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Alpha Ship, January 30, 2011

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

All of the Alpha Spaceship crew members and their commander who is talking with you right now, just a few thousand kilometers from the surface of planet Earth, from that marvelous sublime being that is Mother Gaia, are at the present moment in calm times but full of expectation because we know without a doubt that the times do not come, they ARE.

It is not necessary any more to wait years and years for the unfolding and manifestation of the Divine Plan in this world; the waiting is over. Thus, yes, we are calm here aboard our Interstellar Spaceship, but at the same time we are alert and well prepared in case the moment to take action comes in this precise moment, which would not be a strange thing at all.

What we want to say with that is, we 'up' here, from our strategic location hidden from all your technological means to locate us, can tell you that none of us know the moment we will step into action, but we do know how to do it and which steps to follow first, and immediately afterwards.

The moment we step into action could well be within the next few months or within the next hour. The exact and precise moment of our intervention is only known by the Creator Mother/Father God, the Eternal Feminine and Masculine Energy joined as only One, from which all Creation originates, divided in a multitude of Universes and even of dimensional planes that vibrate and expand continually in a quasi-eternal dance of adoration and praise of their Creator.

And all the beings manifested in diverse planes of existence are joined together in joyful praise of our beloved Creator and Benefactor. What your Bible says in one of its sacred texts related to your humanity that, "not even a sliver of grass moves without God's knowledge" is a very true affirmation because only He knows with certainty what has taken place, what is taking place in whatever part of His Creation, and what will take place in the future, which is uncertain to all of us.

Allow me to tell you something about what we know will take place, according to the plans we have with all civilizations from outer space that are right here and now, ready to act when the time comes.

Whether those who are in the dark who have been weaving your destinies - at least in this three-dimensional world - would try a last-effort maneuver driven by despair, or they would renounce to their desire to manipulate you and surrender to what is evident (which is their definitive dismantling), or on the other hand, God determined that it is time to act with forcefulness and displace them from their seats of power and domination, in whatever one of these three scenarios, We will intervene and will free you from the yoke that has held you and enslaved you for too long since millenia ago.

Once their domain has been dismantled and you are free again, free to know the truth about who you really are, free to be able to embrace your neighbours, families, friends and work colleagues without fearing having to look for a job, fearing the end of the month or that the bank would take away your house or car; once this moment arrives, then we will reveal ourselves openly to you and without the need to appear sporadically and quickly over your cities, without having to consider the pros and cons of our acts so that each time a greater number of people understand that they are not the only intelligent beings in the Universe.

It has always amazed us that intelligent people among your humanity could think to be the only inhabitants of this vast Universe, considering its enormous size and the smallness of your planet in the face of trillions of celestial bodies inhabiting your Universe. Your artificial satellites send you stellar pictures of how vast only your local Universe is, and even then, many people think that the existence of intelligent beings in other places of the Cosmos is "very unlikely". And we prefer not to comment on the laughable comment of one of your most prominent scientists with respect to what our existence would mean to your security.

These type of comments are motivated only by fear, by fear of the unknown, and are not the result of well-thought and deep reflection. But the beauty of the present times, the moment we are all in right now, is that the matter of our existence and the fact that you have always been accompanied, will stop being an unknown subject, and that will be the moment to manifest our First Contact.

In fact, after dismantling the influence exercised by certain anonymous power circles, it will be the time so wished for by you -and by us! - for the veil of illusion that had deceived you shall disappear so that we can all commence our common walk towards the leap all of you will take, in conjunction with the beings of the brethren kingdoms of man.

Are you ready for our meeting, subsequent to your liberation? Then do not get distracted, because the great moment of change could be... right now!

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship, its crew members and Commander Sohin.

Peace and Love

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris Won

Translators: Gloria, Steve

Comment from one of our readers:

"My part of the world in being inundated with a huge amount of snow. We haven't seen a blizzard like this in years, if ever. It covers 30 of the 49 mainland United States. At the same time Australia is being battered by a cyclone with winds up to 225 mph, the North East corner of Africa is awakening to riots, turmoil and change that has washed over into Jordan and probably will affect the Israel-Palestinian craziness, Japan has a dormant volcano erupting and Lord knows what is going on in South America.
All of which is to say a lot of nasty stuff is going on and many people are suffering. Isn't it time yet?
And we have to do what to help it happen?
Linda in Chicago, USA" (02-02-'11)

Our reply:

"Hi Linda,
Yes, there's a lot going on. Just like our galactic friends predicted! I think we can't do much about these huge global events, whether they are man made or natural, except what the galactics advise us to do. And that is to visualize the changes that we need, and keep our eye on the bright future ahead of us. Besides that, we can spread the light among the people around us, who have no idea what's going on. That's what we came here to do! Just remember, however difficult it gets, this too shall pass.
Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (02-02-'11)

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