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October 12, 2010

10th Oct.

Today is the date 10.10.10. Which I am told is a significant date for our planet in that Higher energies of Light are able to stream through the 10.10.10 stargate. That’s cool. Although if there is no time I am a little confused as to how these dates occur etc ... guessing it's astrological ... but there is much that confuses me and I find it best just to let go of the questions and accept that what is … is. Do we really need to know all the answers? I am learning to just let things unfold in their natural way and go with the flow. So’ I’ll shut up now and let you flow forth.

In current times of your earth you have found there to be much discrepancy between that which some of you KNOW to be Truth and that which others KNOW to be Truth. Through this transpires many unanswered questions leaving the mind full of confusion as you have stated. And yet, we ask that you release the mind from such matters. By clogging it up with such Truth versus untruth, it leaves little space for the TRUTH to just BE. If one were to progress into a state of mind where all things were left to settle and adjust for themselves, then you would find that the wheat is sorted from the chaff without need of assistance from your cluttered thoughts. By stabilising the heart in its rightful place and allowing it to FEEL who it is … then it is becoming itself all by itself.

Think of something you Love. Feel that LOVE. Really feel it until it becomes a tingling sensation throughout your BEING. That is YOU. You, when you are alive and not distracted by other considerations. This is what we are asking you to do on a continual basis so that in future days, no effort is needed. The thought of LOVE does not need to be thought upon. For it is simply you being you … at all times. As you Trust in your heart to beat in order to keep you breathing, we ask you to Trust in your self to Love in order to keep you …

I waited for a word to end that sentence  … the link was gone. I tried again on 11th Oct …  nothing!

12th Oct.

Well, here I am again. Third morning in a row. If you are here … lovely … if not… then that’s fine too. So…. Eh …. Are you?

We are.

Marvellous. What would you care to discuss today?

We would be inclined to talk about that which is about to take place. That which so many of you have been considering consequences regarding. That which for many of you has been a tremendous strain on your backbone at times. We ensure you dearest souls of earth that proposals during these times have been deeply challenged for we desire only for the correct outcome to ensue. Of late many have felt disgruntled. Time lapses seem like eternity and yet we say that they are simply just the next moment of now. NOW in which we respect and honour those of you who have remained steadfast in your LOVE for your selves and your planet. There is much around and within your world that would have you believe that which is not of Truth. There are those who condemn you for that which you KNOW in your heart to be of Truth. We commend you for your courage. We tell you that you have succeeded in this part of your mission. You have learned to understand the tomfoolery proposed by others to deter you from that which is your Divine right to uncover. That which is within you. That which IS you.

You have long awaited that which is to present itself.

Link lost!

12th Oct.  Later the same afternoon. I felt I got the nod, so I nodded back and off we went!

 OK I’ve come to try for the second time today as I feel you are ready now. There seems to be a lot of fear mongering being spread (so what’s new?) regarding the darker forces of earth ‘staging’ an alien invasion, or darker energies attacking our planet to take it over. What words of wisdom … oh patient ones …  do you have for those that ... with all respect ... continue to fall for this ‘stuff’?

We would say no differently from that which we always say. Why do you choose to scare yourselves? It is similar to watching what you have devised in your movie world … that which says on the title … ‘horror movie.’ When you watch it, you are already scared , before the scary part arrives, because the box it came in told you … warned you this would be the case. From your point of view as human Beings ascending into a Higher vibration of Light … whether you are aware of it or not … your heart immediately starts warning you of that which you are about to read /listen to, with a few short words … and yet  … your choice … you continue to  read /listen. We feel we cannot add to that which we have already stated in past communications with you. Focus on the Light. Read and listen to things of Light to keep your place/space of a vibration that brings Love and good cheer … merriment to the soul. How could it be dear ones, with all this talk of Ascension, with the promises we have made you, that an invasion is to take place? Think about it seriously. Use your intelligence and let not all this … we believe you might say … mumbo jumbo … destroy that which has brought you to a place with yourselves that was doing so very well. Let go of trying to make sense of this corrupt avenue that some have chosen to walk upon. It is not for you to make judgment on why or how these things may have come about. It is not for you to judge another in any form. It is however for you to realize that this time upon your planet … more than ever, as we have stressed before to you that take heed …  is a time when it is of utmost importance to value who you are and the LIGHT that you are. Hold on fast to this KNOWING.


