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Please Help our Judge!

Dear Friends,

On Tuesday next week, we will be facing a judge in our city of The Hague to challenge a public auction of our house that the bank is threatening us with. Not fun, but we welcome this opportunity to share our perspective on how things are going with a judge.

We have written a plea that's not so much focussed on our own case, but on the suffering that banks -supported by the government- are causing for over one hundred thousand Dutch families (and of course, many more all over the world) by their cold and asocial behaviour. People whose lives are already quite difficult because of financial troubles, are being put under pressure even more by banks that threaten them and even put them on the street if they miss one or more payments on their mortgage.

We want to show the judge that this doesn't serve any public purpose anymore, and it must change. Therefore we also suggest a couple of solutions.
Although judges should enforce the law, of course, through their verdicts they do have a certain freedom to push a public issue in the right direction. Lately, we had some examples of this in Holland, in the field of tolerance for the use of cannabis and inheritance issues.

We want to impress our judge that he or she has this freedom, and can make a decision that doesn't serve the greedy banks, but rather the people. And that's.....where you come into the picture! :) As you probably all know, every human being has the gift of co-creating our reality, through the Law of Attraction, sending positive energy and calling our Angels and Guides to help where possible. We ask you to focus on a positive decision by the judge.

In our plea, we advocate that public auctions and evictions from now on should be out of the question because they are a violation of the fundamental right of man. This is certainly not a lost case in advance, because a European court came to a similar conclusion last year. We advocate that banks should always go and sit around the table with homeowners in order to come to a solution. We hope our judge also finds this insight, and we ask for your help. All is welcome! There is no linear time in energy, so you can start visualizing, calling on the Angels or sending positive energy to the court right away. This energy will arrive at the right place at the right time.

A positive decision will also be beneficial for the judge himself of course, because then he takes a brave decision in the interest of his fellow man, which he later will look back on with pride, no doubt.

We thank you very much for your help! Thank You!!

For those who want to support us personally in the courtroom, the hearing is next week Tuesday, November 25th at 10:00 AM at the courthouse on the Prins Clauslaan 60, 2595AJ in The Hague. If you want to come, please contact me first, so that we don't come with too many people (there are only 25 places). Your support will be much appreciated!


UPDATE November 27: Thanks for sending all your light! I think it worked, the case went well. The judge was interested in our story and although she didn't agree with all parts of my plea, she decided that the bank needed to start negotiating with us again.

I felt that she had a good heart and she wasn't too impressed with the promises that the bank made without giving her any guarantees. In fact she put the pressure on the bank to come up with a solution before december 9, or else she will make a verdict. The way things were going, we definitely felt that the bank will want to avoid that.

Before the case, I had hoped that the judge would maybe make a verdict on the greater picture, like all the misery that the evictions are causing among the people. But instead she concentrated solely on our case. That was a bit of a pity, because a positive verdict could have helped many in the same situation as us. But still the outcome was more positive than what several people had predicted. It certainly wasn't what the bank's lawyer expected. So who knows what more good will come out of it.

All in all - so far, so good :) To be continued... We certainly felt that all the light that had been sent to this judge, had a positive effect in the courtroom. So please, continue to do so! :)

In Love and Light,

Kees GalacticChannelings.com.

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