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Blossom Goodchild - The Federation of Light - February 7, 2021

Blossom Goodchild

Morning Guys. Well, as you probably know, I had a little ‘rant’ last week. Every cloud has a silver lining. Over 800 emails … all full of Love, yet, also expressing how they are feeling, too. One of the big issues seems to be, and I am totally with this … feeling humiliated amongst family and friends because nothing that is said ever comes about. Many have lost both, through sticking to their Truth, and then when nothing happens it makes it even harder. What words of wisdom can you offer for me, and these people?

We are most Grateful to have you back on board, Blossom. We had concern to a certain degree, only for the Energy that was picked up by you, by those who felt hurt and dismayed.

No worries. I am all good after my week off and have learned much through the emails.

Dearest Blossom and indeed, ALL SOULS who have chosen to ‘find’ our words. Let us firstly say, WE LOVE YOU. You, of the ground crew, although not feeling so at times, have the Strength and Courage to see this mission through.

It may feel/appear that nothing concrete is actually taking place to change the state of affairs that have held your world captive for eons of time. Yet, let us assure you … when the fireworks go off, they certainly will display a show like never seen before.

We have spoken many times of the WARRIORS OF LIGHT being the ones to nurture and strengthen the many, many souls who shall find themselves lost when these ‘BAMS’ take place.

It will not be for any one of you Lighted Beings to turn around and say ‘I told you so’… for although there shall be relief in the hearts of many, that they indeed, had not gone crazy … this also, will be the time for ‘All hands on deck’ in order to help pick up the pieces and mend the Hearts of many a broken soul.

This then, will bring your Courage back.

This then, will renew your Strength in purpose for being here.

This then, will allow you to feel that all the pain and the waiting and the confusion was worth every single breath.

You KNEW all along in your Hearts, it was coming. Yet, some days the wait just felt too long.

You can say that again! Speaking for us humans the ‘humiliation’ is a hard one. Yes, one can say ‘Rise above it’ … and we have no choice but to do that. Yet, to know your friends and family think you are ‘cuckoo’ and say nothing because they feel ‘Off she goes again’ … sort of ‘hurts’. We are not stupid. Yet, year after year, after year, after year, when nothing that has been presented, presents itself … one can totally see where they are coming from.

Let us interrupt you there, if we may?

The only proof you have right now, is the KNOWING IN YOUR HEART. Would you agree?

Yes. Although, that can waiver greatly.

Can it, Blossom? Does it? For you always seem to ‘get back in the saddle’, as we believe the saying goes … and you do this … Each One of you, do this … because THE TRUTH remains in your Heart. No matter how the outside scenario is presented to you.

Yes, there is that. Yet, one may question sometimes, if in fact we have got it all wrong and maybe we will never be validated for our Heartfelt Truth.

And should that be the case … which of course it cannot be at this stage … in the final stage of the takedown … what would you do? Still believe in your Truth?

Yes, because I can’t ‘swap’ my Truth to something else, it just isn’t possible.

Exactly Blossom. So …

When one is feeling forlorn and humiliated …

I know you want to speak about humiliation. That’s a big one for me and many. A tricky one, even though we know it is up to us to choose whether to feel humiliated or not …

There, you have it in a nutshell.

Not that easy Guys. Interesting that many emails spoke of one channeling quietly for themselves and dates etc they were told, never coming to fruition. Time after time. Let me tell you … it feels humiliating! So many folk one may know, thinking ‘When will they not just see this is all just a hoax?’ or words to that effect.

Blossom, the choice indeed, must come from the individual.

When riled … say to the self the I AM Mantra.

When not riled … say to the self the I AM Mantra.

You can feel it … all of you … can you not?

When you say this, you are ringing the doorbell to home. Is there/has there ever been a time when this has been ‘chanted’ and not ‘enchanted you? Has there ever been a time when this has not centered you and given you inner strength?

Of course not. It has been designed in its Coding to take you straight back to the fireside of inner KNOWING.

Perhaps it helps to know that so many are having to ‘suffer this’. We use this word for it feels that way, does it not?

Yes. Especially for those who literally, have no family left to talk to. How brave they are!

So, it should help to know that the deeper the wounds inflicted by Loved one’s … the Stronger the Soul becomes. It cannot not. It may feel ‘done in’ and exhausted and angry … angry with us, yes … for ‘we appear’ to have fed you false information.

Once again!

Yet, this is not so.


