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A New Channeler is Born!

On May 12, we received an e-mail from somebody saying that he had written down a text. He was unsure of its origin but had felt "compelled" to write it down and send it to us. It's not unusual that we receive channelings from other people than the ones we already publish. Usually they already have quite a history of channeling and already have their own website, and are just looking for a broader public to share their messages with. We appreciate this, but simply don't have the space and man power to publish and translate all this material.

This writer was different though. He said this was the first text that he had ever gotten through and he didn't like it. He had "no intentions of being anyone's typist, be they human or alien" and didn't want his name published, even if we felt it was genuin. We took a look at it, and got a sense that it could indeed be authentic. Just like most of our visitors we only have our hearts (and the experience of having read lots of channelings) to discern the messages that truly come from benevolent higher beings from the ones that come from astral jokers or the writer's own fantasy. So, to be sure, our founder and inspirator Luisa asked Suzy Ward and Hatonn to take a look at it. Suzy replied that this message flowed well with her and Hatonn described this message as "pure".

Our writer was still hesitant, but apparently his higher contacts are not, because in the days after that three new messages came through. As we see a lot of connections with other channeled messages, the ones from SaLuSa for instance, and these messages contain some new elements which are very uplifting, we decided to start publishing them on our website and blogs, for as long as they come through.

We know the writer's name, but as he has "a reputation to uphold" in his regular life and isn't interested in any publicity, Luisa decided to call him
'Wanderer of the Skies'. Here are his first four channelings, starting at the bottom of the page.

Update June 23:
Sheldan Nidle has also confirmed that the source of these messages is genuin. His Sirian contacts told him that they come from a non-human group within the Galactic Federation.

Wanderer of the Skies, May 21, 2011

Greetings from the Federation:

There is much talk of a “rapture” to occur in your world today. It is not to be. But do not look contemptuously or with disdain at those who would put forth this view. They are simply misinformed. Indeed, our dear Light workers, there are those who would look the same way to you for the messages you put forth to help others. Rather, see this for what it is. These souls cannot help but feel the same energy that is pouring into your world that you can. They simply interpret it according to their ideological framework.

Know that matters are moving along very quickly now. The disaster expected to be implemented by the dark ones has been averted. Reason has prevailed, to some extent. They are now seeing that off world is their only avenue of escape, for justice will be swift once the process begins to unfold. They are like a spoiled child who finally cannot get its way. They would rather implode than come to reason.

We understand that some “back room” dealings have been taking place of late wherein the leaders of several of your developed nations have discussed the best way to make the announcement. They have discussed a joint announcement, similar to your summits and conferences that occur from time to time between your nations. They have also discussed appointing one nation to speak for all, bypassing your United Nations in its authority, despite the fact that this entity would act best in the interests of the human race. This lack of consensus as to what to do has stalled their progress. But they know time grows short, and it appears one of your nation’s leaders is truly going to move forward to take the initial step with or without the blessings of the others.

A natural “disaster” will occur soon, small in impact, that some will attribute to the dark forces, but this is not the case. It is Gaia making shifts to prepare for what is inevitable. Even your mother, at this stage, is doing her best to minimize the shock to you, such is the profound nature of her love for all who inhabit her.

Keep moving forward in Light and Love. Get ready for the joyous events to follow, and know that the “dreams” of a beautiful world are soon to be yours.

Be at peace.

Wanderer of the Skies, May 20, 2011

Greetings from the Federation:

We are delighted that we are able to continue these briefings. As we have explained, all is ready now for Disclosure on your end. Your individual governments will be moving along shortly on this. Everyone expects the Americas to lead the way, but we see that their President will “drag his feet” on this issue, fearing physical reprisal for his statements and that, in fact, one of the “Third World” countries will indeed lead the way in this respect, followed quickly by the “Western” nations who will claim Disclosure as their idea.

We have monitored your corporate world as well, which has been informed of this development. They have discussed, at the highest levels of their organizations, ways in which to capitalize on this announcement. They have not, nor can they, understand the Ascension process and how it will alter, forever, the way in which you “do business.” They understand it only from a profit mentality, so they are quickly implementing plans to adopt this new knowledge into their business models. For the short term, they will capitalize on these changes. However, as we then take our rightful places as your family when you are invited to become Cosmic Citizens, “all bets are off” as they say, because we will introduce those changes, through knowledge and technology, that your corporate world will not be able to handle. Indeed, they cannot even prepare for these eventualities.

We see this coming to fruition soon, and it appears that a major announcement is due before the end of June 2011. While not earth shattering, this announcement will pave the way for the scenarios we have prepared for Disclosure and ultimately, Ascension. The nation which chooses this announcement first will lead the way into the future for Mankind, as we will see to it that their bravery is rewarded, so to speak. No nation will be intentionally deprived, however. We foresee, as one of the consequences of Disclosure, the gradual breaking down of national lines in favor of a human race. Do not be mislead, however, as this will not come about quickly. Even Ascension must assimilate, over time, something on that level.

