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July 13, 2010

6 Muluc, 12 Kumku, 5 Caban

Selamat Jaram! We continue with our discussion of what is happening on your world and with first contact. At present, our Earth allies are finishing up a number of procedures that counter what the dark is up to now. The dark cabal is determined to set up obstacles to the final transfers of the new bank charters that deal with the reorganization of several major banks in Europe, the Americas, Australia-New Zealand, and Asia-Japan. These charters are at the very core of the new hard-currency banking system. The various gold deposits backing these new banking regulations are in place at special secret locations, and the officials who are to handle these new, open bank exchanges are likewise in hidden locales. When the next steps are completed, these officials will come forth and make a series of stunning global announcements. These official statements are to switch the world into a new financial reality, and in conjunction with these proclamations comes global debt forgiveness. Under conditions of a tabula rasa, a wholly new period of prosperity is to begin.

The long-awaited prosperity funds are to be delivered during this same timeframe. The new caretaker governments are to explain a number of concepts that presently are largely unknown to the general public. The first is the concept of personal sovereignty, which is integral to the full expression of every individual's unalienable rights. In America this means reestablishing the original US Constitution and a full return to common law. The new governments will explain what this means to you. The same is to happen, in its own way, throughout the rest of the world. Most governments today are not true de jure regimes, and a proper system for replacing them is to be carried out by our Earth allies. This involves systems of national recognition predicated on a true common-law legal system and the restoration of a body of unalienable rights adjudicated over the past few centuries. Traditional groups of grand masters in Asia, designated by Spirit, are to use divine dispensation to reestablish a new rule grounded in natural rights to freedom and prosperity.

The most interesting place of all is Africa. Here, the colonial masters of this continent divvied up the spoils and created colonies that took no account of the cultural boundaries of the native peoples. Hence, when the legal challenges to these now-separate nations began, a series of consultations with the traditional leaders of the land were convened. Out of these meetings, which in many ways resembled the conferences held around your world on native and aboriginal rights, a grand plan was conceived and acted upon. In sum, a broad body of precedents exists, which forms a basis for what is about to occur. Knowing this, our Earth allies have worked out several agreements on what is to happen in Africa. These lands have largely been carved up artificially into nations which are also extremely in debt. Various individuals have agreed to take the lead in turning this morass into a prosperous, sovereign, and successful group of nations. The peoples of these lands are bright, motivated, and ready to create their own national success stories.

The rest of your world is likewise more than ready to put personal freedom to use to demonstrate how success can thrive. Do not underestimate those who have hitherto lacked the resources or been denied the sovereignty to re-create their homeland. Everywhere, a kind of magic is ready to ignite your souls and send you on a journey that will astound you. We feel strongly that what is about to happen will be a remarkable catalyst. You are to form groups, initiate projects, and achieve goals that are to fundamentally change how you perceive each other and the reality you live in. We expect this explosion of energy to transform the way you think and to forge ways of governance far different than is now the norm on your world. We stand with you in this and intend to give you ideas that can broaden the scope of what you are doing. As the glow of Spirit rises in you, the possibilities of what you can envision and manifest will only soar, heading inevitably and quite naturally toward full consciousness.

The process of change is natural to you. What the dark ones did, very successfully, is take this predilection of yours and manipulate your behavior in their favor. This kept wealth almost exclusively in the hands of a chosen few, which allowed these ones to control the governments and, hence, the planet. This control also meant that anything that did not support certain outcomes was banned or destroyed. The numbers of people who encountered this syndrome are legion. We will enable much banned technology that is important to the upcoming Earth clean-up projects to be 'rediscovered' by this current generation. The dark also possesses several sequestered devices which the caretaker regimes are to make public. At that time, the UFO cover-up will end and this will allow us to intervene more openly. First contact permits us to work together and this can help banish your xenophobia.

You are about to meet your ancestors and your spiritual family. This requires a full commitment on your part to full consciousness. We intend you to fully comprehend what such a commitment implies. The landings are, first, to get you used to us, and for us to get your views on all that has happened to you. Next, we want you to better understand what happens in the Light chambers in Inner Earth. It is essential that we put all the facts before you, because the implications of this transformation cannot be overstated! You are to change from being a person full of fear and doubt into one who understands completely the divine plan and is in fact a physical Angel. The countless powers that then become yours are astounding! This needs to be fully comprehended before you enter the Light chambers.

The metamorphosis you will undergo merely reconstructs what is now latent and unstructured in you. Over the past 13 millennia, you lived in a reality in which you were barely able to use 12 % of what you actually possess. This state bears no relation to the one you are about to inherit! The past two decades have seen Heaven and her many spiritual instruments use their abilities to set the stage for this dramatic transformation. You are to transform all that has been put before you since you first became 'encased' in limited consciousness. The Light chambers nullify all this and vivify what has lain dormant in you. This procedure requires a mentor who knows you fully and who is responsible for monitoring everything from start to finish. S/he will make sure that your Full Self flowers as prescribed and that you return to your natural state of physical Angel.

Once you have completed your transformation, you will begin to remember a whole host of facts about who you really are. Then you need to be trained in the nuances of full consciousness. This is what the first days of training are all about. You will be able to pick up ideas and employ them almost instantaneously. Indeed, these trainings are more like a kind of in-depth refresher course, as you are in fact regaining former talents. During these first days, you are to experience a huge amount of environmental stimuli and encounter data that you at present do not believe is 'out there'. Getting you used to this and applying standard 'etiquette' is vital. Once you get your bearings again in this sea of stimulus, the rest is easy! You have become a fully conscious Being of Light!

Today, we carried on with our discussion about your changing reality and what awaits you! Your transformation into a fully conscious Being is something we do not take lightly. Endless hours, days, weeks, and years have gone into what is to happen to you. Be joyful and know that something wonderful is almost upon you! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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