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Kris Won, May 19, 2011


I am now in the Goldstaad gully. This gully is already at a considerable depth, but the ocean floor sinks even deeper towards inhospitable and unknown depths of the Norway Sea, which are abysses where not even we can go.

What spectacular views! It is a pity that you all cannot see this incredible scenery that the bottom of the ocean offers to all the beings who can enjoy this vision. Nevertheless, you can at least delight in the extraordinary beauty of the fiords of this Scandinavian country, which is one of the most spectacular views that Gaia has to offer us. They rise proudly over the icy waters of the Norwegian Sea, as if wanting to reach the sky.

Several centuries ago, the Vikings navigated through the Nordic Sea with their drakkars, as they used to call their agile and speedy vessels of war. In many occasions, the ancient Vikings told of anecdotes in which they had encounters with female beings in open seas (offshore) who sang to them beautiful, suggestive songs, and whom they named "sirens". Yes, like the stone-sculpted siren that is so famous in the Copenhagen port of Denmark, in the Baltic Sea.

And guess who were those sirens those legends talked about, whom these Nordic warriors met? Of course they were us, although they represented us as having a fish fin, I guess to symbolize that they saw us swimming in open seas, offshore, many miles away from any firm land.

That part of the legend saying that we used to hypnotize them so that they would jump overboard and drown is also not true. That is ridiculous! What would we have to gain from their drowning? Nevertheless, we would climb aboard their vessels many times and sing to them beautiful melodies of our race, which have gotten lost with the dawn of civilization.

They tried to reproduce many of these melodies, some with greater skill than others, and I am proud to say that the origin of that music which you know as "Celtic music" comes from those chants we used to delight those rough sailors with.

Some of our people think that the origin of our chants goes back to the times of the Atlanteans, and that they were sung or recited by them before the continent of Atlantis sank.

Many cities of that time are submerged many miles deep down the Atlantic Ocean (that is why they call it "Atlantic", because that is where Atlantis used to be). I have visited them on multiple occasions, and I love to swim among their stone statues, their monuments and their buildings, which are of unimaginable beauty to you. The closest you have to that antique architectural art are the temples of Luxor and Karnak, in the Mediterranean Egypt. In fact, the obelisks that are found in these temples and in other samples of Egyptian architecture were much utilized by the ancient Atlanteans, for, apparently, they used them as energetic antennas to attract magnetic currents from space, to be condensed in their temples, their plazas and their funerary constructions.

Today, that knowledge has been lost. But we believe that it will be re-established again among the human races, once the Moment of the Great Change takes place.

I am going to go now. I had been wanting to contact my communication channel because it had been awhile since I hadn't done it.

Until our next encounter, which will serve as a bond between the two races, the one above the surface and the submarine one.

Horti Pan Keor. Alí Maluá. I will await expectantly our next encounter, now that the communication with my channel has been improved and polished.

Source: Iris

Channel: Kris-Won

Translators: Gloria and Macarena

Comment from one of our readers:

"Michelle from Washington, D.C here
I enjoy hearing from Iris. I believe this is the only channeled being on the entire GF page that is of a female gender. I appreciate the diversity, and I also think this is the only under water being. I look forward to hearing more about her world and Herstory. Yes, I did mean to write herstory not history." (May 23, 2011)

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