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January 12, 2010

7 Lamat, 11 Chen, 5 Caban

Selamat Balik! We return with more to say about first contact and your world. The still-hidden endgame conflict has reached another level of intensity. Your last dark cabal has put itself in a position in which it either dies or surrenders. A large number of synergistic events are swirling around it, each one more threatening to these cabalists than the last. Nevertheless, their level of arrogance refuses to allow them to surrender to the obvious. We watch and prepare alternative scenarios with our Earth allies that address the period immediately following the dark's coming defeat. A new planetary politique awaits while various caretaker regimes take shape and new agreements between them are announced. This new milieu is primed for first contact and a series of startling broadcasts which will include the introduction of technology long-secreted or carefully suppressed by former regimes. These events will throw up myriad questions that are to be addressed before we arrive on your lovely shores, and to this end our Earth allies are equipped with a long list of succinct and enthralling answers for you.

This final period preceding deliveries resembles one of your action spy movies! Across your globe many self-serving individuals are working with the dark to sabotage our efforts and stall change, but this shortsighted endeavor is now reaching its foregone conclusion. Too many groups and governments are tiring of this ultimately futile espionage game as they come to see clearly that the old ways are simply no longer sustainable. Varied moneyed interests and their government counterparts are finally tumbling to the fact that a new and very different system is essential and that attempting to patch up the old construct is actually counterproductive and thus a waste of time. Yet, a whole batch of intelligence agencies tied into the old web refuse to let it go. This attitude is getting harder and harder to validate as each day new revelations of malfeasance dismay formerly helpful regimes, thus predisposing them to the Earth allies' cause. These shifting alliances in the political sphere hasten the Earth allies' victory, and an international legal machine is presently grinding the dark's deteriorating efforts to a halt.

The dark now faces a range of alternatives, each grimmer than the last. It fully knows the consequences of continued resistance. Despite this, the dark coalition persists in a doomed attempt to prevent their fall. The legal machine now unified against them expands upon the penalties to be exercised against the cabalists with each passing day. Many ranking members of this cabal have been captured and subjected to due process of law, but those still at large and in positions of power are even more adamant that surrender is not an option. Their intractability leaves just one option: their complete and utter rout. This is now being arranged. The economic instability of your world leaves the cabalists teetering in a reality they are not used to; namely, facing the collapse of the few resources they have left. Further, those regimes still supporting them are delusional if they think they can escape the same fate. Major economists are warning these dark regimes that drastic financial reform is essential.

We watch closely and prepare for first contact. The drama below us is reaching resolution, and several international legal agencies are set to arrest and take down these illegal, dark entities. The cabal comprehends what is happening and is responding predictably by amping up multiple fears and the threat of terrorism. Creating wars has been one of its most effective weapons through the ages, but now this tactic is manifestly failing as nations across the planet tire of these increasingly transparent shenanigans. Many world leaders publicly express their disapproval and secretly tell their colleagues to "get on" with what needs to be done to bring the dark-supported regimes down. We have reports from our liaisons which detail the growing disgust over the delays slowing this process down. These issues are politically the talk of the town among many nations and our Earth allies. Many strategies are being discussed and implemented even as we discuss this with you.

Recognition by many of great influence on your world of the need for fundamental and urgent change is now a prime factor in this endgame. Your global society is reaching a point where a second economic collapse is due, and this one is likely to be much worse than the first. Yet the depth of reform required to mitigate this coming disaster has not been acknowledged much less addressed by the dark cabal and its governmental allies in some major western nations. This dereliction has spawned an underground working group in this region, and it is using its resources to align with other regional groups and nations to reverse what lies ahead. Legal arms of these groups meet secretly to plan a way to declaw those dark elements forming the major obstacles to change. The resultant prosperity of the Earth allies' reforms can swiftly appease the wary and ambivalent proponents of the remaining defiant regimes.

We are devoting the time left to first contact. We observe the way each side is adapting to the shifting strategies of the other. The dark is addled if it believes that what it has to offer the world is still viable, and as just noted, we see its erstwhile supporters slip away and its positions weaken with time. There is little it can do but slightly delay the inevitable. Every so often in the course of a civilization's flow through time it arrives at a point where a major change of direction is required to survive. This is one of those points. In your case Heaven has also decreed a first contact. You need to come up with the fortitude to understand this and carry out these changes in your journey. We are here to advise you and, when so directed by Heaven, to carry out a first contact. There is little time left for the dark to surrender peacefully.

Our plans are to initiate a more assertive first contact operation if the dark is somehow able to delay matters beyond the divine timeline. To this end we have carefully noted what the dark has in its armory. We possess the appropriate countermeasures to prevent any sort of engagement with its 'hi-tech' secret armies and space forces. These cabalists do not fully realize what they are up against. If the more assertive first contact begins, we intend to neutralize their weaponry and permit the new caretaker regimes to gain power. Our landings will then be announced by both the new regimes and by us, and subsequent events will be quite similar to what we have discussed. However, you need to know that this endgame is much more complex than what we have covered with you. Come what may, all roads lead to our benevolent reunion with you.

As we have continually stated, Heaven decrees this first contact and the Divine has ordained your immediate return to full consciousness. This means that the rebellious dark and its minions are no longer in change of this reality. Heaven informs us that your realm is to return to the fifth dimension with all hands on board! There is no separation permitted: All on this world, regardless of what roles they currently play, have contracted to be returned to this wondrous, heavenly state! Your world is a special realm that was allowed to become mired in the darkness of your present reality for a set period of time. That journey is over. It is the moment to be joyful and to reunite with your space and heavenly families. A new world of abundance, incredible abilities, and divine responsibilities awaits you!

Today, we continued with our message about recent developments. Your world and indeed the entire solar system are being prepared for a new reality and the immense beauty that is full consciousness. This is the precious moment when what was promised by the Creator is to happen! Let us rejoice in the knowledge that the grand plan of Heaven is unfolding around us. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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