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August 13, 2012

Hello my friends. Another week done here on Earth. You have no time … yet how’s things been for you?

We are ensuring that although there has been mayhem and disruption throughout universal quandaries, all in all everything is flowing along beautifully.

How would you explain universal quandaries?

We would say that there is so much that is in need of our attention regarding the anticipated transition and it is not always possible to have results that we opted for. Yet in general we are most pleased that everything is above board and on course.

We have been told that we here on the ground are doing well in our part of the plan. We wouldn’t know to be honest. Yet if you say so … we’ll go by that. What would you say we are to expect in the coming months?

Turmoil and upheaval of many things that you considered stable.

Oh nice! Something to look forward to then?

We would say that would be a good way to choose to look at it, yes. For all that is to present itself is necessary in order for change to occur. You cannot have change without firstly discarding that which is of old school. Much of the old ways are to be removed and replaced with a new format that will surely serve all.

We know things are happening  ... yet not quite as we expected. Ok … let me try and put things another way … for it seems often we are going over old ground. For instance … say that we leap forward to August 2013 … what do you expect to be talking to us about then?

You are so keen to move ahead are you not?

No … actually fine as I am … yet being down here at this time … and only a few months to go before Dec 2012 … AND ... being told so many different versions of what may take place … it can be a little unsettling . If you would prefer to chat about something else … that’s cool. Whatever you think would be most beneficial to/for us to hear.

THIS is what we would like you to hear … That there IS to come and WILL BE a time when all things that bother your head and your hearts NOW shall be resolved. All this wondering and pondering on WHAT IS … is not WHAT IS ... AT ALL. You have been confused greatly by suggestions put forward as to how the rest of the days in this year alone are to pan out. You have wrestled with yourselves as to whether or not you believe one message from one soul or another. You have been plagued with disinformation in order for you to end up in a state of disbelief about anything to do with your future days upon Earth.
How do you FEEL? How do you FEEL about all this?

As you say … confused. To be honest I take everything I hear or read now with a pinch of salt … and my friends … in all honesty … this includes what you are saying to me also. That may seem odd … but when I ponder on all this … what makes me any different from anyone else? What makes your messages more Truthful than another’s? Yes my intention is for/of truth … but so are many. My point is … I am not about to stop communicating with you … and I have learned a lot from you without doubt … but until the day when so much of what you ... or anybody else that is not of this planet has said to us ... ACTUALLY comes about … I am left I FEEL with the decision to carry on along the road … and simply see what happens as I travel. Do you understand why?

To a certain degree. Yet on many other levels we find it strange that you FEEL this way. We do not judge this decision and yet why would it be so that you choose to still communicate and yet not agree with what we say?

 I neither agree nor disagree. You speak of things you cannot indulge upon and I respect that … yet it does leave us in limbo. I have travelled down this road for a long time now, as indeed have so many … am I any the wiser?   YES. Definitely! Within myself and who I am. Am I more knowledgeable about Ascension?    Nope! You ask us to FEEL … go with what we FEEL about it … and as I say … I FEEL confused! So … I now have the motto of ‘We’ll see what happens’… and in the meantime do the best I can to BE LOVE.  How do you FEEL about that?  I would be keen to know your point of view… and whether or not you FEEL you have been wasting your time with me?

We would consider that which you have put forward to be an interesting case. It is of a natural consequence to find that after all this which we have spoken of …you say you will ‘wait and see’.

By that do you mean … it’s natural for me/many to FEEL like this about it all?

We do.

Then with respect … what are you actually coming to speak to us of?

We have come with a view in mind and we are positively assured that our view and our outcome has been extremely successful. We came/have come to remind you of who you are … the LIGHT in which you carry within side of you. The flame of LOVE within each soul that cannot be put out. It simply cannot.
So very many Lights upon your planet shine brightly. The news of who YOU ARE as LIGHT has spread far and wide and allowed so many to take off their blinkers and see all around.

YOU … ALL OF YOU… who are in touch with these words that resonate with your soulself ...  have made such a difference to all that is happening .




