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August 30, 2009

Nothing to say really. I’ll just let you go for it.

We are aware of your disposition this night dear lady and yet we would say to you that in order for deliverance to come through in it's Highest form we understand that your heart place is desiring only of this. Therefore we accept the place we find ourselves in, both you and I.

Is that ‘we’ instead of ‘I’? Wasn’t sure which you wanted me to put.

And we would say it matters not. What is of great importance is that of which we speak. There are many now in these days that have heard of that which we offer and because of this we find ourselves most humbled. The prospects for further development are vast and we engage conversation with you in a manner that we feel suits many.

We are aware also of a large classroom which provides teaching for those of many different levels of understanding and yet we have designed our wording in such a fashion that it can be understood on many levels depending on the stage of development that any one particular soul has progressed within.

I think sometimes I have a bit of an issue with that … I have … because of White Clouds teachings … over the years tried to remove the indoctrinations of my childhood religion. I have worked on my development of not judging another and allowing them to be exactly where they are at any time. I have TRIED to understand many things about experiencing this human existence. Today I walked along the river it was buzzing with ‘human activity’. A beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon, yet as I watched ... it wasn’t so much that I was judging any one thing or body , it’s just that it all seems so surreal. Babies, dogs, old folk, kids splashing around, on and on I could go … but … what for? What is it all about? The Ascension … half of the population know nothing of this. We are told we are here to experience joy … Love … I get that … but … what for? In order to what … ascend? And then what? More joy and Love to express and experience … and … then what? …. Will it all FEEL very different in the New World? Because in this old one … quite honestly, just lately I seem to be missing the point guys!

What do you think the point is?

 I was hoping you could tell me. As I say, we are told by many that it is to experience joy. Well, maybe the creators of this human experience had that in mind for us … but I wonder if they would find it that easy actually being here and doing that. Has not a lot of our collective consciousness brought forth energies that disable this joy?  I have moments of joy sure, but on a permanent basis? For me ... nowhere near. I’ll shut up now … your turn.

First of all may we express gratitude for life? May we share with you a different side of the coin as you would say? May we assist you in understanding that how you experience things within your human faculties is merely one fine level of your total existence? And always remembering that you volunteered to be here. That which you do not ‘home into’ at this ‘time’ is far greater than your thoughts can imagine. And yet we say, that by a breathe or two … you … as these magnificent human Beings can enter into a zone that is of the utmost quality of life. A world that would sweep you off your feet. You could see places beyond your picture fairy tales. You could hear song birds that sing a tune like no other sound your human ears have heard. We say to you … you could have this experience NOW in your human form, by switching to another frequency.

So I believe. I know of people that have had amazing experiences in this of which you speak. So tell me, why then is it only for some and not for others to be able to access these ‘zones’?

Do you believe that this is the case that it is for only a privileged few?

No. I know all of us to be equal. Why can some ‘get there’ in their minds and some cant?

Because of ‘betrayal’ of the self. That word seems a little odd to use there.  Please explain further.

Throughout time one has … let us put it this way… added another jumper. Put on another layer. One became accustomed to having these layers about them and felt unnecessary discomfort should they be advised to remove them. So they made their choice and remained in their comfort zone. All the while adding more and more on top of that which was already shielding one from their naked Truth. In the end, up until this point in the earthly experience of your planet, so many jumpers have been added that one has forgotten what it FEELS like to be the simple Truth. No cover, no distortions, simply the bare facts shall we say. Some of you have understood sooner than others that these layers must be removed. It is as easily accessible as that dear one. Remove the jumpers.

Yet, some of the souls that this happens to would say they don’t understand many things and they certainly don't understand that ‘zone’ in which they are able to enter. They haven’t consciously removed the jumpers.

No, and yet, their soul self has reached a stage in their evolution that has been unravelling the yarn. Decade after decade. Lifetime after lifetime.

Dear ones of earth, you must be getting rather consumed with the fact that always we from other places are offering words to assist you and in many case repeating the same thing. How we desire ... with all that we are ... for your understanding on certain matters. There simply are things we cannot explain and yet we say YOU KNOW IT.

