screen and an intensity that comes with it …  trying to decipher that which is going to actually take place and that which is not.

We would say with a smile … one may be so encumbered by the searching on the machine that they miss the glory that is taking place in the skies!!!!

Dearest souls …. Have you considered what your lives may be like if these computers were to ‘crash’ for a time … all of them? What would you do? Whom would you rely on for your ‘fix’?


You seem to be forgetting about yourselves. And yourselves are the ones that hold the answers to ALL things and yet many of you are determined to keep searching far and wide. RELEASE THE PANIC. Let go of the striving to find the answer to what really is going to take place in the next decade of your time. Take the time to enjoy the day … the night. Take the time to relate with friends. Take the time to Laugh.  LET GO. Create and abundance within yourself and others and your planet of sheer joy. Purify your thoughts once again for indeed many of them have been deeply contaminated with stories that have been induced to make one subservient.

What is to take place in the future will take place in the same way that what has taken place for your today has taken place. Each moment of NOW will simply unfold and you will LIVE IN IT. So therefore your future is NO DIFFERRENT from any other day …in any other way. You carry on breathing, eating drinking sleeping, and in the same way … this you shall be doing also in the days that are in your NEW DAWN. It is a gradual process. Do you not see? Do you not understand? Have we not explained ourselves well enough dear ones? It is a process! It is happening NOW…. This future that you are pondering upon. This NEW WORLD that you are creating is being created NOW.

So we would advise you to think wisely upon this. Is this new world you desire to live in to be one where the entire population eventually have ‘ports’ in their heads to ‘connect up… dial up’ to get on line with a machine???? OR … is this new phase you are moving into going to be one where you do the very same… you connect up … you dial up … to your HIGHER SELF. Your greater creation that you have created … OF YOURSELF.
You are all now very in tune with the workings of the mechanical technological networking and many of its wonders …. Do not engross yourself so much with all of this wonderful amusement and forget the valuable time one could be spending doing exactly the same thing … yet with your own connection … to each other … to the all. The connectedness TO each other … With each other … Of each other …

And no bills!!!

We have been studying the progression of these computers … and their uses … We have been doing the same with human form … we would say if there had to be choice … it would be you humans that we would very much like to embrace. Your appeal is far greater than any intellectually advanced ‘chip’ that may have many answers and yet …. Those answers have to be programmed in at some stage do they not?

Let us look then at the similarity dear ones. Your programming is greater than any knowledge that any machine could endure. For you as ‘LIFE’ … as Soul Being (s) have inside of you the answers … the answers to it all.

Yes, but we did touch on this last time … can’t always find the right page inside the old heart place and therefore left a little frustrated …

And we would say to you …… then let it be ………… the answer is not yet ready to present itself to you and the more you allow the frustrated feelings to tangle the inside into a knot …  the more the answer shall remain locked away.

Have you considered dearest soul , dearest friends, that  one cannot undertake a subject at school and on day two expect to sit the exam … for the more one learns  …  the more one finds answers, and yet it is a step by step process. So that by the end of the term much has been gained and the questions posed are ones that one will have gained the answers to.

Too many of you are wishing to sit their university degree and yet they are in the first week of kindergarten. Which brings us back to the playing!
Ask yourselves … Truly find the answer … when was it that you last ran in the fields in bare feet? When do you last giggle so hard your sides ached? When did you NOT CARE whether the chores were left? IT IS TIME TO HAVE FUN. If in this new world you wish for fun … would it not be a good intent to start creating more and more of this frivolity?

Create laughter. We would say it is one of the best healing medicines … much of its design had this intent … and yet you keep it contained in a bottle and only allow the lid to come off on a ‘special’ occasion. Then it’s back to the serious side, for one must surely move on.

RELY ON YOURSELVES to tell you what is what. If it is your need to discover new ‘messages’ then we ask you to be discerning. It is easy dear friends. As your read…. How is your heart feeling?  That is all that is required. Many times have we suggested this.


FOR YOUR FEELINGS ARE YOUR TRUTH. There has never been one that could deny this.
You know … in some other realms we see souls not by which outfit they purchased from which store, but by their colours of how they are FEELING. Shine your colours of TRUTH and LOVE.

Brighten up your world … and the world that you are co- creating … with the colours of the rainbow emanating from the energies that you are offering to the space that you reside in and the souls you come across.
Brighten up and Lighten up.

Thank you. I sometimes find myself chained to this machine. You are so right … I certainly don’t envisage the NEW WORLD to be a place where the sunlight ceased because nobody bothered to go outside and play anymore.
I feel we are coming to the end of the session. Cool by me … I have things to do … finding my bucket and spade being top priority. Thanks again.

Much Love Light LAUGHTER and Golden Rays. In Love and thanks always.

Website: Blossom Goodchild

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