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May 2, 2009

As I know many thousands visit this page, (for which I am very humbled!) therefore the best place to mention it ... I am having EXTREME email problems, having gone to a new server that sadly cannot serve me in the way they originally said they could. i.e. sending out a large capacity of emails in one go. So unfortunately there shall be no newsletter this month. They also are unable to let me keep the same email address as promised. Therefore I shall be returning to my original server but this cannot take place for a month!! Golden Rays. Golden Rays Golden Rays. 14 hours ... yes, you read correctly ... 14 hours of phone calls later ... I feel it is best ... if anyone needs to contact me to use blossomgoodchild@hotmail.com until further notice. Apparently web site addresses ... i.e. bloss@blossomgoodchild.com and info@blossomgoodchild.com are also experiencing difficulties due to a mass collapse of the 'web central' whereby millions of emails are clogged up in cyber space at the moment and until it gets freed up, a lot of people are experiencing problems with their web site emails. All this happening at the same time as changing my service provider that can't provide my service!!!!. Don't you just Love it??? More Golden Rays!!! So, if you have written to me recently and I haven't replied, it is probably because I never received it. Come June ... all should be back to normal. And normal is ???***!!!!!!


I have always 'published' every channelling I have had with the FOL. So today shall be no exception. For those that have read The Bridge and Snapshot you will recognize that I had days like this during those channellings. For me it is part of my journey with them ... It is who I am ... although probably not that beneficial on the whole as channellings go! All is as should be. Truly I am well, I was just in need of an 'off load!'.

18 May 2nd

Hello there. I’m just going to let you get straight to it today … I am sure you will offer words that you feel are appropriate at this time. Many thanks.

Sister of the universe …

Mmm … that’s different … nice, but different.

As the Truth unfolds there can be little doubt of what lies ahead for those of you who have chosen the path of Love. Again we would say ‘hold on to your hats’.

And now I need to know exactly what you mean by that and why indeed you have mentioned it many times …?

Dearest ones have you not lately found yourselves in great turbulence. Is it not that much that is taking place in your earth is causing great concern and it seems in these days that little is safe and the troubled days you are experiencing are indeed causing a wave of uneasiness?

Yes … but we are trying to come through by shining our Light … as you have so often suggested.

Then we are merely saying that the wind is blowing up. There is unrest and it may seem that the changing winds are causing one to ‘hold on to their hats’. This is what we mean. Keep grounded dear friends. Recognise what is taking place and do not succumb to those energies that are so keen to drag you under. We say to you ‘You know better than that’.

Well, for those of us that are aware of what is taking place ‘behind the scenes’ we are doing are very best to disperse the fear mongering. And yet in all honesty, there seems to be so much going on that makes me feel more than ever that some of us earthlings have well and Truly lost the plot!!!!  I know you are trying to assist in the best way you can, and I know we chose to be down here to play our part … I know also that the struggle to keep jolly and rise above all this is no easy task. Many of us are shining through with our heart taking the lead I am sure of it. Yet we all have days of severe ‘what the …?’  And I am having one of those days today!! Even though you have just asked us not to succumb!  I am often looking up into the sky and saying ‘hello’ … I continue to KNOW you are there … somewhere … yet … I am becoming impatient … there is no two ways about it. That’s the way I feel.

Impatient with us?

With life! With the world and the people in it. You can’t go around correcting people’s approach to others and their thoughts towards another. It is not for one to do so. I do not judge. I am just aware of how so many still come from a place that DOES judge!!! I accept we are all where we are on our journey … and yet, what are we to do? We are trying to change this world back into a Loving one and yet so many still have no idea of what is actually going on. I don't feel I have expressed that very well!

Yes, I know I am having a moan. Just expressing myself really, because I just wonder where it is actually all going to end up. And yes … you may get a word in edge ways!!!!

We cannot fully understand but we are picking up on the vibration of your energy which helps us to assess what you are ‘feeling’.

Not that good really is it?

It appears to us that you no longer feel satisfied with yourself… is this correct?

OOOOwer!!! Hadn’t looked at that!!!! Maybe that’s the case. I was blaming my outlook on outside events beyond my control. Good point chaps. I’ll look into that. So, am I not satisfied with the way I am dealing with things?

You and only you can answer that. What more would you have us say?

Don’t know!

How we wish to uplift your heart.

That’s not up to you, that’s up to me isn’t it?

Yet do you not desire to help a friend when they are low? You are now being shown an image of many of us gathering together with the intention of lifting the awareness of those on your planet. Like you on earth are learning to do. You have recognised that the gathering of energies that can be focused on a particular issue all together can have great effect. Why therefore, would we not do the same? We are in this together you know. All of us, working towards the same goal … Freedom.

Yet you ARE free are you not?

Indeed, we meant that we are working toward the same goal … YOUR freedom. Only when you have that freedom shall you understand that you do not have it now.

Talking of the word ‘now’, a while back you said ‘now or never’. Your feelings on that are?

No different than before.

Guys, with respect to you, I am going to close today. I am really not in the correct frame to be channelling. I don’t want to take my frustrations out on you or anyone. That simply is not my way. Another time perhaps?

If this is your wish.

And yet we would say to you that we are able to learn quite a lot from the energies you are emitting at this time.

And would you now say that I should come from the heart place and send Golden Rays?

We would say … take a few deep breathes…

Yep …

And feel the energy that we are sending to you. You are aware of the colour pink in a very strong vibrant hue are you not?


Breathe it in. In your ‘knowing’ … breathe it in.

Yep … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

What is it you are wanting to hear from us?

Again, don’t know! I feel I am wasting your time today. My energies just are not in the right place for this. Thank you for trying to continue, but just not in the mood. Perhaps tomorrow?


In Love and thanks.

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