You say not much is going on …



Has not a vast change taken place over say … the last 12 year period of your lives? Can you honestly say you are that same soul with the same thoughts and opinions and FEELINGS?

Indeed you are the same soul … yet you have set yourself free.

And what we say to you regarding that which is coming is … that as the Higher energies pour into your planet and into your BEING … it awakens that which you are. That which is already inside of you.  That which has lain dormant awaiting this time.

We cannot express it in any other way …


OK … but are we going anywhere? It is said we are moving into the 5th dimension … Yes we are changing … but I don’t understand … are we staying here on Earth as we change /after we change? Many say not.

What do you FEEL?

Don’t ask me … you’re supposed to be the experts! That’s why I am asking you!

Consider this. You understand that you are here … to assist in the transformation. The uplifting of planet Earth and this is what is happening … Planet Earth is lifting … NOW … it is already taking place … and are you still on her?


So do you think you are going to get off her as she continues to rise?

Not unless I am about to croak it.

Precisely. Our interpretation … if it is of interest … to add to the pot … is that’s you shall remain upon the Earth … if you didn’t … how would you help her to Ascend?

Yes … and yet … there is talk that some who are still asleep will remain on Earth exactly as it is … and those who are awake will move into a Higher dimension … a New Earth.

You say ‘exactly as it is’ … we would say … ‘exactly as they are’.  And those who are awake will remain exactly as they are … and we would say too that ALL … in whatever ‘state’ they are … will continue to rise always. This is evolution. On and on and on and on it shall continue to go …. Higher and Higher and Higher it shall continue to rise.

The part that is so hard to grasp is … all this talk of the 5th dimension … for those who are moving into it … wont those who are not … wonder where those who are … have suddenly gone?  I know I’ve touched on this before, yet clearly in need of some revision on the matter before the actual exam! Can you make it easier for me /us to comprehend … to grasp … even just a little bit?

There is nothing to grasp. 

Then please can you throw me a straw to clutch then? You are saying we are already in it … we are rising and so is Earth as we speak …right ?


Yet you also say there is going to be a Big Event (Most channellers … non channellers … bible studies … you name it) speak of this. Is that BIG EVENT not going to change everything … including us … shift us all Higher up the ladder so to speak?

There is an event that is to take place yes.



And how/why will this change us/everything.

 Because it has been destined to do so. There is NOTHING that can get in the way or PREVENT this occurrence. This is KNOWN by all. 

I am hearing the word ‘shift.’

 You are picking up correctly. This event when it takes place will inevitably cause a shift of great magnitude to take place within the hearts of mankind. We have spoken before of a mass awakening. An opportunity for many to ‘pull back the curtains’ and ‘see’ WHAT IS. When this occurs ... it is as yet unknown how things shall transition from there on in . For it will be according to its velocity that shall dictate the next stage to follow.

Velocity means   ‘how fast and in what direction the object is moving’. Care to elaborate?

There is no need. It speaks for itself.

I meant about the word ‘object’?

And so did we.

 Do you mean the object being Planet Earth with us on board?

We mean the entire project object.

I object me Lord!! We are going round in circles.

Not so. It is all here in black and white when you allow your KNOWING to KNOW.

Let us if we may reassure you. All that shall be taking place … will seem so familiar to you when it does. Because you already know the script. ‘Ah yes’ you will say ... 'This is what I do next’. And you’ll do exactly that. 

Do not allow the fear mongering to work! You are above all that now.

YOU SIMPLY NEED TO KNOW … AND YOU KNOW SO WELL … that you are here to fulfill your part in the Divine Plan … and that which is of Divinity cannot contain fear … so let go of it … it is not part of YOUR plan.

ALL YOU EVER NEED DO IS REMAIN IN YOUR HEARTS HOME. Where it is cozy and warm and filled to the brim with LOVE … ONLY LOVE.

You’re right of course … even though I take all this with a pinch of salt … You are absolutely right! Thanks for your input. Thanks for your service . Thanks … just thanks. In LOVE and LIGHT .

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