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October 22, 2010

A very good morning to you up there. Well, it was certainly good to see a display from your ‘patrol’ in New York. It set many minds buzzing. Do you have anything to say about this?

We have to say quite a lot. We endeavour to assist your world in all that is to come about in future days and may we say that what was seen around those days was in fact a minute occurrence to that which WILL take place. You sense correctly that it has been disputed upon that we shall begin our introduction in a more conducive manner.

Conducive to what?

To the ease in which we allow souls of your planet that are not aware of our existence to be able to feel content when they see us within your skies.

From what I saw on videos it didn’t seem like anyone was afraid, more so excited.

And this is also our intent. Rapidly the visions that are ‘caught on camera’ shall increase to a degree that everyone shall be discussing their own point of view on the matter. They are readily able to bring such a discussion out into the open these days because of many factors that have led up to this position.

I, as I am sure many like me, have been thinking about all of this phenomena, and what it means. I’ve been trying to imagine a world past the initial upheaval and a time when we are all ‘in Love’. Sometimes it really does feel like a fantasy, and yet our hearts seem to know it is a Truth.

How is it that our communications with you and through you are able to reach so many? Is it that so many choose to cling on to a fairy story … through desperation because of the world they find themselves living within? Or is it perhaps more likely that their souls have found a way to our words, their hearts have literally led them to their Truth? All that we have spoken of is merely reminding you of what you already know. That is why so many feel AT ONE when they are connected up with us through the pages that you send out. That is all we are doing … sending you memos. Keeping you in touch with home.

Sort of like postcards …. If I was sending one back to you it would definitely say ‘weather good, wish you were here!’

Let it integrate with you more deeply. There are many that are in communication with those from outer worlds. There are many who think they are and are not. There are many who are knowingly ‘pretending’ to be from sources not of earth. These transitions are put there purposefully to confuse and bring fear. This is why we STRESS to you in these times a most prominent point.


Much in the coming days will concern you to a vast degree if you do not choose to do so. Yet we say to you that if you stand strong in the KNOWING OF YOUR TRUTH you will not fall for such scares of the head and heart, neither shall it allow your vibration to shatter. Do you see? This fearsome banter is designed to do exactly that … to keep the vibration down. You are all working so diligently to raise your own vibration and yet so easily do you allow yourselves to fall into the pit of despair because of something you have heard or read , something that until you received it, had found you in a very LIGHT mood. Do you see how it is designed? Do you understand our friends of earth what we are trying to relate?


This is the most pivotal time. This is the time when you KNEW that there would be ‘waverings’. You have prepared your souls for these happenings. Yet so many of you … with all respect from our souls, are forgetting this. YOU KNOW OF THESE TIMES. THROUGH AND THROUGH were you made aware that this fear would take hold upon many. Yet … REMEMBER … you KNEW that YOU would recognise it and you made a pact with yourselves as ONE that you would hold strongly in YOUR LIGHT so as not to let such a low energy become master to many.


Think of yourselves as columns of the Brightest Light. See the LIGHT BEING YOU and extending upwards into infinity. See the LIGHT anchoring into your beloved Earth and implanting itself into her roots. Firmly stand in that LIGHT that you are and KNOWINGLY shine it out as far as you can see. Knowing it reaches beyond the human visual capacity and touches that which you do not even need to be aware of, you just need to KNOW that it is so.

Practise this whenever the thought occurs to you. Say to yourselves ‘ I AM AN ANCHOR OF THE LIGHT OF CHRIST’.

Have to butt in there as beautifully as it was flowing … but never before have you mentioned ‘Christ’ and that took me completely by surprise.

And yet do you not know us to be of Love?

Sure … nothing but.

Then we would say it is one and the same. We are smiling at your energy at this point.

Well, it’s just that is entering into a whole new ball game is it not? Many ask me to ask you your thoughts on God. Guess now is a good time.

Brace yourself for the energy that is to occur. When a soul of earth no longer resides upon that particular planet, there are a billion different scenarios that may occur due to the different position each soul has allowed themselves to be in. However, without doubt and without exception, when a soul leaves the human embodiment it is made aware of THE DIVINE. This too may occur in many forms, yet there can be no denial to that soul of the FEELING of the ultimate LOVE OF ALL. The ultimate LIGHT OF ALL. This DIVINITY … This Compassion … This Understanding … This LOVE … is what many of you call Christ.

We wish you to understand that it is understood by us that the naming of THIS LIGHT is not what is of importance. What IS of importance is the absolute reverence and respect of this supreme deity.

Indeed , and yet for me … and this of course is simply MY TRUTH , cutting it short as how I got to this KNOWING or we could be here all day … MY GOD … in MY EYES … is THE DIVINIST PUREST ENERGY OF LOVE. Somehow when one mentions ‘Christ’ I think of a person.

THE CHRIST LIGHT … THE LIGHT OF CHRIST is not a person. It is a LIGHT. That is not to say that many souls have descended from shall we say … extremely Higher realms at given points in your history … that indeed are directly from that DIVINE CHRIST LIGHT.

Are not we all from it?

Each and everyone of us ARE it.

So with all respect what is the difference between those directly from it and say … me, you know , those of us that are just your average Joe’s?

Life times! And there is much to say on that matter. For you see there are chosen positions. It is all to do with energy. And when we say ‘all’. we mean ‘ALL’. For as you quite rightly have come to understand … GOD … for way of expression … is PURE LOVE ENERGY. And this PURE LOVE ENERGY IS DIVINE. YOU ARE OF IT. YOU ARE FROM IT. Yet, it is complicated! For when in different levels or vibrations of it, you are not of it’s fullest strength.

That’s a fact!

How we desire to be able to let you understand in a blink of an eye that which this PUREST LOVE is all about. And yet, from where you are stationed at this time you are at this moment hidden from so many Truths. Yet we say to you … in all our KNOWING … this will not be so in days ahead. That is why we ‘implore’ you to not believe … but KNOW that you are BEAUTIFUL DIVINE BEINGS. That which you are residing in, the human shell, as you are aware, is just a convenient vessel which accompanies and houses your soul for this very much needed earthly journey. When not restrained with in it you are a free spirit. There is no mind to confuse, there is only your spirit … your soul … the YOU that is only LOVE and all is accepted and understood.

There are vast quantities on these matters that we can share and yet you already KNOW. YOU … who have so courageously volunteered to conduct this experiment. YOU who have put yourselves forward to be the way showers. Lead on. Walk bravely in your Light and your Love. For it is not long now before you turn that corner and all changes perspective.

I know that is the signal to call it a day. Thank you. From all of us to all of you. Talk soon! In Love and Light. xx

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