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August 5, 2012

Hello Hello Hello from me myself and I … Whatever you think is appropriate to speak of in these times … I honour that … and hereby give you the floor!

How gracious and how willing to allow events to unfold in a Divine manner. In order to respect the desires of many... we choose to advocate the need to follow that which the heart Is speaking to you of. We have oft times spoken of ‘listening’ to the heart and you have spoken in reply of ‘not being able to hear’.  One of the most blessed attributes to that of a human Being is the absolute ‘sense’ of FEELING. There is not one soul upon the planet who is blocked off from this. Even when one speaks of being void or numb of all feeling … they are kidding themselves  … for they cannot not FEEL.

So therefore, we choose the wording differently to say ... FEEL with your heart. Your FEELINGS are your guide. This you know. The chit chat in your head does not always correspond with that which you FEEL and this is where the confusion bursts forth and one does not know if they are hearing/reading/ absorbing TRUTH or not.

Consider in your kitchen you have a sieve to sift flour. The packet of flour MAY SAY ‘refined flour’ …  yet when pouring it through the sieve you come across many lumps and bumps that managed to ‘make it through’. When you shake the sieve up a little … it is easy to see that which is Truth for it slips through the net with ease. If there are lumps that one needs to squash down and TRY to push through … because one wants to TRY AND MAKE IT FIT … then we say to you … this is NOT TRUTH.

So here we are dearest friends…closer than ever before to the NEW TIMES. You have spent lifetimes searching for the TRUTH that is so very soon to be revealed.

Yes … I heard you … very ‘SOON’ … and yet really, at the end of the day … you HAVE to be talking about VERY SOON … even in our terms … as we are drawing so close to the end of the year.

Indeed. We ask of you a question. What appears to be TRUTH to you … is it?

Hey pal … you’re asking the wrong bird!  What?

Read the question again and think about the answer you FEEL.

That is such a loaded question … The answer I FEEL is … why did you have to go and ask me such a difficult question?

Because we know you are capable of answering it. 

Ok … Well, I would say it would depend on how I FELT about what was appearing to me.

Correct answer .  Over and over we speak to you of FEELING. This we continue to reiterate … because it is of great importance.


FEEL what you FEEL .

This is your TRUTH. We speak of this in a determined fashion this day because we KNOW that there shall be things coming up that shall ‘appear’ to be of Truth to many and the scale on which that ‘appearance ‘ is able to convince is of a high degree. Therefore we ask one to be very scathing (?) regarding such matters.

So … I have to ask here … in what terms of ‘appearance’ are you talking?  People speak of false flags etc. … is this what you mean?

This we cannot say because it is not appropriate to do so.

Then with all respect … why mention it in the first place?

Because we are able to speak thus far. Yet to speak further would interfere with certain issues and this is not for us to embark upon . This is not our way.
Please keep in the forefront of your mind that we are not dealing with ‘toys’ and children. Our utmost concern is for your safety and we shall adhere to security protocol of that which we FEEL it safe to speak of and that which we do not.

OK. Thanks for that.  I respect and accept.  Mmm , (whistle, whistle ) so how’s the weather then ?

Dearest Blossom and all who read these words …


 In the TRUE KNOWING of who you are  …  there is and never shall be anything that can lead you into that which is not of your Highest good.

Here you are NOW in the most relevant …  most crucial of times . You have gathered strength and momentum. Many of you FEEL you have lost hope. Yet you have not. Far from it.

Think when you can  … to often take in deep breaths of LIFE ITSELF … for this shall assist you in that KNOWING. For in this way you are connecting with the breath of ONE and in that connection there is NOTHING that can come between you . NOTHING.




If you could see your Light and your strength as we do, you would find it so easy to do as we are asking of you.  





Imagine being able to look upon your planet from another position and scan across it. Each soul of Light is as of A TORCH OF RAINBOW COLOURS BURNING BRIGHTLY. Imagine this.

