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Wanderer of the Skies - July 22, 2011

Greetings from the Federation:

The intervals between the windows of opportunity for Disclosure grows shorter each time we pass another of these moments. As the time within which we are able to acclimate you towards Ascension grows shorter, so do these intervals. There is yet another window of opportunity coming shortly. Whether your leaders take advantage of this opportunity is entirely up to them. However, they can no longer continue to squander the opportunities afforded them by our representatives working among you.

We have searched through all of your world and the darkness continually grows fainter as more and more Light suffices your world from energy sources in every way. We have detected only sporadic instances of the use of chemtrails, weather changing technologies, and other devices of the Illuminati over the past several weeks. We believe your leaders must seize these moments to act appropriately in making the announcement to move you into a new age of being.

The world will not change overnight for you upon this announcement. It is simply a threshold that will be crossed and your acknowledgment that all your work, your faith in the mission of Love, has not been in vain. Very little will change drastically at first, but there will be ever increasing circles of change that emanate from this announcement on all levels.

We will continue to focus on the steps leading to Disclosure, and leave for others the teachings regarding that major event in human history, your ascension along with Gaia, into the higher realms of existence. While the recent past has been relatively quiet on the Disclosure issue, we feel a certain window of opportunity opening and so wish you to prepare, once again, for this possibility.

We know the weariness of the cycle of preparation, excitement, anticipation, and let down as you perceive that which is to come to pass as again not happening. However, it is inevitable. The only distinction is how you measure the time to get there. We see it as a nanosecond in the vastness of time which has lead to this moment. You see each second drag by like hours and days. You have been conditioned by the Illuminati to seek immediate gratification for all things. We understand these feelings. But we also understand and admire your tremendous resilience to the cycles you have been undergoing and your continued faith in the process. You have our utmost honor and respect.

We honor you and your mission and stand ready to assist when the time comes. Keep pressing for Disclosure through Love and intentioned thought to those leaders capable of making the announcement which will push you past this threshold. Enjoy yourselves in the process, and continue to love each other unconditionally.

Be at peace.

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