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December 14, 2010

5 Akbal, 1 Mol, 7 Ik

Dratzo! We return with much to talk about! Your world continues to advance to the decision point where it will be faced with only one workable option: to carry out a quiet revolution of global proportions, which our Earth allies remain determined to achieve both harmoniously and as soon as possible. The issue here is not about perpetuating the current global setup, even under new rules; rather, it involves a dramatic transformation in consciousness, which will birth a new set of rules as well as a new foundational construct for your reality. These new rules will change your world into something completely different! The radical shake-up of the US government is one of the first in a series of steps that will massively change your world society. Other steps are swiftly to follow, bringing a welcome new relationship to money and abundance in general, and forever altering the discordant mindset that presently bedevils these issues. We wish to assure you that this changeover is very close. Further, you are to move beyond mere wealth into a broader definition of abundance, which is to light up an entirely new worldview for you.

Very rarely has your reality undergone such a massive resetting as this. The transformed outlook that will result is to be the foundation for your return to full consciousness. The significance of such an event requires very special management on Heaven's part, and we come to be the physical arm in this tremendous renewal of your world. The most important of the changes, which will be made on many levels simultaneously, is the expunging of the primal fear that is often a by-product of a limited-conscious realm. The first item on the agenda is therefore to lessen this all-pervading sense of threat and flip it into Love and acceptance of the wonderful events about to take place. A lot of positive information concerning these events is spread widely on the Internet and by word of mouth, providing intimations of the subject matter, which will be expounded upon in the broadcasts made by your new governments. A key aspect of banishing the above-mentioned miasma of fear is the introduction of universal, sustained abundance.

Our Earth allies and we wish to instigate a new global economic system of permanent abundance, which will segue quite swiftly into conditions which will obviate the need for any sort of monetary exchange construct. We, for instance, have not used money per se for many millions of years. To this end, we came up with a way to move your society down the same path. The first requirement was a massive, ground-up recasting of your banking system, designed to eliminate debt and restructure wealth distribution, leading to the 'leveling of the playing-field' for all. This would require an enormous accumulation of precious metals and other hard forms of wealth. Our Earth allies agreed to our plan and were soon able to bring together truly humungous quantities of real wealth. The next requirement was an equitable way to collect and distribute wealth, necessitating the creation of a new global financial setup, and our Earth allies have come up with a more-than-suitable prototype.

This prototype involves a decentralized, regional banking structure, in contrast to that of the dark, who implemented a heavily centralized system governed by a web of massive corporations. This faceless behemoth imposed a labyrinthine web of computerized fiat money networks, all of which needs to be quickly disassembled and replaced with the structure prepared by our Earth allies. This brings us to the subject which last week caused a bit of confusion for some of you. It was discovered that these networks were protected by hidden 'land mines' and other forms of defense, designed to sabotage anyone who dared to try any significant restructuring. Closer acquaintance with this structure recently revealed how deeply concealed these fields of destruction are, and as a result, it was agreed, albeit at the eleventh hour, that a two-step dismantling of the old financial system was in order, as this would alleviate the front-end time pressure involved.

Be assured that this four-month extension in no way delays what is about to begin, as it pertains to work to be carried out after the regime changes. The dark cabalists believe that a kamikaze-style global meltdown, like the one that almost happened in 2008, is the only way out of their present predicament, and such a catastrophe is indeed on your near horizon. They are also doing their best to disrupt your holiday season with talk of global crashes and by stoking various world flashpoints. However, our plan is for change to happen with little more upheaval than exists at present. And so we have stepped up our last-minute preparations so that our more harmonious scenario prevails over that of the cabal. We are also dotting the i's on that aspect of our plan concerning the series of bloodless coups which are to remove several dark de facto regimes around the world. This huge, interlinked plan hovers on the brink of manifestation!

First contact is to happen after the basic, essential first acts of the caretaker regimes are secured. We intend to create a milieu where announcements, events, and integration periods flow sequentially to enable you to more easily absorb them. Each event is designed to flow into and compliment the next, adding up to a most transformational whole. Once the first domino falls, the rest will go in a specially designed sequence, in the middle of which comes the formal announcement of our presence. We see this announcement as throwing all that preceded it into a new light. It is the crux when your reality begins to separate the old world from the new. It alters your whole perception, both personal and collective, and allows us to begin showing you your true origins and how you arrived at this point in your history.

This is when we will begin a broad technology release. This will work in our favor because the use of more advanced devices prompts you to draw increasingly on your innate consciousness abilities, which in turn enables you to gain a better understanding of what you are truly capable of. We want your initial interactions with us to trigger an ever-deepening comprehension of these innate capabilities. Remember that this mission is primarily about returning you to your natural fully conscious state. We want you to revamp your basic concept of yourselves and question where your global society is headed. This will also greatly facilitate our first meetings. We wish to accompany you on your quest for full consciousness and to celebrate with you your reunion with your Inner Earth cousins.

Ultimately, you are to create a new star-nation and become an important member of the Galactic Federation. Your future is closely linked to ours, and so we gleefully anticipate the successful conclusion of this first contact mission. The factors that appear to be hindering this operation are dwindling fast. We are ready to come out from behind the curtain that the dark has drawn in front of us and introduce ourselves openly. The time comes for action, and for this limited-conscious nightmare to be swept from your minds. Your Inner Earth cousins, too, long to show you around the parts of Gaia that were kept from you by the dark. This is the moment for celebrations, embracing exciting new truths, and welcoming long-lost family and new friends.

Today, we expounded on how your world is to be transformed, and on the sequence of events that will take you back to your natural state of full consciousness. But your journey is most of all about your future as citizens of a new star-nation and members of the Galactic Federation of Light. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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