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May 3, 2009

Good morning to you. In the right space today to let’s see what comes through. I am guessing you don’t wake up (should you indeed sleep) and say ‘Ah Sunday… a day of rest!’ With no time or days of weeks etc … I mean … what is that like? And do you sleep?

Good morning to you. Yes, a more vibrant vibration is being offered by you this day. Although WE do not have the time frame and work by days of the week, and segregation of months and years, this does not mean that we are not able to calculate the time frame in which you reside in upon earth. If we could not do this, much would go awry in our communications with you. Regarding sleep … it is not in the way you would think of it, although it would ‘appear’ that we were doing so if one was to look upon us. It is more of a ‘going off’ as you would say. It is like a shut down … a switch off. It is as if we give ourselves permission to do so in order to function in our fullest capacity. We would put it in a sense that if we did not do this we would find it difficult to ‘breath’. That is the only way we know how to describe it. Yet, we do not breathe in the same way as humans in the atmospheres of earth. It is more that our survival depends on the entrance through our ‘skin’ of a biospheric (?) matter that enables our bodily functions to circulate. We are presenting to you in your mind’s eye as if it is like moisture seeping through, although it is not exactly of this. It is as if the atmosphere in which we reside is charged with energy that keeps us ‘upright’. Indeed, enables us to function. We wonder if you would understand that in certain areas of our ship there are different atmospheres to suit different needs of different populous. In a sense as if ‘chambers are encountered to suit ones needs. ‘

This would lead us on to speak of matters regarding respect for all living things. We have spoken before concerning the fact that aboard our vessel our many different ‘species’, from many different planets. Recruits were chosen to represent each ‘nation’, very much like you have governmental boards for individual countries on earth. These representatives coerce with each other in a manner of understanding of the individuality of each other’s needs. It is necessary to respect certain ‘necessities’ … ‘particular requirements’ of each ‘pride’.

Pride? A funny term to use.

And yet it is an appropriate one. There is not one section here that would consider interfering with that of anthers ways, however diverse they maybe from their own. Again we say it is difficult to put into your words, because there is so much that is unable to be explained to you. As souls upon the earth plane it is not comprehensible.

And yet, would you not say that perhaps many of the ‘species’ that are part of you (The Federation Of Light) … are indeed souls from places that many of us on earth are originally from? And that we are visiting earth to help the change over into the new world?

This is so, yet you must understand that the human aspect of yourselves is just an individual aspect of the whole of yourself … that incarnated into human form to help the whole. And the whole of your individual selves is only a part of the whole of the All.

I understand what you are saying, but not sure how clearly it reads.

We also spoke recently to you regarding your desire to call out to ‘home’. Your home that is elsewhere and yet we would also say that your soul is your home. But because you are not ALL of yourself down there on earth, the part of you that is there is calling out to be reunited with the Higher aspect that remains elsewhere. Also we would say that there are times when our vessel is far closer to you than you realise and that is another reason why you feel this ‘calling’. .. because you are linking up with your ‘kin’. And they in turn our able to connect with you in a stronger fashion because you are within a closer range of each other … if we may put it that way.

Your energy companion White cloud has spoken of a time when your world as you live upon it ‘now’ shall be very different. A time when those from other worlds shall walk hand in hand along your shores with those that reside in the form of ‘human’.
This merging will come about as the acceptance of Truth is recognised. When there is no separation. It shall be … as if … for example … if you Blossom were from say planet ‘zebra’, hypothetically speaking … In your future days it could be that the ‘form’ of the beings that reside on planet zebra would be able to ‘walk with you’ on earth, yet YOU would be in your human form, because you volunteered to be human during this transmission, and yet ‘human’ is not your real self … by any stretch of the imagination. Earth is simply ‘borrowing’ you at this time to complete its mission.

Yet … if different ‘species’ need to reside in different atmospheres in order to survive, then how could those not in the human form …  from other planets  … possibly ‘breathe’ down here on earth?

As your earth moves forward in awareness, the vibration of the very atmosphere is changing. Please take note we did not say this merging is to take place tomorrow! Therefore there will be a situation when it is possible for other ‘races’ to enter into the New Earths atmospherics for certain periods of ‘time’. There are those with us who are preparing for this. In the same way, you of earth our preparing for your Ascension, there are those of us who are preparing for the ‘decension’ in order for the merging to take place.

I know when you say ‘decension’ that it is meant in the manner of having to lower their vibration in order to allow this to happen. In the same way White Cloud needs to ‘turn down’ his level of High vibration when he merges with me, because my human vibration simply could not accept the level of awareness that White Clouds True energy resides upon.

This is correct. It is not that one would be sacrificing in this ‘descent’. Indeed it is an honour for those ‘chosen’. In the grand scheme of things … that is about as far as we can present to you at this juncture. What lies beyond that is not ‘on the cards’ as you would say, to be revealed.

You are aware our energy is getting ready to depart this day. May we offer you this to think about? There was a time not so long ago on your planet when those who resided upon it knew only of riding on an animal’s back in order to get from A to B. There was a time when if one desired to communicate with another there would be a delay of many of your weeks whilst that message was sent, and then indeed, the reply would take that many weeks again to return to the original sender. In those times when this took place, the souls of your earth could not possibly have imagined that in the days of their future … on the very same planet earth … there would be rockets entering space, there would be instant communication via computer method. Look at the technology now compared to fifty years hence. Therefore we say to you, do not conceive what we have spoken with you of this day to be ‘out of reach’. In terms of the vastness of ‘life’s expansion’, this merging of worlds is merely around the corner.

And may I say that whenever I have been given this image of merging it has been an automatic feeling of peace and Love. I am aware that there are those that already walk among us that are not of earth. But what you speak of feels different, as it would be an accepted ‘walking amongst us’. Not that of having to be incognito!

Dearest friend of ours. Indeed it is now time to retreat from your energy. Every cloud has a silver lining.

I know what that means  … but you say it in the context of?

Look, look, look to the rainbow.’


It is a sight to behold.

Thank you to you. What a difference a day makes … It seems we have entered the world of song. !!! And for me that’s a beautiful place to be.  Good sharing guys ! Until next time. In Love and Thanks. Blossom Goodchild signing off!

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