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Alpha Ship, February 6, 2011

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings, from Alpha Spaceship!

The tiny microparticles that inhabit the microcosm are in minuscule form what the stars and planets are to the cosmos (macrocosm). To quote the old adage: "As above, so below", although we could also say: What occurs at the macrocosmic level, also occurs at the microscopic level, or at least something similar.

In a similar way, and those of you who have studied occult literature will know this, things that happen in the three-dimensional physical plane have already occurred a short time before in the astral plane, before it materializes in the physical world. These are the sensations that you have on occasion when you believe to have lived a situation that has just occurred, what you call "déjà vu".

During the night, while you sleep, your astral body, along with your other subtle bodies, leave the physical body that remains in a catatonic or vegetative state, as if to rest the 'sweet sleep of death' - and go to different places where you continue your process of learning or being of service.

You may have noticed that over time, particularly in recent months, more people are channeling our messages. Something that started as a minor phenomenon and very rare, has been increased to the point that today, at the beginning of 2011, humanity has many mediums, channels, speakers, tools, or as you prefer to call it, people who leave their bodies in the service to offering themselves as transmitters so that all the information we want to deliver, effectively and quickly becomes available to all of the readers of our communications.

We already anticipated this in previous messages, and you are now seeing the truth in that the number of channelers is growing exponentially. And it could not be any other way, as you make your quantum leap towards a more subtle dimension, something that is already underway--although not drastically but gradually--as more and more people are developing the ability to contact Us telepathically.

Telepathy is a quality that is developed as the human being responds to certain patterns of conduct and its basic bodies (physical, etheric, astral/emotional, mental and causal) become more subtle. Because of its refinement and gradual process of becoming lighter, the more subtle bodies of man are also experiencing a rise to a higher state.

Lastly, once all the bodies of human beings have ascended (this is the process of Ascension and not something else), then man will be found in a spontaneous and natural form in a higher dimension.

And that will be the result of your own evolutionary effort; we will not have intervened at all in it. The credit will be yours, and that's really beautiful and what gives value and relevance to your achievement!

What you do during the day, while you remain in the waking state, together with what takes place during the night with your subtle bodies, is what is going to drive your soul, from the position where you have been more or less static for centuries or even milennia, to the new situation in which you will live very soon. Do not forget that you are multidimensional beings and that you do not live solely on the physical plane of forms.

All of you who are living through a similar experience, if not identical, when you have taken the ascension step that is occurring in these times of planetary change, will all manage to shift Gaia, your dear Mother, towards the glorious state of the New Earth.

We have said in our previous statements that none of us knows with any certainty the date when this evolutionary leap in which you live as [a new] humanity of the planet will become effective. But we do know one thing, namely that the transition from the old Earth to the New Humanity will be performed successfully, and it can not happen differently, when the Divine Creator has decreed that this will be your destiny.

Let us pray together that this dimensional shift, this supreme spiritual achievement on behalf of man, is granted very soon.

Peace and Love

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris Won

Translators: Gloria, Steve

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