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Kris Won, May 30, 2011

K U T - H U M I

I Am Master Kut-Humi (Kuthumi),

My dear children, it is a pleasure to be with you once more. I like to do this through different channels in order not to contribute to the ego of any of the channelers who might think they are the only one with the ability and authority to make my message known to all their brothers and sisters in God.

The channel I am using now was playing music that is usually listened to with earphones in order to "get oneself in symphony", but despite the fact that it is very beautiful, I asked him to play Bach, because I like his music so much! Especially his "Toccata in E Minor" - I like specifically that work (of music).

When I was living in my physical body in my last incarnation, I shared my retreat in a cave in Tibet with another one who lived in front of mine, my spiritual brother, Master Morya. Both of us used to interpret music with both our pianos, and that work is the one I enjoyed most interpreting.

Johann Sebastian Bach was a music genius, and he would have delighted us with some more master pieces had he lived for at least a few more years. But at that time, people died at an early age.

I Am conscious of the fact that many among you see the world as it is today and wonder how is it possible that a New Era of Peace, Love and Light, in these times of economic crisis and in a convulsed world can come about.

But I tell you, that these social movements that are arising in the North of Africa first, and then continuing on in Spain as the prelude to an entire political, social and economic renewal in all Europe will change the world.

These movements are not fortuitous (by chance); don't even consider them as localized social conflicts in some countries with grave internal problems. These social conflicts are a prelude to a revolution that will change the world, not with blood as in the French or Russian Revolutions, but it will be a peaceful revolution where the plain, simple and humble man will face the powerful one and will tell him that he does not like the world the way he is directing it.

The peoples will place themselves at the height of the powerful ones, will look them in the eye and will tell them that they want a world with more equitable opportunities for all, not like the current one where only a few profit from the work and suffering of almost all.

The small country of Tunisia was the first one to wake up from its lethargy, and it helped awaken other countries in he Arab world. Spain is doing now the same with the bravery and courage of all your compatriots, especially the young ones whose generation doesn't allow to be stepped on by those who have the power.

It was not a coincidence that Spain has been the country where the wick that will light the torch in Europe has been lighted. It started, yes, with a timid awakening in Iceland, although it is too small a country for their example to be contagious to others, for example the rest of the European countries.

We chose Spain to start the social revolution in Europe for several reasons. The main one is because Spain is an extremely strategic country for being a bridge between the old Europe and Latin America (that is to say, a link between Europe and America). In turn, it is also a very interesting connection between Europe and the Arab World, because of their situation at the south of the continent.

Another reason is that the Spanish youth is a real 'fighter' and they know (will know) to act with intelligence and in the way Mahatma Gandhi used to teach, from a place of nonviolence and a 'no-cooperation' policy with those who have the positions of authority and the political and financial power.

"We, the Ascended Masters of the White Brotherhood, will support from our concealed position but in a reliable way, the change that will gradually occur in all the Western and Eastern Worlds."

We salute you from the Sacred Retreats of the Brotherhood of the Ascended Masters.

May the Love and the Wisdom govern all your steps.

Channel: Kris-Won

Translators: Gloria and Macarena

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