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Bob Dean meets the GF

Clifford Stone and Bob Dean

Dear friends,

We don't publish as many "Three Videos Worth Watching" pages anymore as we used to, because since we created a Facebook page last year, we post most interesting videos there. This works much faster. But this next video is too good to be missed, so we post this one here too. This is a must watch!

Most lightworkers will know Bob Dean (on the right on the picture). He's a retired command sergeant major for the US army, who became a whistleblower. He used to form an ideal interview partner for Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot, because just like her he was primarily interested in all the fuss that was going on between the positive groups and the negative groups on Earth, the so called black ops, and the conspiracies. That's why the interviews of Project Camelot are usually somewhat fear mongering I think, because the conclusion is always that this world could be in danger.

But now, Bob Dean has had a near death experience. In october last year, he fell into a coma due to viral meningitis, and in fact he died. For some reason, the Galactic Federation decided to catch up with his spirit while he was in the higher realms. This is quite remarkable, because Bob didn't even know of their existence, and he still doesn't know what to call them. He calls them "a third party" in this interview. Maybe they thought he would make a good ambassador for them to spread the word in his circles about what's really going on on our planet right now. And in this video he proves to be just that. Because after receiving him on one of their huge motherships and having showed him the glorious future that awaits mankind after December this year, they (no doubt in consultation with his guides) told Bob that he had to return to Earth, because his job wasn't finished yet.

And here he meets up with Kerry Cassidy again, but now with a completely different mindset. Kerry, of course, still looks at the current world events from her old point of view. For which she can't be blamed I think, because she just doesn't have the new insight yet that Bob has (and I think most visitors of our site have). But now, suddenly Bob won't have any of it anymore. He's a changed man, he's full of confidence and hope for our future. Alongside with Clifford Stone, who is also spiritual and also used to work for the US military, as an intiutive, communicating with ET's from crashed UFO's. They both reject any scenario of doom and gloom, to Kerry's astonishment. What develops is this pretty bizar interview.

This video is almost 1,5 hours long. If you don't have much time to watch, the most interesting part is from 33:26 to 41:26.

Hope you enjoy it!

In Love and Light,
Kees, GalacticChannelings.com

Update March 9: Steve Beckow's team kindly made a transcript of a part of the interview. Here's the part from 33:26 to 41:26:

Bob Dean: Let me tell you something. It’s not easy to say that there are the good guys and there are the bad guys, and we’re in the middle. That’s true to a certain extent, and it’s been true for the last ten thousand years, but it isn’t particularly true today, because a third party has entered the game. An advanced culture – and God knows who they are and what they are – but they’re higher in the anti – what do they call it, the hierarchy?

These guys at the top of the hierarchy are primarily spiritual in nature, and they had intervened. And they have said, “Listen, we’ve had enough of this bullshit where you’ve warred among yourselves, you’ve had these clan disagreements,” and blah blah blah blah, this family and that family, and that culture and that group, that’s going to cease.

Because the human race has been in the damned middle for so long now that they’ve reached a critical point in their evolution and their development. And we’re going to have to see that the human race survives and makes this awkward, painful transition into a new race, into a new species. And this higher element, this higher spiritual element in the hierarchy, has intervened. And they have literally said, Kerry, “Knock off the bullshit. We’re not going to have any more of this. There’s not going to be any more planetary wars. We’ve had enough of that. We’ve lost too many millions of people over the years. We’re going to control this carefully. We’re going to give them encouragement, we’re going to give them an opportunity, and we’re going to assist them to make this awkward transition into a new race.”

Now, the only reason I’m hopeful now – when I used to go through this, I was very depressed and very cynical. Because I’d seen so damned much of the knock down, dragged out brawls, not only among our own people, but among some of these guys!

And then I found out that there is this third party now that’s involved, that couldn’t care less about the clan disputes and the family disagreements and all that, all they care is to see that the human species makes this awkward transition into a new race and can reach out and take our rightful place in space and go to the stars where we belong, for God’s sake.

Kerry Cassidy: Okay. But that’s their intention, that’s what you’ve been told they want to do because you were taken off world by them supposedly –

Bob Dean: Yes, I was. And they’ve given me encouragement.

Kerry Cassidy: Okay.

