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June 7, 2009

Hi again. I’ll hand this straight over to you this morning.

Greetings to you also dearest one. It is coming to the reasoning in these days ahead that there is a desire that beckons the soul self to create that which is thine to create. In other words we would gently persuade you to encounter within the deepest place of your heart self that which YOU KNOW to be the only way forward. We know you KNOW this to be Truth and Love. Yet we ask you to once again be of much diligence within this pathway that you walk upon. Yes, it is all well and indeed of goodness to ‘allow’ that which IS to guide you. To listen to your inner voice and to Trust All that IS. And yet we suggest now perhaps that you may desire to ‘step up the pace’ in which you are travelling. You are aware of the time lines that are predicted into that which lies only a few of your years hence. There is much to be done. And although there is much that IS being done and there is much pleasure because of it , we ask you now to look within and answer to the call that you will hear.

Within the Higher vibration that is filtering through at a ‘contained’ pace … there comes the requirements to recognise the Higher level of the self and of All. Therefore, all the changes that one had discovered over the past days are now to be manifested into the Truth of what they are.

If you take the time dear ones to go within  … but there is now a difference … it is as if you are now further down the road on your journey  … so therefore, what is there, is presenting itself to you …  and yet if we may put it this way … it would be fitting for your ‘inner eyes’ to take a more conscientious look. For now there is so much more to see … (within). You are aware of ‘a’ change, and now it is time to discover exactly what that change is/was for. We would ask you to visualise during your meditative state … removing your blinkers … slowly, so as to adjust. For there is now brighter Light that is available to you. Even to the point that as it merges with you, it can be known to literally take your breath away. This is perfectly acceptable, although it may appear a little unfamiliar to begin with.

Dearest souls … each one of you … each and EVERY one of you … are living in a time frame whereupon you are experiencing an integration of Higher energies that have not been present upon your plant for eons of your time. You came to earth to assist this transformation as you know. Yet for many of you there is a frustration as you ‘FEEL’ that all is not going according to plan. Yet we would say differently. Everything is on course. Everything that was discussed and debated in different ‘time frames’ is indeed heading in the correct direction in order for its final position to reside in its correct alignment. KNOW ALL IS WELL.

It is of great importance that you ‘FEEL’ the Higher resonance and become One within it. For simply by doing this you are gathering momentum. All of you. The strength and energy that is building now is stronger … much stronger than you realise. And now we ask you to realise it. For by doing so, one can gather even more. This is what we mean by ‘stepping up the pace’. Release the doubts and fears that you think are reality. For they are not. We deliver this message to you in this way, for we know no other at this time. We ask you to ‘FEEL’ this power and strength within you. It is of such Love. There is NOTHING that can defy it when you accept it for the Truth that it is. We ask you time and time again to RECALL who you are and many say they do not know how to do this. We say …FEEL IT.FEEL the power … and this will take your soul ‘back’ to the time when the agreement was made for you to be upon your earth … and when you are able to recall it, you find the TRUE strength and POWER that is yours. It will give you an ‘unknown’ reasoning to carry on doing what you are doing … with a conviction that surpasses all that you have yet encountered.

Rise up dearest ones into the POWER OF LOVE. It is there for the taking … if it is not received it lies dormant. Its energy desires the acceptance from each individual soul self in order for it to thrive on full throttle. As each one of you understands how to FEEL this power … and comes to KNOW it … then it is for you to visualise the enormity of it as Oneness.

Imagine the fullest strength of yourself expanding and merging with all the Light forces upon your planet and indeed upon other planets. Imagine the Light that you are, becoming One with the Light that everyone else IS. When you turn on a Light in a room, does not the whole room Light up? There is not one space within that room that remains in the dark. Therefore, we ask you to visualise the same scenario taking its rightful place upon your planet. As if the Light switch for your planet has been turned on and it LIGHTS UP THE WHOLE WORLD. There is not one place that is left in darkness.

Together we have the energy and now you have the KNOW HOW. All that is now required is the desire and the conviction of the soul self that this IS TO BE.YOU ARE YOUR OWN ELECTRIC GENERATOR. You have the power within you to Light up all around you. You simply need to be convinced of your own power  … for indeed we see that there are many upon your earth plane who believe that they are merely a ‘shed full of old tools’. WE SAY TO YOU … YOU IN YOUR ABSOLUTE TRUTH ARE A SOURCE OF ENERGY THAT HAS WITHIN IT THE POWER TO CONDUCT AN ELECTRICAL CURRENT THAT COULD SPARK OFF THE LIFTING OF A PLANET!!!

 And I am sure there is more to that statement than meets the eye!

And yet … did it not instantly meet your heart?

 Indeed it did. When you write like this … or I write for you … I experience such a passion. This passion that is within YOU my friends comes through me and the energy you ‘give out’ is immense. I KNOW this passion is for us. You have a Love for us that is so strong and I can feel that your intent is for us to ‘get it’.

Because you see … when you do … all the frustrations that you experience at times will no longer be part of your lifestyle. They cannot exist within the vibration you will reside in continually when you do ‘get it’. That is why we ask you to “FEEL THESE WORDS’. By just ‘hearing them’ you will not benefit from them in the fullest capacity. When you ‘FEEL THEM’, you will FEEL US also. For our Love energy is carried within them.

Concentrate on ALL THAT IS OF LOVE … and of course … EVERYTHING IS LOVE … so therefore concentrate on giving Love to everything … and know that in return everything Is giving Love to you. It cannot fail to do so , for that is all there is. KNOW THIS IS SO. Yet KNOW it from a place within yourself that is connected to a place outside of the aspect of yourself that you call ‘you’ in this earthly life you are experiencing in your focus at this moment.

You are connected through an energy of LOVE to the entirety of yourself … and that entirety of yourself is part of the entirety of  LOVE. That is ALL.

Slowly and surely as we ‘get it’ we get more of it … with your assistance. This is why you come, I know that.  It’s still a little odd though … having this relationship with you … perhaps one day you WILL come to tea. As I was writing that last sentence I smiled as I knew what your final retort would be …

Put the kettle on.

No offence … I think I’ll wait a little in case it boils dry!!

And we would finish this day by saying to you … a watched kettle never boils.

And I would finish by saying to you … THANK YOU FOR TODAY.  I know all who benefit from your words send their very very powerful strength and Love to you. This is one little power house saying ‘over and out’.

Website: Blossom Goodchild

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