Stay strong in the knowing of who you are and let not any such demises of untruths bring down your energy. This is the counteraction to our proposals and if you choose to be swallowed up by the unrest and fearsome remarks and possibilities that others choose to connect with, then you are undoing all the good that you have done so far. This is what the darker souls of your planet are hoping for. If you fall into this trap you are allowing them to take their grip upon you .


Yes … I do. And I think many others too. It is so easy for one to slip here and there, especially  if such fearsome news is displayed from one that someone has trusted as a LightBringer for quite a while …

Whether one calls themselves a Light bringer is a matter of opinion. For how can one be a light bringer if they are bringing fear of any form? Words are of great poignancy in your world. Yet with Love … in Love … we say to you … have we not asked that you let go of words being the ‘default’ language and allow the heart to take first place? Allow the FEELING that you experience in any given time to prioritize over that which is spoken. It is indeed essential for you of earth, if you are to carry out your mission successfully to ‘GET THIS’. What lies ahead of you will depend upon your feelings as to the outcome. If you chose to be afraid and listen to propaganda then you shall assist in spreading that of the same. But understand … we ask from the deepest place of who we are for you to recall yourselves in the days ahead , and stand headstrong , be heartstrong IN LOVE.

Those of you who have awoken to their inner Truth have done so for a reason. Ahead of others. So that you may be beacons of Light. Be way showers to those who are afraid. You KNOW OF THIS. You shall feel it …  as you say …  in your very bones. Every part of you will … in an instant … understand your presence here on earth at this time. The whole Ascension progression will say ‘hello’ to your soul as it presents itself in a most unique manner. Your souls will recognize their purpose. This recognition will allow all that has seemed mysterious to be uncovered. All that has made you question why you are here and what it is you are here to do shall be likened to a blinding flash of Light … and when the eyes adjust … the way shall be made clear. This is the importance of following what YOUR heart says. NOT the heart of your neighbour … but your own heart space. For each shall recall their purpose and each has a job to do. And it shall be made clear to you when excitement dissipates and the matter in hand is to be conducted in grace by those who listen well to the wisdom within. To not confuse words of untruths with words of Truth. And how is this done? Of course … by asking the heart how it is feeling about particular words. You know the drill dearest ones. It is time now to act upon that which you KNOW to be True.

As I write all that down for you, my heart feels sort of proud … sort of honoured as if you are giving a speech to your people … as a general would preach to his armies … type of thing. I felt so strong and ready to go.

And this is what we are hoping for. We are desiring that each of you that we are able to reach, are ready to perform your duties as the sun rises on a new dawn.

Well, my friends, for we all down here feel that is what you are to us … I KNOW that whatever is to take place over the many new dawns that we shall awake to , that there is an army of us … thousands upon thousands that have been in position for a long time. We may not know exactly in our human form what we have to deal with … but we do know that our souls have been longing for the move to begin. And we will all do whatever it takes to assist those who do not understand. To settle the hearts of the recently awoken. We are ready … many of us … Truly we are.

All that we ask of you is to remain in your TRUTH … AT ALL TIMES. If you do this, then fear cannot take hold. Hold your swords of Light high into the skies. You are warriors of Truth. Soldiers of Light. Let that Light that you are, that which you have always been … shine out to all … showing the way forward and rendering the darker energies helpless to succeed. Send your Light to ALL. ALL that is upon your planet. ALL that is life … on earth … all that is life anywhere …. Everywhere … is you. Love life itself for you and ALL creation are of it. Love everything equally dear ones. Do not reserve your greatest Love for those you feel deserve it.  GIVE of LOVE to ALL. BE of LOVE to ALL. And when ALL understand of this … you have Ascended into your new world.

No words … Trusting you can FEEL my heart. In Love and thanks.

Again … I would just like to reiterate … I am just the messenger!

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