But we can’t find it. That’s the frustrating part. I KNOW it is possible to enter other ‘spaces’. I KNOW EVERYTHING, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. What I don’t KNOW is how to access all this and yet you say we KNOW EVERYTHING. So why don’t we KNOW how to access that which we desire to enter into?

You are pressing the wrong buttons.

Which are the right ones? Where are the right ones?? You are going to say ‘inside of you’ are you not?

You see? You KNOW! Yet KNOW this also. You cannot access places that are not suitable for you within the tapestry of your earthly life that you are weaving. You may feel that a certain experience would be life changing. Yes, this would be so. Yet would it be the life changing experience you came here to work with? It could mean by doing so, that you ‘jump’ a few layers and miss out completely on the very experience you may have been working towards for three or four life times? This is what we mean when we say that from where you are you cannot understand everything. You are unable to view the bigger picture for you are living and breathing in just one corner of one piece of a puzzle.

Let us untangle some of your knots. We have spoken many times regarding releasing all thoughts that tie you down. How can we explain HOW? How do you understand HOW to just BE? To let everything, EVERYTHING flow with the river of Love. HOW do we assist you to TRUST that when you do so, when you allow THE DIVINE to take over …THE DIVINE that you are … you will be taken willingly to exactly the place in your heart that each one of you is FEELING that you want to be?

This is what you are trying to explain to us Blossom is it not? That your heart is not in a place that you wish it to be?

Yes yes yes!!! Is that because it’s on its way to somewhere where it does want to be?

Indeed, it is moving ever closer to this place, and that is why the feeling of ‘what for’ is so strong. Because it is not yet in its rightful place , so therefore it cannot be fully content, because for many of you its NEW home is in the New vibration and therefore much unsettlement is coming to the surface.

But the thing is, it doesn’t make me FEEL very … shall we say ‘Godly’ “spiritual’ … and isn’t this a time when we are supposed to be ‘getting’ that bit about ourselves. Are we not supposed to be moving into a more Loving space within ourselves and towards others and all that is?  I just don’t FEEL that way a lot of the time. So many people are speaking of the wonderful way in which they can feel these new vibrations and they feel so blessed etc. … nup! Can’t say I do. Am I missing THE POINT here then? What am I not getting … and more to THE POINT why?

You are simply one voice expressing the FEELINGS of many. In the same way another is simply just one voice doing the same. You cannot all BE EXPERIENCING THE SAME THING AT THE SAME TIME. Just because you say you do not FEEL ‘Godly’ does not mean that you are missing the boat dear friend. It simply means that you are having an experience. And that experience will become clear at the appropriate time and you will laugh and say … ‘if only I had seen then what I see now’, but you cannot see it NOW, because you are in the human density and a lot of things cannot make sense to you because of all those jumpers mankind has chosen to wear.

Do you ever have times like this then? When you just feel plain ‘fed up’ with it all.

We do not.

Do other …  shall we say ‘species’ on your craft or on other craft or indeed wherever any one maybe other than this planet … get days when they just feel fed up?

Truly it is a human condition that has been brought about by the pile up over time of many many energies. It was not an inbuilt attribute! You see ... we made you smile.

That’s one thing I can pride myself in … it doesn’t take much to make me smile! It’s just that some nights I lie awake and wonder how much longer all this is going to go on for. This waiting … this waiting for ourselves to arrive … if that makes sense. I know I have chosen to be here, and yet the longer I am here the more I FEEL I haven’t settled in. My soul just SO wants to FEEL at home.

We say to all of you who FEEL this way at this time … It is not far away. Your Truth is leading you home. We come to be with you at this time for we KNOW that these end days of the old world would not be plain sailing. Be guided by yourselves. Feel THE TRUTH in your heart. KNOW OF THIS TRUTH to be the pathway home. It cannot be disguised. It cannot be mistaken. That FEELING that you cannot explain is your KNOWING that … that FEELING is TRUTH.

Hey, thanks guys. Just needed to vent. Question now is … do I share my venting with the rest of the world???

We would answer yes.

Easy for you to say!! Thanks again.

To all who read these words … allow THE DIVINE that is you to FEEL THE DIVINE that is all. And through that blending … together as ONE we move onwards deeper into the Light.

And we’ll leave it there I guess. In Love and thanks.

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