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September 29, 2010

Good evening to you. I tried the other morning to link up with you again but you must have popped to the shops or something! Anyway … here I am now, linking in to see if you are about.

It is of course our pleasure to have this discourse with you. It is not that it is ‘inconvenient’ for us at other times , it is more so that there can be interferences betwixt us and yourself that make our connection too difficult to ‘send’.

I understand that. I accept these times. No worries on that. Just happy to when we can and it feels like this is to be a ‘can’ time. Yippee! If I may … there is much excitement here on earth, stories are being disclosed that were not allowed to be told and more and more ‘news’ is picking up on these facts. You know those in the know have even appointed someone to speak with you when you arrive. (UN). Although they think you might only be microbes!! I had to laugh.

We smile also. Yet we specifically inform you that when we show ourselves for a decent amount of time in order for your world to acknowledge us and accept us, there will be no initial communication in the manner that those of your governments would assume. Little by little. One step at a time … in order for the souls of your planet to adjust to what they are seeing. The time for communication is further along the track. You will see at first. Then you will hear. Then you will integrate the two. We say to you in all Truth that our appearance in the way we chose to present ourselves will be more than enough to be getting on with.

So really the same as you have said before.

Indeed. Yet there are now differences in that many more are aware of who we are and therefore there will not be such a ‘strain’ on the entire maneuver.

That’s a blessing. For when I think of it , as much as I would LOVE to see you , my uncertainty lies in the fact that so many shall be absolutely petrified.

And yet we are particularly interested in the discrepancy between those who will be aware of the reason we come and those who will have convinced themselves that we are here to take over the planet for our own sustenance!

And I feel that is where all of us that have awoken to the Love that you are bringing will start our ‘gentle persuasion’ to allow those in fear to KNOW that you are here only to assist.

May we speak candidly? Preparation is underway to ‘surprise’. It has been deemed that this is to now be the most secure avenue. Therefore we say to you to be on RED ALERT.

Ooooh! That last sentence is BIG. It made my heart beat ten to the dozen.

Hearts will ‘hear’ us coming long before they see us. Salvation is just around the corner. You of earth have long awaited these days ahead. You have struggled with your own Truths , being swayed this way and that. You have fought storms of untruths and battled along side those who would bring your downfall. Yet we say to you … the battle is won. The fight is over. It is now that you shall swiftly move into a time of your KNOWING. The tide has turned taking with it all that must be removed from this land of your forefathers. You have been segregated from your ancestral delights. You have earned your right of passage through to the Promised Land. And ALL that has been promised lies ahead for you.

Should I start packing then?

 Dearest lady … there is no need for anything other than your souls joy. For this is ALL you shall have. ALL that you are shall be defined. We ask you now to FEEL the moment of our coming. To prepare as we are preparing. For your individual energy is in need of a ‘service’ so that it can dwell within that which we surround ourselves in.  For purposes of safety and protection we can disappear in the blink of an eye. If this is to be a necessity, do not be discouraged. We have sat at council and taken into account that which may occur.

Please don’t hear me wrongly … but you said last time you had everything covered, and yet …

 We understand your dilemma Ms Blossom.

Unusual way to address me! You do know what I mean though with all respect?

We have considerations regarding all accounts. However , we are now two of your earth years along the track. In your time … things must begin to ‘hot up ‘ a little if we are to keep plans coordinated. We do understand your apprehension on this matter. We can sense your energy.

Oh don’t get me wrong. I ... like many ... am very excited. I am as hopeful as the rest. There are SO many of us down here that feel you should just give this thing a go! What have we got to lose? If it’s going to happen at some point then lets get on with it. Because when ever it is … it’s going to cause chaos, be it before the year  is out or three years down the line. I feel I want to say ‘ It is our destiny!’  Thing is, what would you like us to do? When you arrive I mean? Other than have a heart attack or two, cry, laugh, sing, dance, shout, pray … how can we help the situation?

By basking in your joy. You have waited for this moment for all your lives .. literally … all lifetimes … it would be advisable to bask in the Love and the Light we carry with us. It would be beneficial to allow yourselves to do exactly what you heart asks of you. Although we will not be making direct contact as one imagines contact to be … we will without error be connecting our thoughts and aligning them with the thoughts of those who are able to ‘tune in’ to our frequency.

