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August 16, 2011

3 Lamat, 1 Uo, 8 Manik

Selamat Jarin! We return with another report concerning your world! At present, we are tracking a number of individual unit commanders who are summarily defying the series of recent agreements, signed by a majority of your globe's nations, and a special amended codicil that was ratified by the American government only last week! These groups of the military are on the verge of being neutralized by our special defense force. The peace of your world is being temporarily threatened. We have sent warnings to these various rogue groups and given them a date for their deactivation. We expect full compliance and a swift return to the condition pro ante. Several major governments sent similar warnings to these groups once this situation was made known to them. When this state of affairs is resolved, we fully intend to begin the rapid distribution of your prosperity funds and formal announcements by your new governments. The road to disclosure has hit only a small bump. Your prosperity and your new economic system are still on target for completion by the divine schedule decreed by Heaven and Lord Surea.

We are watching our Earth allies and seeing to it that those selected for major cabinet appointments in the new "caretaker" governance are ready and fully apprised of what is expected of them. A number of special Agarthan envoys are now evaluating how these new governances are to function during the first week of their operation. Every chosen administration has a series of tasks to complete. These include: announcements, special orders and a series of procedures that are to pump monies quickly into the "starved" economies of your globe. The first authorized moves of this new governance are intended to relieve the immense debt pressure on your world and get under control the "casino-like" atmosphere that has produced an exponential yearly increase in global debt ratios. The debt needs to be dismissed and a sound series of budgetary rules put into place that can truly evaluate how well each aspect of your various national governments operates. The crucial point is to shift from a "bottom line" to a more humane "spiritual line".

Right now, conditions on your world favor change. Although the dark cabal has been in control of your limited consciousness realm for nearly 13 millennia, their unrelenting iron grip has greatly diminished. We are watching how well our Earth allies and their Inner Earth cousins work together to establish the world that your new growing consciousness deserves. We have, of course, used our vast technological superiority to move this along when necessary. It is important that most of this special "work" be done by those who were born on your planet and know the true and vital nature of what they are accomplishing. Removing the immense degree of negativity from your reality is best done by those who have experienced it in one way or another. Another point to be made is that it has been way too long since the peoples of Inner and surface Earth cooperated as one. We are overseeing this process and it brings great joy to our hearts. The joyful prophesies of Heaven are indeed coming true. The time for disclosure is rapidly drawing nigh!

Disclosure is the principal event that will formally change your world. When we appear on your screens and are heard all over your planet, the reality in which you have lived since childhood will become unalterably different. The many myths about who you are, together with the quasi-scientific beliefs about your origins, will be quickly put to rest. You then will discover your true spiritual origins and your magnificent place in the cosmos. First contact is about a massive transformation of your reality, and of you. This procedure will come about in a series of rapid shocks that we and the Agarthans have discussed long and hard with your Ascended Masters. These talks led us to plan a series of special broadcasts that we intend to begin once disclosure is public knowledge. These messages need to be given in a way that brings this shocking information to you clearly and comfortingly. You will experience a state of joy and some confusion when the vast governmental agenda is revealed. We need to be gentle and to use these moments to prepare you for first contact.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! At present, we have forced a series of rogue military groups to stand down as ordered by the heads of state of a number of affected nations. These military units were threatening not only to defy the various agreements that had set the stage for new governance, but also to delay and force a sudden change in the way this new governance was to be implemented. Our Agarthan brothers and sisters were able to obtain their surrender and end any possibilities posed by this event. We are now preparing to move swiftly to the delivery mode, and to set a date for the first new government announcements that will put an end to the current global debt crisis and introduce the new monetary system to your world. Once these economic and monetary reforms are under way, these governments intend to begin the formal disclosure process. This will start with a special news conference given by the new American President.