Bob Dean: And they’ve showed me the future, Kerry, and the future is glorious! We are going to make it, and we’re going to look back at this awkward period, this blackness that we’ve been through for the last century or two, and we’re going to look back like students of history and say, “My God, look what they went through! Look what they did to each other!”

We’re going to look back from the future into this particular time and place, and we’re going to say, “How in the world did they pull that off? Here they are, killing hundreds of millions of people in these wars, butchering each other! This has got to cease! We can’t let that race off the planet until they evolve and grow and mature where they can be safe!”

Kerry Cassidy: Okay, but, Bob, these – that rationale, when you’ve got these races, off-planet races who have been warring with each other for eons! So maybe there’s a new guy on the block...

Bob Dean: Let me tell you something.

Kerry Cassidy: ...maybe that new guy is orchestrating things here, but actually, I’m going to sit over here and I’m going to be suspicious of even that new guy.

Bob Dean: Well, it’s all right to be suspicious, and I know where you’re coming from.

Kerry Cassidy: Did you read Childhood’s End?

Bob Dean: I was talking to Joe Farrell not too long ago, at another conference. And Joe Farrell has written The Cosmic War. And The Cosmic War is a true story of a war between interplanetary intelligences. And they literally damned near destroyed each other! They destroyed a planet beyond Mars, for God’s sake, in our own solar system!

But that crap has got to cease! And I have had the opportunity to meet guys from the higher level who said, “We’re not going to allow that to happen anymore. We’re going to give you a chance to make it.” And the only reason I’m hopeful – and I told you this privately, earlier – is that I have seen the future, and there is a future for the human race, and it’s beautiful!

Kerry Cassidy: Okay. And I appreciate that, okay? And I would agree with you. And I think a lot of people listening to this, who will listen, will agree with you. That’s why we’re all here, that’s what we’re working for. But the work is still to be done. And what I want to do is keep eyes on the ground right now. And I want to talk about the idea of what’s right before people. Because this is 2012, we’re going into 2013, and some of these years are very crucial years. Okay? As you say, these are going to kind of be the years in which the transition happens. So this –

Bob Dean: It’s happening right now.

Kerry Cassidy: Exactly. So what I want to talk about here is, first of all, yes, you have a lot of bad kids in the class, okay? And those involve the Illuminati, some of whom are basically being run by certainly groups of Reptilians, certainly a group of Anunnaki that may not have our best interests in mind. They’d like to clear the planet, they’ve got – they’ve got big plans! And they’ve been working on those plans for a very long time. And both of you have – must have been face to face with that agenda.

Bob Dean: Their agendas exist because they exist, and they’ve had some of their own personal agendas for eons of time. But their plans for our future don’t mean diddly squat! Because there are these higher developed cultures out there that have now intervened. And they’re going to see that the human race is going to be allowed to make it!

Kerry Cassidy: Okay. And you’ve said that, and I agree. But the thing is, the idea here is not that somebody come in, organize the schoolyard for us, and then they go off on their own business and then we’re left to deal with it. The idea is that we learn to walk on our own.

Bob Dean: We organize the schoolyard ourselves!

Kerry Cassidy: Okay. So there is a great importance for the human race to take sovereignty, to take their rightful place as members of the galactic community.

Bob Dean: Once they under –

Kerry Cassidy: And to recognize who we are, and to...

Bob Dean: Once they understand who they are, yes.

Kerry Cassidy: ...recognize the gifts that we have. Okay?

Bob Dean: The human race is precious. The human species is so unique that they told me – when I was with them for six weeks, I was asking them question after question after question. I found they were as interested in me as I was interested in them! And I asked them why. And they said, “You human beings don’t grasp who you really are! You have a unique genome that is unique in the galaxy. You’re made up of the patterns and the parts and pieces and genes and whatever of at least 12 different races in the Universe. And as a result of that, we think of you as unique. As a result of that, we look upon your little planet as probably one of the ripest and richest zoological gardens in this quadrant of the galaxy.”

And that’s the first time I realized that the galaxy had been divided into four parts! I didn’t even realize there was a quadrant. And they said, “Oh, yes, you’re the most unique and precious zoological garden in this quadrant of the galaxy.”

Kerry Cassidy: Absolutely...

Bob Dean: “We venerate the planet, we venerate the flora and fauna on it, and we’re going to see that it survives.” Now, I’m getting this from the higher level.

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