What an array of beauty is offered and would you therefore not be thrilled and at Peace in the KNOWING that the darkness is barely seen for there are NOW TORCHES OF RAINBOW LIGHT ABOUNDING EVERYWHERE. The darkness is almost gone. This we say in TRUTH.

 Keep on imagining this vision for it shall allow the TRUTH to shine even more brightly .

We can FEEL something nagging at you .

Mmm … Good FEELING! I guess that by you saying earlier about ‘appearances’ and not being deceived … many may , whether you say we should or not … become a little, just a teeny weeny bit fearful about what this may mean and will they be able to TRUST their feelings enough to know that whatever it is you are talking about is TRUTH or not.

Therefore we would say with respect … FEEL WHAT YOU FEEL about EVERYTHING.

Your minds and thoughts may run amok … one may tend to get carried away. Be of the mind set that should an UNTRUTH be presented, be they of words or otherwise … it shall be as plain to you as the nose on your face as to that which is coming from LOVE and that which is not

This is also why we ask you to be mindful of your FEELINGS. For it is KNOWN and is becoming far to commonplace that ‘teachings’ are littered with Truth and untruths to ‘lure’ one in. There are desperate attempts being made to create havoc within the minions (?) and it is of great urgency that those whoKNOW better remain steadfast in that KNOWING.

Let us put it another way. When you allow yourself to be ONLY IN LOVE AND JOY … on a continual basis … then anything that does not vibrate on that same frequency shall be more than obvious to you when it comes your way.

Not only to remain in Love and joy being the fulfillment and unique satisfaction to one’s pleasure and accordance with the soul … yet it is your ‘TRUTH DETECTOR’.

When one is in doubt and fear ... they are unable to decipher clearly that which the detector is telling them … because it is operating on low level batteries and is unable to do what it is designed to do … detect.

Yet the minute that a lower frequency trickles anywhere close to a HIGH frequency vibration … it sticks out like a saw thumb! 'Ah ha!' you can say … For it is so easy to FEEL the difference in vibration when constantly in tune with LOVE.

Very much like listening to a joyful piece of music that one is able to revel in. If one were to play a wrong note it is very obvious to the ear. Sometimes it is not so much a wrong note yet more so … the pitch is a little off and one begins to question whether or not it is just the self ’FEELING’ that ... or whether or not that ‘not so perfect pitch’ has crept into the piece.


I understand what you are saying … and at risk of repeating myself from another time … TRUSTING ones intuition is not always that easy to do,

Yes it is.

Maybe when you resonate on YOUR LEVEL OF BEING it is … yet I find … that often my instinct can be wrong and I totally misjudged a person or a situation.

Are you sure about that?

Yep. Often I have come from Love with said person or situation and it turned out that I was misguided and had weighed it up all wrong.

Yet we would say you had not misjudged for you were coming from Love first and foremost. The absolute Truth of anyone. Yet they may choose to disguise it and present themselves quite differently depending on what it is they need to discover for themselves by behaving in the way they did/do.

Yes I can get that. Dear dear! It can all get a bit complicated. Perhaps I should have reincarnated as an ant.

Ants too have their ups and downs!

What we wish to impart deep into the core of your BEING … is that when YOU remain in YOUR TRUTH … anything that is otherwise will be giving out warning signals in one form or another.

When all of you have moved on from this density and abide in a place that has been released from all that deters you from BENG WHO YOU ARE IN FULLNESS, LIGHT AND TRUTH … you will recall the struggles you endured and you will smile at your NOT KNOWING and the confusion it brought upon/into you … and you will too understand to our utmost delight … why … we were not able to speak to you in any other way … other than the way we are doing now.

It is necessary for us to withhold information. If we were to break that pact it would be detrimental to ALL that is to take place.  So we remain in OUR TRUTH and desire only to serve in a way that is of the Highest benefit for all concerned. And … we mean … ALL.

Yep .. I can FEEL it … Here endeth today’s sermon. It is Sunday after all!

With so much Love we give thanks that we are able to offer our assistance in this way.

Our Soul Lights draw ever closer to yours as we become once again the ONE LIGHT.

Many thanks to you also my friends. From us all.

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