This news conference is extremely critical. It will introduce the Galactic Federation and Inner Earth to the people of your world. Evidence and top-secret files will be revealed at the beginning of this news conference. This opening will set the stage for similar news events to be held in other parts of your world. Disclosure will be announced with a general call for global cooperation and for the forthcoming release of a wealth of advanced technologies. The world is to go beyond conflict and prepare herself to welcome our Inner Earth and space families. Among these press events will be various spiritual phenomena that we, your Ascended Masters, fully intend to manifest on your world. This new reality is an experience of consciousness and of spirit: both need to be discussed equally. These educative programs will be only the beginning of events that lead up to first contact!

First contact is the next major watershed for your reality. It opens up the pathways that will lead to full consciousness and a full retrieval of information about your origins and your divine destiny. Our sacred task as your Ascended Masters is to be both provider and prototype for you. Heaven has set forth a process that is to return you to your full potential selves. This process is fundamentally divided into two stages: pre-first contact and post-first contact. These stages are also the times when the dark will begin to recede and no longer be viable in your reality. The moment in your history is coming when the old perceptions lose their power over you, and when our counseling and wisdom will at last become a strong and visible part of how you view your world. The Age of the Light and of enlightenment has arrived!

Today, we have continued our dialogue with you regarding consciousness and first contact. Your realm is in the process of shifting. The fading of the dark has begun in earnest. You are to be welcomed back into the fold of galactic humanity. At last, the moment for this grand celebration is upon us! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

Comment from one of our readers:

"Very encouraging information. Since the Ascended Masters acknowledged the Agarthan triumph over the rogue military platoons, their "delivery mode" can begin. It would appear that the hold-ups of us seeing no progress should be at an end. Abundance coming from anywhere would be a clear indication that these channeled messages carry noteworthy merit. With approximately 16.5 months until Dec. 21, 2012, the grand opening of our new world should be just about ready to open its doors.
This is to be mentioned by the new American president??? Meaning a new Obama with new public itinerary, or, a new figurehead altogether? They certainly can't mean after we vote in the new 2012 winning (pre-determined) candidate. There's no time for that time-wasting nonsense!!! Our televisions' media blitz must be ready to turn the corner. It just seems so. . . now! Let's get this going! We've waited long enough, all of us. Please, Ascended Masters, activate the decreed plan. Let us usher in the age of our long lost smiles.

Bless us all.

Dan from Ingleside, IL. " (August 16, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Dearest Sheldan,

I sincerely appreciate all your efforts to keep us abreast of the Galactic news and always look forward to your timely comments! You mentioned that the "new American President" would announce disclosure. Does that mean that our beloved President Obama will not continue as our leader? Does he have other plans for the future? I love this president and can feel his trustworthiness! I'm not sure I can place my hopes and dreams in another.

Sending You Light & Love,
Salamat Gajun! Salamat Ja!
Corinne" (August 17, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:


I was a little taken aback by the statement, "new American President". Back in 2008, Matthew said that Obama was part of this whole process. Has he been compromised, or was he just a stop-gap? Or, is he the new president (of the country, and not the corporation)?

Sam" (August 17, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hey Kees!

It's been awhile since we chatted, but I saw something interesting in Sheldan's last post. The Ascended Masters stated, "This will start with a special news conference given by the new American President." Having the first news conference being given by the US President isn't a surprise, but the word "new" in front of it definitely is. Considering Obama has been in office nearly 3 years, I would not call him the "new" President, so it got me thinking. Are they implying that something will happen to him before his term is over and Biden will be the "new" President? Or, are they saying that Obama will lose his reelection bid, which would lead to the US having a new President? This would mean then that disclosure would not happen until 2013 when the new President is inaugurated. Just wondering if you or anyone else caught that.

In the Light's love,
Matt" (August 17, 2011)

Our reply:

"dear friends, that was a remarkable statement indeed. sheldan's sirian contacts have always said that there would be new governments implemented to lead us to ascension, but in my opinion this is the first time that a channeled message (at least, on our site) says that obama will be replaced.
i don't know what to make of it, because as far as i know, matthew and SaLuSa still support obama. but obviously obama hasn't shown himself as the enlightened leader paving the way to big changes and contact with the GF yet, so maybe there was a change in the plans. best to just wait and see what the other channeled beings say about it, i think.
kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (August 19, 2011)

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