All the plans we have been telling you about will then be set in motion, including the allocation of funds to stabilize the world economy and the world court to bring to justice all those who have transgressed against the human race. As you have seen, a “soft” Disclosure has already been underway for some time. While encouraged by us, it is your government’s choosing as to how, when, and what, is disclosed to you in this way. But that will not be necessary much longer as the “hard” Disclosure planned by your own governments is well underway.

Be positive in all you do. Extend your love to all in the world and know that you are shortly to be called upon to become Cosmic Citizens. We are not your gods, but your brethren.

Be at peace.

Wanderer of the Skies, May 18, 2011

Greetings from the Federation:

Let today be a day of joy in your lands. The formalities for Disclosure are at an end and now we await the word. The process of Disclosure is selected by your governments according to their own agenda, but it is not to be delayed by any means. We have left the choice for the Disclosure timetable, and the way it is delivered, up to your individual governments since we place in your hands the way in which, and the timing by which, you are told the Truth.

In that way, you as a people can deal with your emotional, mental, and psychic reactions to this news. Only then will we be in a position to openly confirm what your governments have disclosed.

Make no mistake about it. This Disclosure is a life altering event. It will singularly change everything you as a people and as a culture have ever been. While things may seem to be the same in the days and weeks after this event, things will radically change. This was the reason the prime directive prevented us from addressing the ills of the Illuminati for so long. But our mandate comes from a much higher source now. The “treaties” are signed, and you are, in Hollywood prose, “locked and loaded.” It is truly an exciting time. We are not without trepidation, however, since we are aware that there are those among you who still have only the faintest clue of their own ascendancy. We are confident that you as a people will carry each other forward to a new consciousness. For Disclosure will do just that for you. The Ascension process is an ongoing one and Disclosure is the first major step in bringing you forward.

The treaties include a provision for a world court for bringing to justice those who partook of the wrongdoings under the Illuminati. You will be pleasantly surprised at the swiftness with which this “clause” of the treaty is enforced, as there are many who seek justice. You will also be pleasantly moved by how you, as a people, will react with compassion and mercy for those who have wronged you, despite your long suffering. This is a sign of your rise in consciousness, and we have taken into account this rise when deciding how best to utilize justice on your world. Only the wisest among you, and not those who seek blind justice or vengeance, will govern this process. It will seem very natural to you.

Good work! You have finally come to the crossroads of your human existence. Fear is an illusion. In truth, all will be revealed.

Be at peace.

Wanderer of the Skies, May 12, 2011

Greetings from the Federation,

We have chosen this new medium to introduce another slant on the information currently being received on your planet about the upcoming events including disclosure and Ascension.

We are small group within the Galactic Federation who have recently been allowed to voice our " take ­" on these events. By small, we wish to emphasize that this is a relative term. Our group represents a faction of the Federation that is many planets large.

We wish to commend all light beings for their work to date. If you could only know how close we are to fruition of our mutual plans, you would be dancing in the streets. We add our voices with the consent of Hatton and after careful consideration as to whether any further voices to be heard from our side would be beneficial to you.

We have chosen a new medium as yet unknown to you who we can trust will deliver the message with confidence and ability.

The time is here. The time is now. You have an old saying which goes, "Those who are not part of the solution are part of the problem.­" Use that as your guidance in these affairs. Matters will now take on such a momentum that no force can stop it. It is Divinely decreed. We are truly honored to be part of this whole Project.

Your pathway cannot begin until Disclosure is accomplished. This is the seminal point for all future occurrences and the first solid evidence you will have that what we have been telling you through these discussions and through these various sources is true. Disclosure is very close. We do not mean to "put the carrot on the stick­" any longer. It is upon you. Those in power know this truth and the dark ones are afraid of the freedom that this truth will reveal for all humanity. It is truly the seminal event.

This is why it has been so long in the making and so difficult to coordinate. Imagine the logistical nightmare that was the coordination of events leading to your D-day invasion. Multiply that by an exponential power and you have some idea of what we are dealing with on our side. Much of what dictates your humane reactions, emotions, cultural prejudices, the unpredictable nature of the human mind, have all been calculated by us. Some of it has been interpreted for us as you would use an interpreter to understand a foreign tongue. Yes, despite our technological advancements, even we have trouble understanding the human mind at times. These factors have all delayed this event and pushed it further and further on the time line.

However, we have our "marching orders­" as well. We have been ordered, so to speak, to advance disclosure. The dark cabal will either step down or be run over. Either way, they will be brought to justice. On this issue, you can be assured that our technology will reveal truths in your courtrooms that is incontrovertible. We can replay conversations made in "back room deals­" by the Illuminati that will convict each and every player, large and small, for their crimes against humanity. That is this group's responsibility after Disclosure. Trust us that all dealings have been documented and justice will prevail.

