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May 10, 2009

Good morning to you. The floor is yours my friends.

We give gratitude to you for remaining in the place that is comfortable and agreed upon by us with you regarding communication. Your world has within it confines that one appears to be threatened by. There are mumblings here there and everywhere of what is and what is not. Yet we continue to be diswayed by others opinions on matters for we remain steadfast in the knowing of who we are and our purpose that involves connection with souls of earth at this time. We desire that souls where you reside dearest lady would try to do the same. For it is deeply beneficial to have absolute KNOWING of who one is and the Truths that lie within that ‘is-ness’.

We are doing our best to remain in Truth … I know this ... and more and more of us are climbing on board the ‘happy ship’! For me there seems to be a change in energy, a shift into a much more powerful place of this ‘happy’ feeling. As if I refuse to allow any form of negativity get to me, for I know it is a lower vibration simply trying to do its best! I know of quite a few others that are suddenly feeling really good after being in a miserable state of existence for quite a while. I would imagine this is to do with energies that are entering into our atmosphere and uplifting us?

This is so. And yet we would acknowledge the fact that receiving these energies is entirely up to the individuals desire to accept them. They are a present to all, and yet it is so that many choose not to unwrap this gift.

What individual enlightenment is brightening your planet at this time.

You have been made aware of an upsurge in activity from craft that are not from your atmosphere. This is just a mere taster. More and more of your people are witnessing this phenomena, and yet we say to you … you may see it as phenomenal … to us, we are simply carrying out the requirements that are necessary to introduce ourselves to you on a grander scale … as promised. Do you see Blossom how the great plan is unfolding? As more is revealed within this scheme it shall become apparent to those who are willing and ready, that which they have come to earth to be of service toward. There will be a time for many … millions and millions of you … when all the questioning, when all the awaiting shall end. And in its place there shall be PEACE. For the knowing that is yearning inside each one to be realised … shall be. It cannot be otherwise. The plan has been in place too long and is too vast to be miscast (?)  It is time dear people of earth to come forth in your strength. To shine your Light more brightly than ever. The darkness is ending and there is the moment upon you when you shall arise into the eternal dawn.

How we wish we could comfort you in a manner that would be more suitable to what you feel are your needs. Yet agreements were made and must remain in their rightful place. Know dear ones, of the Love that is filtering through. Feel it … for you are of it. As this is recognised more and more the vibration that is now with you shall become more apparent to those who are Truly in awe of themselves.

Does that make sense? In awe of themselves?

Indeed to us this is so, for do you not see dear ones? YOU are that which this entire plan is all about. The sooner you recognise that it is all about YOU the sooner you will come to your senses as you would say. YOU are the reason that we are joining YOU. We would not be ‘here’ otherwise. The importance of this statement must be understood. IT IS YOU that allows us to be here.
Wake up to your rightful place within this movement. Let down the veils that hide you from the REALITY of TRUTH.

We are aware that you are picking up difficulties this day in the flow of our words. You are feeling the link is rather threadbare at this juncture are you not. We are aware of this also.

Any reason for this?

Interference from intruders shall we say. Yet they should know better … for our stream of thought cannot be tampered with. Yet we will admit it is causing a little ‘crackling on the line’.

I have been with you long enough now to accept ‘all is as should be’. I have no desire to ‘struggle’ therefore I have learned to ‘turn off’ when the ‘line’ is feeling this way. No worries. I shall leave it there … and yet…  I feel there is something else you need to say? … … …

Apparently not.  … The link has just gone. Another time perhaps. Many thanks none the less. In Love and Light always.

Website: Blossom Goodchild

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