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May 9, 2009

Here I sit, all ready and tuned in … Hello my friends … anyone home?

Dearest lady, we are never anywhere but home for we have found a place within our Beings that is of contentment no matter where we may be on a physical embodiment.

So, are you of physical embodiment or of Light energy?

It can be either. It would depend on the necessities and requirements of the matter in hand. Also for you to understand that unless one has evolved into a particular vibration they would be unable to ‘pick up’ the Light energy that many of us are because it would not be within their capabilities. Therefore, if for instance it was necessary for us to be seen by many and within that many there was a ‘mix’ of vibrations,we would ‘appear’ in a physical form in order to be seen. Our True Light would not be able to be focused or indeed understood. One is unable to move into a vibration if they are not prepared within their soul self to accommodate that vibration. There are those residing within our travelling vessel that we must present ourselves in a fashion that is not our True Higher form , for they are not ready to dwell within that vibrational appearance . We smilingly say to you, that it is a bit like when one comes home from a day at the office and ‘slips into something more comfortable’… for us this is the unveiling of our guise and sitting with in the Light of who we are.

My My!  How your humour has developed!! When I first began communicating with you things were not quite so ‘amusing’ in your representation of yourselves. Humour is GOOD! At this moment as I am trying to visualise your Light selves I just feel energy of ultimate compassion. Unconditional Being. An evolvement of such Light. I understand that we on earth are here for a purpose and that in the density of this planet it sometimes is a struggle to be of ‘blessed bliss’ … yet when we are in our True form, when we are home … are we like you …as this Light form?

It would depend dearest one on what level of understanding of yourself you have reached. It is of course understood that ‘once upon a time’ … there was only this Light. Now through experience of Love itself you are lifting yourselves back into that place of Light from which you originated. This involves a journey that cannot be undertaken within a day! We feel it is of importance for you to KNOW that you are this Light. This is the essence of who you are, and where you are right at this moment in time on your earth plane is simply a progression of the Light returning to its home.

You are aware that each one of you on your planet has chosen to be there. Not one of you is there under protest. This would be a sentence that would be valuable to consider many times. You are there because you asked to be there. Therefore do not allow the difficulties that you feel are presented to you, to make you desire that you would rather be elsewhere. This dear friend of earth is an interim transitional period.  Indeed there is turbulence, it cannot be otherwise in order to rid your planet of that which is no longer serving the whole. Yet we say this to you in THE TRUTH OF ALL THAT IS …


So we say to you, release fears of what appears to be darker energies taking hold. This is an illusionary scenario. Fill your Beings with the KNOWING of WHAT IS. And what is … IS … LIGHT LOVE. There is nothing else.

Again we ask that you do not just read these offerings that we present, but that you take them inside your hearts, so that the Truth of what we say to you may be recognised by the individual soulself. Only by this recognition can you accept the depth of this Truth. There is no other way to ‘drive it home’.

Yes, I understand. Yet there seems to be such a measure of unethical goings on upon this planet which is apparent for all to see now, should they choose to look. Can you re assure us that the road we are heading down (Up) is one that will lead us into the NEW WORLD of TRUTH and LIGHT?

We are very much aware of the feelings of many of you. We are here to disperse those doubts, yet we cannot actually remove them for you. This you must do by yourselves for yourselves. How can we take away your right to evolve for yourself? The degree and pace in which you choose to reside within yourself is a right that we would not dream of interfering with. For indeed this is not our right. We merely are overseers of the Divine plan. We offer our knowledge of Light to you for we are aware of the bravery involved for ‘descending’ on to your planet to assist the whole. It indeed is no menial task and yet as Light warriors ... there you are ... and we are so very much in honour of the Light that so many of you are projecting forth in order to allow this great change to take place.

Dearest ones upon earth. We applaud you. In Truth we place so much value upon the work that is being done from those of you who must endure great hardships at times for the benefit of All. There shall be a ‘time’ in your future days when all that we have said to you will be understood. As if the absorbing you are undertaking in your ‘now’ will fall into place and …

Yep …. Got it … we will ‘Get it’.

Correct. We smile with your energy dear Lady. It is necessary in these times not to underestimate the power of laughter. We have spoken many times before of how it “Lightens up’ your planet when you yourselves ‘Lighten up’. There are only a certain amount of ways that we can explain to you that which is our intention to explain. Know that there is reason in you being where you are. Know that the GREAT PLAN is nearing fruition. Know that no matter what … you are CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT and do not allow anything or anybody to try to convince you otherwise.

As these days move closer to the beginning of the end …

Please clarify…

The beginning of the end of a time on your earth plane where what was once known as a place of great Light and beauty was transformed into a place where the Light remained and yet became over -shadowed by a fear of that which is not of Truth. That which is not real. We ask you to resume your quest for Truth for that is why you came. For when each and everyone is in their Truth then it shall be that the NEW WORLD will be a place where we can BE our True Light. There shall be no ‘guises’ necessary for all shall be accepted without judgment, without vindication (?)… Without FEAR.

We suggest, along with all that you are doing to assist yourselves that you try to visualise yourselves as your Light selves. Remove ... for a time in your meditation ... the heaviness of the physical, and allow the Lightness to free the soul for a time. BE LOVE in the LIGHT of the DIVINE. Just BE dearest friends. Give your selves permission to just BE.

Thank you. I felt your ‘full stop’. I was going to ask you if there ws anything we can do for you, but my answer came immediately ….  Just Be.

Until next time. In Love and Light. Me. xx

Often, when correcting spelling etc after channelling, I need to look up certain words as they may seem odd in context, or … I am not sure exactly what they mean!
vindication ….. ‘To provide justification or support for.’ So here I would assume they mean without having to justify ones self. … not that I need to vindicate myself of course!!

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