Please get ready now. Time is indeed short and Disclosure will come, first from your own governments, as planned by us, and then through our actions. We stand ready to serve you, with honor. We are so very proud that you are shortly to become cosmic citizens and our brethren.

Be at peace.

Comment from one of our readers:

"How cool is this! Thanks Kees for doing the work to verify a fresh voice, not that we are tired of the other magnificent Lightworkers on the site.

This voice has a different tone and a crispness to it that rings familiar to Sheldon's messages.

And, any indication that the change is ever closing in upon us is welcome news. Of course, I would rather it happen yesterday. December 2012 is 19 months away from June 2011. Something better happen soon...they really do not have much Earth time left if they are going to do anything.

Linda in Chicago" (May 22, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi! Can you please thank "Wanderer of the skies" for his or her messages...

I resonate deeply with the messages that were shared and I am immensely grateful that "Wanderer of the skies" decided to share the messages.

My love and thanks to you and all channelers!

Adrianna" (May 22, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hello Everyone,

LOVING GREETINGS to the new channeler, "Wanderer of the Skies"!

He is a most welcome addition to the team, and his material does indeed resonate as genuine with me.

I'm sure we all respect his wish for anonymity, as this job can be scary and perilous at times.

The important thing is that this vital information is disseminated, at a time when many souls on Earth (even Starseeds) are depressed and downtrodden.

These messages brought me hope and excitement. Many thanks to GC for publishing them.

I love the part about the "back room deals" of the dark ones being recorded and available for courtroom playback, and justice being imminent. I hope that includes those in charge of the chemtrail programs in every country - from the planners down to the pilots. Here in the eastern U.S., the spraying still continues to this day, and they have recently been doing it under cloud cover during a week-long stint of rainy weather. After the rain clouds finally dissipated today, the chem planes were abruptly revealed making multiple "asterisk" patterns in the sky. I guess the childish games will continue until the very last moment.

I always try to send love to the perpetrators, and hope many of them find their way back to the Light in time for Ascension.

Let's all visualize a swift and complete end to the long reign of the Illuminati, the chemtrails, the GMO foods, the constant barrage of drug commercials, disease, taxation, prejudice, and those fear-inducing news reports that currently rule the airwaves - to be replaced by joyous reports of Disclosure, our Nesara deliveries, the release of life-enhancing technologies, and a new civilization where abundance is shared equally with everyone.

Onward to Blissful 5D Reality!

Love & Light,
Scott" (May 22, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"These messages are like Galactic “breaking news”, from the heart & resonating!

Well done to the courageous soul for channeling these benevolent beings.

With Love & Gratitude

Zyg. & Tracey
Australia " (May 22, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Thanks so much for another corroborating voice on the upcoming major events, including disclosure and ascension. Every new voice adds to the cumulative effect and helps those of us who do light work to keep it up.

As far as this statement is concerned - “it appears that a major announcement is due before the end of June 2011” – my attitude remains the same. I will add my spiritual energy to this prediction without hanging my hat, or my hope, on it. I want the writer to be correct but if this prediction, like those of other channelers I respect, passes without becoming a planet altering event, I will still continue to work towards, expect and embrace the wonderful events laid out in this and other messages.

Is the writer correct about President Obama being 1) aware of the upcoming disclosure and other earth altering events and 2) being afraid to lead the world on this issue? If this is correct, we’ll know soon enough. If this is incorrect, it does not change my expectations for these wonderful events to materialize. Our president may – or may not – be aware of these things but even if he is, I allow him to be a human being, not a super being. I don’t know that I would have the courage to be the first to step forward either. I expect him to join in with the others once the train gets rolling.

Please continue to publish this new writer, as his words have the same feeling as the other channelers I respect. I long for the planet altering disclosure event to take place soon, so that the other major changes can start being implemented. What a privilege it is to be alive during this time and to be able to not only witness these changes, but participate in them by lending our spiritual light to all that is about to take place. We all have a role to play in welcoming disclosure, the myriad revelations and the open greetings from off-planet people who are helping us with ascension implementation. May it all become apparent soon.

Kauai Joe" (May 22, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Thank you, Wanderer of the Skies. I hope the you continue this 'typing'. And thank you Luisa, et. al, on Galactic Channelings for posting them!

-Scott" (May 23, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Michelle from Washington, DC here.
There is "something" about these messages that ring "true" to me. This person is either a channeler or a government insider that knows about the disclosure project. The word that comes to mind as I read these messages is "practical." The messages are NOT pie in the sky. They are not flowery poetry. This person "understands" the inner workings of government and corporations. I look forward to reading any future work from the "reluctant typist."" (May 23, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Best one yet!!!! Please, please keep them coming.....more accurate and down to earth than anyone else "channeling" imho

Mike" (May 23, 2011)

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