Again, one either knows this, or they don’t.

People have suggested we stay off the ‘predictions’ … it’s safer that way. I’ll pass the talking stick to you on this one.

Dearest Souls … within all that is occurring during this CHANGE OVER on your Planet … it would be very difficult to avoid certain matters.

This change over from dark to Light ruling your Planet is far, far, far more complex than the ‘human’ brain can actually grasp … with the greatest of respect.

No problem. I get that. It would certainly feel better though if SOMETHING … SOMETHING … was presented to pick us all up. Dear God, how many times have I said that to you? Many cannot understand why SOMETHING cannot be done to lift our spirits? To help us carry on? SOMETHING! Many feel you don’t know just how bad it is. How hard it is for us down here, because if you did, surely you would find a way to ‘throw us a bone’, as the saying goes.

Indeed, we are not in human form. Yet, we can and do pick up on Energy formations.

If you were, Each One … to close the eyes and feel us, you would KNOW we are throwing you so much Love and support in any and every way we can.

Do you see? To let you know we are with you … to throw that bone in a way of a mass sighting or the sky turning red etc … would throw plans off course.

How? And just for the record … can you turn the sky red? Oh my God … you are going to say ‘At the flick of a switch’ aren’t you?

Well, we were, yet, you have kindly said that for us.

Like for real? Really? No point in me asking how … my mind is already blown. Ok, let’s follow this though … if you were to do that … how would that blow plans on the ground?

Because things would change course.

For the better, surely?

Not until the Divine timing is in place and when it is … ALL WILL MAKE SENSE.

Far be it for me to advise the Divine Creator … yet, perhaps a brief assessment of the energy levels of the ground crew, wouldn’t go amiss. I’m serious! If this is all an experiment anyway, surely the one with all the brains can see how much we are in need of a boost up the proverbial Jacksy!

We are aware of your jesting yet, the more serious intent behind it.



As you say to many … ‘Hang on’.

To what? Very little driftwood left floating.

Hang on to what you KNOW to be Truth.

The tide is about to turn … just you wait and see.

Little else we can do. What to expect when it does?

As it changes direction it reveals all that lay underneath it.


Well, we keep holding on to that … with hope in our hearts, and although battered and bruised along the way … we once again, regain our strength and hope (somehow) and soldier on.

Do not focus on what is appearing to be … focus on the elation that is to come.

Focus on a time upon your Planet when ‘this game’ is over.

Focus on a world that feels Joyous to live in.

Focus on a world that tells the Truth always. For there is nothing taking place that needs to be lied about.

Can you imagine that?

Quite hard to. Have you not heard of mainstream media?

Yet … this is to be one of the great changes! The entire system of what is loosely termed as ‘entertainment’ shall not return to how it was, once brought down.

So, that is still on the cards then?

It is a major player. The Trump card, would we say.

Eh … no pun intended?

None indeed. It is a colloquial saying, is it not?

I’d answer you if I knew ‘exactly’ what ‘colloquial’ meant. Good old ‘google’ (or not!) Yes, it is indeed a colloquial saying on this ‘ere Planet. Can you share more?

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that not only is one fed lies continually regarding the current state of affairs anywhere in the world, yet most ‘forms’ of so-called ‘entertainment’ has one on the edge of their seat or hiding behind cushions, so as not to look at the fear factors that are everywhere. Gloom and doom is the order of the day to keep one ‘down’. Games of mass destruction … war games. Where is the Love? Where is the Light? Where is the Truth?

Imagine actually BEING ENTERTAINED through LOVE LIGHT AND TRUTH. You are thrown mere morsels of Light so the mainstream media are not to be seen as all darkness! Yet, is it not that even the most romantic of Love stories has much sadness or trauma in it?

Yes indeed. Usually, Aunty Flo’s leg falls off or, baby Bobby falls down a well and drowns. Yet, they all live happily ever after!






Living amongst one another in Harmony, where neither colour nor creed tear souls apart.

A world where LOVE IS TRULY KNOWN.


Yep. I’m hopping on board that Happy Train, right now. WE GOT THIS PEOPLE! WE GOT THIS! In Gratitude. In Loving Service. I AM … still here!

Website: Blossom Goodchild

Such Beautiful emails received after my rant.To which I replied. There were quite a few returned, so if you did not get yours, this is why.

Thank you to each and Every One from my heart. Onwards ever onwards, my friends. WE GOT THIS. ( Or so I am told!)

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