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February 17, 2011

Hello 'up there'. I feel very much in the zone and ready for a chat if that suits you?

It is a joy from OUR BEING to be able to assert ourselves in the way of service to your planet. We have given much thought as to the continuation of these communications and how would be most appropriate for them to proceed. May we display our gratitude to all who have taken into their hearts that which we felt most suitable to portray to you in order for you souls to be of Light and deeper understanding. It would appear to our detriment were we to consider pausing this communiqué for a short term, therefore we have decided that we shall allow our channels to remain open for a while longer than expected during this phase.

Oh! Was it in your plan to cease for a while then?

In accordance with Divine Law we can only offer that which we feel to be of upliftment. We had ascertained that perhaps for a while one may possibly benefit from a break of service from us in order to gather together thoughts and reassess one's position in the grand scheme of things. For each individual has their part to play and it is essential now ... in these times ... to understand the self and why it is here. We wondered if perhaps it may be a time rather like revision before exams ... without the exams ... for indeed there is no test to pass.

Yet , you say you have decided otherwise.

We have discussed consequences in doing so and made a decision that we shall continue. Yet we concentrate on that which we consider to be of value to those upon your planet at this time. This is not to say that we are unaware of matters to the contrary. We are aware of all things. How we choose to react to them is of our concern and may we say there is much that we choose to be in silence about in order to adhere to our responsibilities ... our part in this vast Divine plan.

So then ... what is it you would care to speak of? I feel a 'shift' is about/already has happened today and perhaps we are yet again moving up a level.

It is to be that changes are to occur within the Master Plan. This is permitted and shall be so.

Changes of what kind?

Of the kind that allow those of you who so diligently plough through the fields sorting the wheat from the chaff ... for those of you who do not allow the soul self to be downtrodden by that which is trying so very hard to do so ... for the continuing support of the likes of ourselves who have kept in contact with you and you have so reverently shown yourselves to be part of our team ... to give service when your hearts were low ... to shine your Light when you felt the flame was about to go out. You warriors who were chosen to be here at this time are now to come into your own. Very soon dearest ones, the Light that we have been speaking of is to shine down upon your earth.

Eh ... a bit confused ... the Light?

Indeed the Light of who we are. You have considered us in many different aspects. You have pondered over the whys and wherefores of why we are here , who we are and for the purpose of our ongoing communications .

Yet although we ponder , I think most of us pretty much know now that you have been chatting through me in order to assist us in understanding more deeply who we are, about the fullness of Love that is within us and how to open up to that. Isn't that why you are here?

This is a matter of course. Yet we would add with much glee that there is much more in it than that.

Like what ... if I may be so bold?

That which you are ... that which you are beginning to remember of your True self is surfacing at a rate that is most pleasing and congruent with all that is planned for your world. Therefore , as your vibration rises, it is so ... that you are able to accept that which in the past on a lower frequency was not possible to address with you. You have been in knowledge of the varied 'Light Pillars' that we have spoken of and yet we say to you that the ones that shall be delivered directly from us will indeed astound and bewilder.


Yes Blossom ... Bewilder. For the magnitude of such shall not be able to be considered as anything else other than what it is ...


We say to all of you that it shall be the beginning of the deeper understanding within yourselves that shall bring forth within you more TRUSTING .... more JOY ... for JOY is in your make up ... yet has been suppressed over time in order to dampen the spirit of Truth within. It shall be that the more of these LIGHTS that appear ... the more souls shall come out of their bewilderment and TRULY recognize them for what they are. A gift from us to you. For as we have said ... they shall contain an energy that will give off a 'power' that can assist you in so many ways. Likened perhaps to an electrical current that can 'boost' the senses.

As time moves so quickly on in your world, many of you are noticing the difference within the self. Many are also perhaps having a little trouble in letting go of the old patterns. It is not a fight that is necessary between the old and the new. It is simply a matter of gratitude to the old self and releasing it into the nothingness from whence it came. Be thankful to the service it has provided and set it free. For indeed it is time now to move into your Higher body. Time to recognize the power within you that is ready to align with the energy that is being delivered to you and together may these energies strengthen the very core of Mother Earth ... Her plan ... Yours and Ours.

These pillars that we send to you shall also contain an intelligence. Many of you have felt for a long period of your time , maybe even from being a young child ... that there is 'more to you than meets the eye' and yet have felt encased in a human body that was unable to 'contain' all that you are. It is difficult to express the FEELING we KNOW so many of you have felt. As you allow yourselves to move into your Lighter vibration of yourself , it shall enable you to accept downloads that ... you have literally been waiting for . As if you have been expecting something to arrive in your letter boxes and it never came. You wondered if it had got lost for the wait has seemed endless , yet in these most exciting of all times ... these letters are on their way.

