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August 3, 2010

8 Pop, 2 Oc, 7 Ik

Selamat Jarin! We return with more information. At present, you are in a kind of 'settling' period. The remnants of the dark's power are fading, and as a result your realm wallows in a sort of limbo. Our Earth allies are not yet finished with the process that is to bring on the downfall of the dark cabalists, but be assured that they cannot stop what is now well underway. Once these historic momentums have reached their goal, the announcements and deliveries will proceed immediately. Pursuant to this, we have alerted our liaisons and our flight crews to watch closely and assist this stage to its forgone conclusion. We are also asking our crews to help Mother Earth as she prepares for the next phase of her transformation from a limited-conscious state back to her original 5-D one, so be prepared for another increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Two of her major tectonic plates are already in virtual 'locked in' mode, with more of such preparatory measures to follow imminently. Your atmosphere is likewise preparing for a huge increase in oxygen content, in anticipation of the needs of her new ecosystem.

The new ecosystem will be a far cry from your present one: during the Great Dying of the late Permian and early Triassic periods, Earth's ecosystem changed from one which supported countless reptiles and amphibians to one that saw the dinosaurs rise to dominance. The upcoming change will be similar in degree and will be about consciousness. Wild animals will become able to interact directly with Mother Earth, which is the state of play prevailing in Inner Earth. The atmosphere is to be purified and a much more life enhancing one will form out of the cleansing violence that will accompany the surface reconfiguration. The new realm will contain new types of trees, plants, and animals, and Mother Earth is to evolve new, higher-level colors, sounds, and smells. These heightened qualities generate Love, and are designed to create an environment that breeds happiness and secures an ample abundance for all the flora, fauna, and Beings that are to inhabit this new ecosystem.

The new Earth is a magical place! The ancient myths of the Pacific islanders talk about Lemuria as a place where picked fruit grew back swiftly, and where animals and people could be described as belonging more to the realms of 'spirit' than stuck in the purely physical state as they are at present. Endless tales are handed down of miraculous deeds and of the strange and beauteous world they inhabited. This is once again to be the future of Mother Earth. It is to be a place of exquisite beauty, where colors, scents, and even the 'taste' of the air will be like Heaven. The same will be true for Inner Earth. Eons ago, this magnificent planet took on a mantle of deep shadow to facilitate the establishment of an environment that resembled that of the dark empires that surrounded your solar system. A chronicle of events was to be played out which is now coming to its natural conclusion, in which you fell into limited consciousness by shutting down most of your RNA/DNA. This strange saga is now in reverse mode, and you and Mother Earth are returning to your natural, pre-fall states.

This current realm is something of an oddity. When you look around your galaxy and see stars and dust clouds and other amazing phenomena, you are looking through the prism that is your particular reality. This 'colors' everything into the shapes, sizes, and qualities that make up your definition of 'real'. In truth, the galaxy is composed of multiple realities operating on a basis of mutual attraction. The key concept here is 'realities'. Your science is defined by what is 'physical' in your reality, and many other realities in this galaxy possess similar styles of reality. Many others do not, and it is these 'realities' and the way they impinge on one another that create the huge array of anomalies that stun your scientists. Now, new paradigms are being proposed and we welcome this accommodation. It gives you a foundation upon which to study what is truly going on in your galaxy. This is why our craft seem so strange to you, as they are from a higher reality and are designed to move easily between realms.

'Reality' seems a simple concept to you but in fact is quite complicated, with definitions that are never-ending. Each set of realities is formed from a unique series of conceptions that we encounter on a regular basis. We are describing these things to you to help prepare you for full consciousness. In this very special state, you will be able to experience these myriad realities simultaneously. What you do is focus on where you need to be, and whoosh! You are there, immediately, immersed in the particular reality you have chosen. This is how we get from our home worlds to this solar system and your beautiful Mother Earth. Everything to us is reachable and doable. This Creation is gently unfolding, and our task is to help it do so as gracefully and easily as possible. First contact is part of this process, and what is to unfold now is a series of events that is to lead you quickly back to full consciousness.

How the return to full consciousness is to be carried out can sound hazardous to the uninitiated. The dark's minions have noticed what is going on within you and have set up a variety of ways to prevent, or at least delay, this rise in consciousness from taking place. All this has failed. They have also had to accept that their strategies for reducing your global population and completing their enslavement of you have begun to peter out. There is a divine agenda that is addressing the dangers of this reality, and this has somewhat lessened the consequences of these dark onslaughts. The result is a stunning defeat for the dark cabal. Its power is greatly dwindling as many nations, private organizations, and powerful individuals turn toward the Light's agenda. This growing support for the Light is close to being made public, and this is when manifesting the new reality can go into high gear.

The dark cabal sees all this and wants to find a magical way out, but its dilemma is not going away and is, in fact, growing. As your globe approaches a critical mass, the numbers needed to trigger the changes get larger by the hour, which means that our Earth allies' covert operations are about to bear fruit. The constitutional illegality of the major western nations is feeding scandals that are seeping through Europe and America. The very nature of these governments serves to support special interests that fly in the face of the principles laid down many centuries ago. New governance truly dedicated to the people's welfare is desperately needed and forms part of the sweeping agenda of our Earth allies. These new governments are a prime component of the next stage of your journey to galactic society.

As you move toward galactic society and full consciousness, you are fulfilling a destiny that was given to you by the divine plan. This plan placed most of you within a 13-millennia-long karmic cycle. You have been into the very heart of darkness and back! You now stand on the cusp of great revelations, and we have come to share your journey's end. We come with advice and knowledge, and to restore the memories that will make you fully conscious citizens of this galaxy. In this capacity you are to use your wondrous talents to complete a permanent galactic peace and to spread throughout physicality the great Light that each of you holds. Yours is the task of dispersing a great joy throughout galactic humanity!

Today, we continued to share information about what is happening around you. Everywhere on Mother Earth a great Light is spreading. This heavenly Light is the true Light of the world! A dark burden is being lifted from you, and joy and everlasting prosperity is now your reality! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

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