How would we do that?

 By FEELING our peace. By BEING peace within yourselves. By allowing the upheaval that this victory may cause to run its course without interference from the souls confusion. The more joy of our arrival that you are able to spread, the more the ‘disturbed’ shall be pacified.

It's very odd, it's sort of a de ja vu ! This feeling that this time it's really going to happen … this excitement … and yet … I cannot help but have a little trepidation within my Being  … old patterns perhaps … and let's be honest … so often we have taken the wrap for what we KNOW. I guess it HAS to happen at some point. This I KNOW. It’s just hard to get my head around the fact that it is upon us. Although … your ‘upon us’ could be  quite a while.

Again we understand your protective barrier. This we admire and giggle at.

I think you would do the same if you were me!

We are not you?

Funny how that sentence had a very different connotation until you asked me to add the question mark. Yes … we have learned we are all One. But you know where I am coming from.

Blossom … our compatriot* … there are many amongst our particular ‘inside’ group who desire for your earth to be uplifted with the easiest of structure. Whilst we are unable to deliver words of exact precisional effect we allow for the fact that interpretation can be delivered through thought form of each individual who attends to our

Your what? …  I can’t get that last word.

Our messages.

Why the delay?

Concentration …

On your part or mine?

Yours. Were you not questioning if the wording we delivered step by step was making a concrete sentence.

Sure was. Erm … perhaps we should not be dilly dallying with small talk when we have worldly matters to discuss.

And yet we are merely portraying our ‘humanness’.

 You? Human? You who are the overseers of the overseers!!!

Yet we have learned much of the humanic ways through our observations of energy. For example … due to the energy contained within our words that we bring forth via you our vessel … we are able to gauge reactions of those who take in that which we are saying. We can ‘graph’ particular frequencies of behavior towards certain topics of our communication. This teaches US about YOU. It has been invaluable to be advised by this format. Yet there have been many times when we have pondered deeply upon certain actions of certain souls.

What? Do you mean literally …as individuals?

We do. For each one of you as you know gives off a certain frequency. Why should we be able to account for one and not for another? It is not that we judge the comparisons made. We simply find that some prefer to jeopardize their position because of  the simplest of thought forms.

 Have you got time and energy to elaborate on that please?

As you awaken to the depth of your Truth you allow yourselves within your own vibration to maintain a degree of Light form as your souls identity. It matters not on a grand scale , yet there can be incidences that can ‘dim’ the Light form and it must remain on that level for a time before it finds a way to redeem itself … for itself.

Can you give an example? How bad does the thought form have to be for that to happen?

It would be of a continuation of a number of ‘lower’ thought forms that would have to take place before the level actually dropped.  It is not necessarily a common occurrence, yet if one allows the more negative associations to overthrow the more positive ones, then it is an easy slip up. Once taken hold it delights in its grasp. But do not feel for one moment that this situation is not rectifiable. To forgive the self of these lower accusations is the quickest way to retain and ‘up market’ the souls vibration once again to the Higher strains.

 And this is what we are all striving to become really isn't’t it? Souls whose thought forms are of the Highest purest Love?

For this is who you are. This is your return to yourselves. We must take our leave now and yet ... not before we say to you that all that is not of clarity at this time  … will become so very clear as you rise into the New World. So much will make sense of such things that do not seem to have meaning at this juncture. But it shall. The road ahead is shining it’s Light so that you may find your way home. We shall be waiting '

With the kettle on?

It has already boiled.

Again a de ja vu. I feel if I was to look back to this time two years ago when we were communicating the same sort of conversation was taking place … if memory serves me well … I think I said ‘two sugars for me’ .. or words to that effect. Thank you so much for this chat . I have mixed feelings  … apprehensive ... bemused … curious … dubious ...  emotional … I am sure I could go right through the alphabet!! Time will tell … that’s all I know! In Love and thanks to you.

* I felt the need to check out the proper meaning of 'compatriot' ... I got quite a shock when it said a person from ones own country.

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