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July 20, 2010

13 Cib, 19 Kumku, 5 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We return with more to discuss with you! Right now, the ongoing difficulties affecting the European Union's banking system continue to deepen. These developments are only the tip of the iceberg of what is to come. A vast quantity of derivatives, debentures, and other monetary instruments are coming due, and there is no apparent financial remedy for the havoc they can cause. Similar situations are likewise brewing in other parts of your world. The dark cabal is starting to realize that its policy of lying about these things will no longer work, and new excuses need to be concocted, and rapidly. Meanwhile, our Earth allies are waiting for all this to come to a head so that the final push toward manifesting a new financial system can finally commence. Furthermore, the dark's stranglehold on the global money supply is beginning to slip. The euro, the dollar, and the yen are in trouble, and doomsday scenarios are already underway in China, India, and the Middle East. Something has to give, and this 'give' has to be the superseding of the Dumbarton Oaks treaty. A new system needs to be implemented now!

This requirement is being firmly resisted by the dark cabal. Negotiations between the US Treasury and several central banks determined this to be the one true option. Reordering the dollar is a move that the US Treasury refuses publicly to consider; in private, it is another story. The dollar and the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) need a quick propping up, as the dollar is actually floating with a value determined by a bankrupt FRB. This is influencing Europe and Japan to demand the reconfiguration of the euro and the yen within a new monetary equation. This equation comprises a precious-metal-backed currency, coupled with new standards of international conduct for the banking industry. To the US and Wall Street bankers this is a most bitter pill to swallow. As the crisis worsens, our Earth allies keep explaining to the dark cabalists that the best solution is to let a new system sponsored and run by our Earth allies in the door. This is the poison pill that the dark sees it may be forced to swallow. But it persists in doing all it can to avoid what amounts to its death sentence, yet this is fast becoming inevitable.

The pressure of collective opinion from most of the world's nations leaves the governments of the West in a dilemma. Any putative signs of growth are quickly eroding. Each 'developed' nation is hitting bumps produced by unemployment, consumer confidence, or the weakness of its currency, which means that the system is showing signs of imminent collapse. We have seen many experts on your world talk openly about a 'third' economic crash. Such talk makes the cabal's minions queasy, rendering the poison-pill scenario more and more likely. To this end, our Earth allies are busy jockeying within the vast unwieldy enigma that is the old financial system to find a way to override this doomed behemoth. Their aim is to impose a new financial system and remove the governments which support the old one; e.g. the US corporate regime that is working hard to keep the Dumbarton Oaks system from collapse. This row is reaching a decisive point, as the US corporatocracy treads water and sees the enormous tidal wave of debt bearing down on its precarious position. The end of the dollar is near!

Your global society has another decisive factor to deal with: nature (Gaia)! Development of your society over the past 200 years created an expansion that ran rampant over its surroundings. This became an unnatural bubble that sooner or later had to burst. The first intimation of this was the ecology movement of the 1970s, which alerted us to the fact that some of you were awakening to a recognition of the overwhelming importance of nature. Mother Earth was being severely wounded by the loss of her forests, marshlands, and plain open spaces by the ceaseless spread of your society. You are now reaping what you have so carelessly sown: Nature is dying. The biodiversity, so essential to the well-being of your world, is at a tipping-point; and if it is lost, your society is ultimately doomed as well. Yet those who control your world seem unable to recognize this fact or come up with necessary accommodations. This utter intransigence compels our Earth allies to push these dark ones from power.

The present state of the dark cabal v. Earth allies conflict resembles the end of a punishing uphill race: both sides are exhausted, but our Earth allies seem to have got a second wind which could get them first past the finishing line! Nevertheless, the dark is not yet ready to concede defeat and its minions continue to cook up schemes to delay the inevitable. Our Earth allies maintain their advantage but lack a means to deliver the knockout blow. However, several upcoming events have the potential to create such a condition by default. The dark's true Achilles heel is the torpedoed monetary system which is on its last legs. When it collapses, the rest can only fall in on itself. In the resulting vacuum, the new financial system can roll out, unimpeded, bring new governance to the fore. These regimes will reframe how the world works and will spell the end of the present sorry lineup of pseudo governments.

The practice of government on your world needs to embrace fully the unalienable rights of each sovereign citizen. These rights form the foundation of galactic society, and in the American Declaration of Independence the Ascended Masters set out to proclaim these basics and to ask for a government capable of exercising these principles. Saint Germaine strongly intended America to be a beacon and a showcase for these axioms, and it is a shame that slavery was allowed to continue in order to gain the approval of the southern states. Despite this, the document remains a strong statement in favor of personal sovereignty and the role of government in preserving it. The 18th century was just beginning to see how this new concept of governance operated, but additional 'nuances' were still needed to make it truly efficacious.

The idea that remained beyond the mental reach of those who dabbled in the theories and practice of governance was the problem of creating a power entity with sufficient self-censorship and motivation to defend its citizens from all onslaughts against their natural rights. The initial concept was a republic. This could be simply a loose confederation or, alternatively, one comprising a central corps endowed with certain powers enabling it to arbitrate among a loose confederation of sovereign states. Each state in turn was to be the defender of each citizen's rights. The prime question then was how this was to be legislated and adjudicated, and this conundrum still stands. The rise in consciousness has recently thrown this unresolved issue into sharp relief, as ages-old rights abuses become unacceptable to an awakening humanity.

What is now added to this mix is the promise of abundance. Universal prosperity can redistribute power throughout society but this also triggers the necessity of educating everyone on the truths that surround them. The public miseducation system and the blatant manipulation of the mass media have invested the populace with a desire for access to new and truthful information that can begin to resolve the multitude of urgent, global threats. We fully intend to support this need by providing the facts about your society and ours. As you move toward full consciousness the prime concept of personal sovereignty enters the spotlight. Then, in an atmosphere of open discussion, you can decide how best to head your global society toward its bright future.

Today, we addressed the progress being made on a number of fronts. We drew your attention to some pivotal questions which we hope will stimulate your now-dormant sense of sovereignty. The time is approaching for your society to progress beyond its present context and to become the prototype for your new galactic society. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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