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August 10, 2010

3 Batz, 12 Pop, 7 Ik

Selamat Jarin! We come with more to discuss with you! Your world is being transformed by a number of large solar flares that are adding a new boundary layer to the upper atmosphere. These new sections are being used to return the exosphere to a degree of normalcy, and the lower atmosphere, too, is seeing an increase in ozone. In sum, an extensive exchange is taking place between the gaseous mixtures of the boundary layers of the upper and lower atmospheres. In addition, repairs are being made in many areas where the blending of oxygenated air and nitrogen-filled air takes place. Similar changes are happening in Mother Earth's mantle. Here, temperatures are rising in places where tectonic plates meet, and this jump in temperature helps to reduce the incidents of volcanic activity. As more of these plates prepare to lock, the probability of larger earthquakes can increase. We work with the planetary Elohim to ready Earth's surface for a grand transformation that is very close.

Because the time for these changes approaches rapidly, we have requested that our Earth allies accelerate the remaining steps preceding the manifestation of their overall agenda. On one hand, your present societies are being torn apart by the inadequacies of its current structures and being undermined by urgent social needs exacerbated by shrinking economies; on the other, a huge, hidden abundance awaits you, held back by the non-resolution of the conflict between the dark cabal and the Earth allies. Governments around your globe are in peril and their citizens are in want and fear. The future seems bleak when in fact the reverse is true! We have watched as this long, weary struggle winds down, and have observed the astonishing obstinacy of the dark. In the past, these tactics won it many victories, but not this time! This time its nemesis is upon it! What amazes us is how difficult it has been to dislodge it from power. Happily, our Earth allies have proved resilient enough to surmount this refusal to go. The final elements to remove the dark legally are now being put together in a series of special negotiations.

These negotiations are producing the formal documents to legally and swiftly transition to new governance. An immense amount of detail is being provided by many courts in America and by several international courts. Switching this planet over to Common Law is essential for bridging the gulf from your present setup to a prototypical galactic society. What this amounts to is guaranteed personal sovereignty for each individual and protection against any interference of the unalienable rights underpinning this axiom. Liberty and freedom are important conditions for what lies ahead. Prosperity is another aspect of what the new governance is all about. Our Earth allies have secured the gold that is needed to underwrite the disbursement of global prosperity; moreover, these depositories are in places where Mother Earth needs them in order to ensure her own well-being. This quiet revolution is about not only changing the very nature of governance but providing a supportive environment for your expanding consciousness.

First contact is ultimately about consciousness, which means full consciousness. Our task is to progress you from your present state to where you need to be, and so we have set up the means to do this. The Agarthans of Inner Earth are also ready to assist us in this wondrous transformation. What we have yet to deal with is the dark matrix that runs your world. This entity systematically and quite subtly denies our very existence and covertly works to develop weapons to thwart any landings. This concerted policy is responsible for the cabalists grip on power after the sudden defection of the Anunnaki, and so, ousting them from power is essential. We realize that the dark-controlled media has spent decades drumming the irrational concept of 'alien invaders' into you. We are benevolent, and understandably do not wish you to perceive us otherwise. We ask our Earth allies to complete their goals and remove the dark from its dominion over you. Then we can easily proceed with the mass landings.

At present, we are increasing our level of assistance to our Earth allies by doing many things not previously allowed. We need to emphasize that we are breaking normal evaluation protocol in order to carry out Heaven's decrees. She authorized our use of necessary new measures while remaining within the bounds of her previous decrees in order to progress you to first contact. Our liaison personnel are formally integrated within groups both on and inside Earth who intend to liberate your society from the restrictions imposed by the dark's agents on Mother Earth. This period of darkness has outrun its divinely prescribed time span, and all dispensations made in the past are hereby revoked. The dark ones, however, do not believe this and remain defiant. This is why a complex noose is now tightening around their neck. A trap door is taking shape beneath them and will be sprung when so commanded by Heaven.

This noose is made up of the economic and monetary systems that are imploding around them. The various key individuals and corporations that they own are rapidly being reduced to nothing. This process has been going on now for over a year and is only recently bearing fruit. Many formerly extremely wealthy individuals are discovering that their secret funds are quickly disappearing and such asset loss truly frightens those who had not previously known fear. As their secret debts begin to influence their public assets, many see a possible return to the dark days of September 2008. We offer a way out: resign. And allow our Earth allies to implement new governance and global prosperity. Another big concern for the dark cabalists is the many court cases that are sure to follow their mass resignations.

This upcoming due process of law is something our Earth allies have had in the works for the past five years. These court cases establish the legality of the new regimes and the flagrant illegality of the regimes presently in power. Furthermore, the dark ones are anxious about the extent to which their remaining assets are to be stripped from them and their families. However, the new governance is about providing prosperity for all and banishing the present scarcity. In the same vein, any punishment metered out is not to last long, and our liaison officers continue to push this point at all meetings and emphasize that capital punishment is not on the table. What has been planned is in the ultimate best interests of all involved: to get everyone into their Light chambers as soon as possible and back to full consciousness! The longer this takes, the more likely it is that it may lead to a different heavenly solution.

The Galactic Federation is focused on carrying out a mass landing within the timetable given to us by Heaven. This timetable is irrevocable and has been mandated by divine decree. We are therefore bound to a first contact with you under the most amicable conditions possible. We have reiterated to all governments possessing nuclear weaponry that disarmament is fundamental. The nuclear option does not exist where first contact is concerned, and this equally holds true for any attempted nuclear exchange. A special decree allowing for unprecedented changes to your body, mind, and Spirit was made to prepare you for your return to full consciousness. This was only permitted because it is your true destiny!

Today, we discussed developments on and around your world. Events are coming to a head, and this ensures that first contact is close. Your preparation for full consciousness goes forward as planned, and the moment for great events is near. Let us rejoice and happily anticipate their imminent arrival! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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