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December 7, 2010

11 Cib, 14 Yaxk'in, 7 Ik

Selamat Jarin! We return to tell you about some interesting developments! At present, we are working with our Earth allies to secure the formal release of the deliveries. We have also set up the final procedures for the switch from the present corporate de facto US regime to the new caretaker one. This particular scenario has been revised to accommodate many among the Earth allies who feel that a slightly different type of government change is essential, as a result of a series of final discussions with the dark cabal. We are considering these developments within the context of our preparations for our first global announcements, as these last-minute changes may be much more lengthy than expected. The purpose of these final diplomatic exchanges is to toughen up the accords to ensure that the government changeover goes smoothly and without major hitches. These agreements include several separate financial packages that are also receiving some final adjustments. An initial four-month segment is being added to the banking accords that lead to the break-up of the world's largest banking institutions.

These additions in no way alter what is to happen. What they represent is the need for this financial package to be a true indicator of the Earth allies' determination to establish a universally prosperous, hard currency financial system. The precise logistics of this are something that the new President and his new cabinet are to discuss at length with the American people and the peoples of your world. It is to be a decentralized, regional system and will be partially reliant on the spread of the abundance funds that are to be issued on the same day as the temporary regime takes over the reins of power. The exigencies of this timing make it essential that we do what is necessary to ensure that the deliveries go off as planned, and so we have initiated a series of actions using our technology and the expertise of our technical personnel. Hence, these critical disbursements, when finally okayed by our Earth allies, will be done swiftly and easily by our designated personnel. This task is receiving its final prerequisites even as we speak. The drive behind all this is to complete these pivotal tasks as quickly as possible.

This first-contact mission has become fully tasked with setting up global governments that are qualified to receive our contact, although we have already had much interaction with several major and minor governments throughout your world. These diplomatic pursuits have given us a comprehensive understanding of how your global power structure operates. This construct has spawned regimes that are deeply entwined in the wealth creation process of this global structure, and the only solution to our dilemma is to procure basic changes to the very foundation of this power construct. To this end we have recruited powerful groups and individuals seriously committed to an entirely new way of putting wealth and power together. Our growing mutual friendships with these people have resulted in what is about to happen, rendering the dark cabal and its dogged obstinacy expendable. This first-contact mission is about returning you to full consciousness, not assuaging a pampered and hubristic few! This objective was made more difficult by the appearance here of members of the Anchara Alliance.

Members of the Orion Alliance were able to obtain a series of formal working relationships with a number of your major governments. These led to technology exchanges as well as the means to retrieve numerous craft, together with their personnel, which crashed on your world. These accords also included training programs in which members of your military traveled to other worlds to discover how time travel and teleportation operate. Consequently, several missions by your secret military were undertaken to alter your history vis-à-vis Atlantis. These missions ultimately failed. The timeline that you are on has been altered by Heaven and the divine plan, and will shortly deliver you to the great changes we have long been telling you about. The inability of the dark cabal to change this new Heaven-bound timeline is what set off their initial panic. At this point, the cabal is fully cognizant of the fact that a positive first contact by the Galactic Federation is inevitable and underway!

As we have stated, these are the last few moments of this present reality. It is being divinely transformed, along with your planet, your solar system, and you. Many aspects of this reality can be seen to be changing. Signs of this include the rather 'odd' placement of the moon in the night sky and the strange perturbations of many stars and nearby worlds. These are portents of the immense changes that every part of your reality is now going through, and our role is to be a catalyst for these changes. The former Anchara Alliance members who were once in relationship with the dark cabal are assisting us in the preparations for carrying out a successful first contact with you. Know that this is the time when all of this is slated to manifest. A series of astonishing events is unfolding before you!

These events set the stage for what we intend to accomplish next. Your present societies are obligated to mere de facto regimes, orchestrated by the whims of the dark elites who wish to control you as before. These intentions run counter to the decrees of the Light! Therefore has the Light sent us to reorder your world and move you into full consciousness, and we can report that the first part of this remit is being carried out. The governmental and economic structures set up by the dark at the end of the Roman Empire have come to the end of their usefulness as tools for expressing its power. The dark knows this and is trying in vain to create suitable replacements. These machinations lie behind all that has happened from the beginning of this century onwards, and as anyone can see, these attempts have all met with failure!

The cabal's trials and tribulations will not cease until it relinquishes the power now so manifestly lost to them. We have worked diligently with our Earth allies to ensure that this transition continues to manifest as Heaven so decrees. Lord Surea has pronounced that these transformations are to happen now! We, in turn, have stepped up our unswerving determination to justly resolve the whole issue of the dark and their minions. A great deal of subtle change is underway, provoking much upheaval and trepidation in the ranks of the cabal. You need to have the deliveries and a true change in governance. This is happening on many levels, and the final, most dramatic part of this transformation is ready to pop! Our diplomatic and liaison corps is succeeding in preparing the way for this to happen. Their actions are making possible a first series of truly wonderful announcements.

With this done, we can formally end the UFO cover-up and begin to announce our presence to all of you. This starts the rush to first contact. Your world urgently needs these changes, as Gaia can no longer hold your present reality together. Her only recourse is a series of stepped-up natural catastrophes that can only imperil your existence as primary residents of the surface realm. Moreover, the very diversity that enables life on your surface world to exist is on the verge of extinction. In previous eras, Gaia used surface 'remodeling', like the one you face, to reset the life clock and reestablish the essential diversity. You are critical to what she envisions. This growing dilemma needs a divine intervention, and we are it! We come to reset your consciousness clock and prepare you for your much-needed, new responsibilities.

Today, we brought you up-to-date with some important points regarding first contact. The much-needed events we discussed are underway and we await their imminent conclusion together with the opportunity to roll out your prosperity deliveries and regimes changes. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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