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Wanderer of the Skies - July 26, 2011

Greetings from the Federation:

Various acts on your world are being carefully orchestrated towards a goal that will allow the Disclosure process to unfold with a minimum of disruption to all of you. It is imperative that when the time comes, there be little in the way of change of your day to day routines so that the appropriate programs can be unfurled and become operational quickly. When the initial shock of the announcement wears off, we wish to avoid having you thrust into an unnatural series of events. We have learned that your human nature craves the familiar and so it is important that the most familiar remain with you in the days and weeks after the event of Disclosure so the maximum amount of people can integrate this knowledge into their belief systems. Presently, we are working with various governments to orchestrate events on a sublime basis so that this information gets disseminated in a planned and well timed manner.

You will see develop over the next month a series of events involving not only your monetary system (which is our main concern since it holds the greatest familiarity for you), but also other events concerning security (or the false threat of non-security) and announcements of scientific developments which will cause many of you to question how such leaps in technology could have been made. These are part of the unfolding play that will lead to Disclosure.

There are many aboard this “train” of events that used to be on the tracks trying to stop its relentless movement forward. As more begin to awaken, the inevitable occurs. There is a mathematical percentage of those awakening who were minions of the Illuminati and these individuals now understand their role in the broader picture. As the world courts try these individuals, their awakening itself will be the greatest mitigating factor in their mercy.

Take heart and carry on with your missions, individually and together. These are truly the most exciting times. Keep as good a memory of them as you can, for you will often look back at them and want to relive the moments of time leading up to the Disclosure event and, ultimately, as matters take on lightening speed thereafter, towards Ascension. It has a certain “Hollywood appeal” to it.

We will continue to show ourselves more and more in your skies and we have planned even closer events than that in the coming time as a way in which to build upon the slow progress we have attained in acclimating the people to our presence. This will include ever closer “fly bys” and greater clarity of our ships so that there can be no dismissing us. This is all planned long ago and, in our estimation, is moving along nicely. Time draws near and we become ever more excited for our reunion. We will greet you with open hearts and with Love and admiration for your incredible resilience in the face of so much adversity.

Be at peace.

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