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March 11, 2012

I hadn’t planned on channelling until tomorrow, yet after watching a particular interview ,  I feel the ‘calling' so strongly , that I have abandoned other plans and … well …… here I am . I’ll leave you to proceed.

We desire to be in communication with you at this point in your time , not because of the urgency of a message , but because you are in place to receive us and that which we wish to speak of. Shall we say your receptors are on full firing cylinders. 

You are saying in my head ‘continue’ … so I am assuming you are wanting me to ask the question that was going over and over in my mind as I listened to the interview … and that (as you know) was …. HOW? HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW do we remember who we are? I know I asked you this before and you said about imagining we are emanating Light, yet … what else?  There’s a huge key which we have lost … we are standing in front of the door … the keyhole is there … We can FEEL the Light through this keyhole ... Yet WHERE IS THE KEY? The key you are asking us to find? It is being heard now all over ‘Remember who you are! When you KNOW this all powers will return and we can transform this Earth into its Higher place '

Are you able to give us more advice on how to do this?  How to make this come about? I feel this is really important …

And you are correct … It is of great importance. Yet with Grace we would offer you gentle words of encouragement to continue on exactly how you are doing. We cannot press a button for you and 'hey presto, you recall in full who you Truly are!' … This is not how it is to be. We can however suggest to you to ask from within … And keep on asking to be shown FOR YOURSELF who you are. It cannot be as if in a lecture where there is a teacher and a blackboard. It cannot be explained this way. It is only when an individual soul is ready that the entire remembrance of their original birth shall flood into their hearts and indeed …


Ask dearest souls, ask of the DIVINE to be shown the key. Seek and thou shalt find. Understand that through your seeking the key shall be shown to you. We are only here to remind you that the key is to be searched for and we ask you to KNOW IN YOUR HEARTS that THERE IS A KEY. You can FEEL IT. YOU KNOW OF IT. You cannot deny this FEELING … even though at times the boat is tossed upon stormy seas, you, through your own manoeuvring bring that boat into calmer shores once again and FEEL the Peace within you that simply KNOWS.

KNOWS what?  You talk of this KNOWINGNESS and I understand it a little … could you talk about it in more depth?

THE KNOWINGNESS  inside each soul is the TRUTH. A Truth which cannot waver. Other Truths can change … as one develops and evolves. This is more to do with ones understanding of greater understandings. Yet … THE TRUTH … is something inside of you that is a part of yourself. It is beyond expression … That is why it is so difficult for us to explain.

Keep trying by all means.

This yearning that resides in the hearts of many … this desire to connect up with a Higher self … a Higher sense of purpose … this Higher Knowledge …


You are desiring yourself … not a longing to KNOW …. for you already KNOW. You are believing that this KNOWLEDGE of Higher things is ‘out there’ waiting to come to you … This could not be further from the Truth. All that you desire is not up in the stars where your hearts are magnetised too … that is merely your former residence , your home of Truth. You FEEL … many of you … that you long to go home … but it is the longing of yourself that you are aching for … and that is not up in the galaxies … IT IS INSIDE OF YOU .


I am aware you have spoken of this before … yet this is what I am asking you to help us with. We seem to be struggling in finding exactly where inside this lies.  How do we access it? This is really what we are seeking … how to access this knowledge of who we Truly are?

We can tell you this . You cannot access it by being busy bees. You cannot remember that which is of the greatest value, when you are choosing to push aside that part of yourself that is calling out to you and you refuse to listen. Yes of course you live upon Earth and upon Earth is much to enjoy. We do not ask you to stop the enjoyable things. We ask you to fully consider all that you partake in … and to remove from your everyday living that which YOU KNOW to be of little service. In respect for where you reside and it’s varied undertakings … we would safely say that there is much which would be of great benefit for you to let go of  … yet you seem to think you can’t live without it .

Consider in your head being upon an island where there were no distractions … just the sea and the sky … the forest and the fish in the sea. The fruits upon the trees and the temperature of the weather. Imagine yourself there for a long period of time. Imagine being on that island for perhaps two months of your time … without the company of another human being. Think hard about how this would appear to FEEL like in your reality … the hubbub would be gone  … the hustle and bustle of life that you have created in order to ‘survive’ would not be there to rush you off your feet . You would have all the time in the world to breath … You could ponder upon the beauty of nature …  You could sit in silence with yourself without interruption  … for days upon days upon days … just you … in touch with yourself  … Asking yourself questions and not being influenced by another’s thoughts or interpretation to that question … just you … there to listen to your own answers .