Wow! When you said that I can feel myself getting really excited ... For years White Cloud has spoken of 'information' that has been downloaded to people. Sometimes in readings 'other Beings' came through and 'ZAPPED' the persons forehead with 'my digits' . The energy was phenomenal when this happened and people would ask what it was all about. White Cloud would say that information had been implanted and that it was like being given an envelope with your orders in, and one would KNOW the exact time when these envelopes were to be opened and then it would be 'All systems Go!!' This triggered such a connection with what you are speaking of. Is this what you mean?

And again we would say ... and so much more. We are showing to you of a socket and a plug ... it shall be as the two 'lock into each other' the connection shall be made and indeed the reaction shall be of the 'new you ' . The YOU that is able to accept the frequency of this knowledge that is for you . Different souls shall receive different downloads for each is individual and as we have said 'has their role to conduct'.

Yet this information shall becoming from the same "Light'?

There will not be just the one Light . They shall appear at different intervals over different parts of your planet ... and may we ask you to take note once again that there shall be no denial of what these are. They shall not be able to be 'covered up' or misconstrued. No longer is it to be a secret ... our existence shall be come common place and your world as you once believed it to be shall be shown to you as it TRULY is.

This information that so many have been waiting to receive and more so ... when we are allowed to open the envelope ... what is it that we are to expect? I FEEL I want to say it will be like a huge surge ... an activation as the connection takes place ... but I would imagine for instance , if it were to happen to me ... that I am not suddenly going to become a rocket scientist ... or indeed a good cook!!

We leave the rocket scientist information for those that are already rocket scientists .

And the recipes for those who are already cooks I suppose ... Hey Ho!

The information that is to be downloaded to souls will be of the genre that the particular soul is au fait with. It shall not be as you have been joking with us ... for there has to already be an understanding of a certain subject matter. This is why certain talents have been 'given' and decided before birth in order for the soul to pursue these gifts ... in order for this very time when they can be enhanced within the individual in order to enhance the whole.

I get what you are saying but ... I don't know ... there must be many people who are going to read this and think 'well I am a 'such and such' ... How can I possibly get downloaded with more information about 'such and such' and what good would it possibly do anyway?' ... Do you see what I am trying to understand?


We stress again ... each one of you has a part to play. YOU ARE ALL EQUAL. Would the creator choose one above the other? ... Give more to one than another? .... it can not be so FOR YOU ARE ALL ONE.

Each shall have an envelope to open. May it help you to understand if we say that ... when we say that different envelopes shall contain different orders ... there are those that have accepted shall we say ' more significant tasks to perform than others'. This does not make them any greater or less than another, it is just a matter of service that has been distributed according to the talents that go along side with any given task. Some roles may 'appear' greater than another , yet in the eyes of the ones who KNOW, there is not one thing that is of lesser service than another for it is the joining and BEING PART OF the whole plan that makes the plan work. If one felt their part didn't matter, they would be doing themselves a great mistrust for it is by each ones participance that shall allow the DIVINE plan to move into place.

Be uplifted. That of which we speak shall be made known to you.

Oh good! Because without wanting to dampen this very uplifting channell ...

Then do not. TRUST in yourself and us Blossom. When you see for yourselves that which we speak of, there shall be such a LOVING connection because what you have KNOWN to be a TRUTH all along ... shall at last be proven. Not just to those who have always KNOWN but to those who have never even considered the possibility.

May rainbows of Light touch your hearts and your minds and fill your senses with a FEELING of the presence of the DIVINE within you. For that is who you are ... we come to simply remind you.

Our BEINGS are effervescing with LOVE for you and the excitement that lies ahead.

And my BEING is doing the same 'right back atcha' and I would imagine I am joined by thousands in doing so!

In Love and such gratitude. xxx

Website: Blossom Goodchild

Comment from one of our readers:

Tell us, pretty please with sugar on top!
Lorenza" (02-18-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"With blessings from my heart I wan't to say THANK YOU so much! My tears are falling and I feel this is so true and in the right time. We the human race, here on this little beautiful planet have longing for our spacefamilies for so long. Many of us have known deep inside that this will happen, we will meet and we will celebrate and a wonderful time will come. But living an ordinary life in this duality is hard and sometimes you feel so sad and tired of waiting. This message really gave me hope and a lot of new energy to keep on living from my heart and standing in the light and love. Finally a true sign and light and wisdom pouring down on us...such a wonderful message! Thank you Galactic Channelings, thank you dear Blossom and thank you our beloved brothers and sisters out there.
With love...Namaste!
Lina from Sweden" (02-18-'11)

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