THIS IS HOW YOU FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE. By giving yourself the respect you deserve to do so.

Yet you do understand I presume that  as much as many of us would like to be beamed to ‘said island’ right now … this isn’t going to happen … and therefore some may feel frustrated at that which you suggest.

Yet did we not suggest to ‘imagine’? There is not one of you that could say you do not have the time . Even the most busiest of you would be giving unreasonable excuses to the self if they were saying they simply do not have the time. We would reply ‘Oh yes of course you do’. You need only to prioritise that which is of the utmost importance. And we would say … to take yourself to an island in your head … should be number one on your list.

Of course … we know you understand that it is not necessarily an island that one should travel to … but  to use the analogy we have presented can be most useful ... as within the space of half an hour you can imagine many months and therefore your BEING can have the benefit of those months before you have even brushed your teeth ! These things we suggest to you … along with all other things we have suggested, are done so to assist you to remember. WE CANNOT DO IT FOR YOU. Nor would we wish to. For a forced concept of knowledge would not serve. All concepts of who you are … are formed from within yourself.



This we have instilled into you at every moment of communication. Consider the LIGHT … KNOW THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE.

Back to square one … HOW? We are really trying.

And this is all that is asked of you.

Yet is that enough? Because you keep on asking us to remember and we keep saying ‘We are trying’.  Will we all remember at once?

We ask you to consider the possibility of many remembering at the same time … a mass awakening of that degree … yet not all.  Certainly those who are of that elevated level within themselves who are ready for the change . And by example shall you lead them …'

As hopefully we are now. We are leading by example of Light. We are showing the way by being an example of Love …

Brothers, sisters … Family of ONE … do not be concerned that you are not yet who you are! All is in alignment no matter how things may appear. When you TRUST in this …. when you give yourselves to this KNOWING then a Peace resides within the heart space.
We ask you to remain in that Peace. We ask you to TRUST in yourselves within that Peace and KNOW that all is unfolding as it should.

The darkest of days are over. Chose to KNOW YOURSELVES by giving yourselves the time to appreciate who you are. How can you KNOW YOURSELVES if you never give yourselves a moment’s thought? For too many thoughts are on matters that are superfluous to the souls needs and yet one has taken them on board to be life’s meaning! In Love we would say … take hold … get a grip. Take recognition of that which Truly serves your soul … and let go of the importance of things that are not important.

What is of utmost importance … above all trivialities that you consider ‘high priority’ …  is offering yourself up to yourself . Serving your heart beyond all else. How many of you do this?

From this moment on ... in all things … ask yourself … ‘Am I serving my heart?  Is this serving my heart? And your heart, dearest friends … will rapidly answer you by the FEELING it returns in reply.

When you give service to your heart at all times you will notice your change. You will notice the change with all around you. Your circumstances … your standard of living … your standard of thought.

You will begin to FEEL as if your heart has had a makeover. It will begin to beat to a new rhythm. A Higher Vibration. Because by serving your heart you are serving your Higher self … which is with inside of you and the place where you begin to look for that key. Only we would add … that the key is not hidden there … it is on display … yet you have new eyes to see what has been presenting itself to you all along.

The language of your soul speaks silently. THE FEELING WITHIN YOU that bursts with expression through your eyes. This language Lights up your face and speaks without words … it is Light … beaming through your eyes.  It speaks a thousand words in one glance. It is Love looking right at you. And how do you know? Because you FEEL IT. No words are spoken to convince you. There is no need of this … the FEELING alone lets you know who it is … Who you all are … LOVE … ONLY EVER AND ALWAYS … LOVE

Times up … I know that’s it for tonight. When we can see you face to face we will look into your eyes and you will know us as we will know you … In the TRUTH of who we are  … No doubts , or confusion … LOVE … ONLY EVER AND ALWAYS … LOVE . Roger , over and out! In Love and thanks.

The interview I watched was http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC4t1FEk5LE (1hr 30m)

Website: Blossom Goodchild

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