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Kris Won, March 29, 2011

Within the next few years, the Israeli community will have to face an uprising of the Islamic countries who will demand the return of the territories they consider Israel has taken away from them. A possible war that could extend to other countries of the international community would provoke a conflict of unpredictable proportions, given the magnitude of the armaments that some Western countries have at their disposal. Moreover, the enormous patriotism and also the fanaticism and disregard for the death that characterizes the Muslim countries could result in a generalized conflict where, on the one hand, Western countries would support Israel, and on the other hand, all the Muslim countries would unite and which, nowadays, are many, going from Asia to Africa.

The world as we know it could disappear after a Third World War between the Western countries and the Islamic countries; that's why it is vitally important that, before what could be inevitable were to happen if things keep on developing the way they have up to now, an international effort be made to calm this explosive zone that is Palestine, place where there are pious people from all religions of the world, and for a peaceful solution to the existing problem in this territory to be found.

Once again, it is vitally important to solve this multiracial and multireligious conflict by peacefully, and to try to solve the differences between the Jewish and Palestine peoples through diplomatic means; otherwise, an armed conflict could be unleashed that could end up in a worldwide holocaust.

Believe what I am saying to you, for we in the astral world can foresee events before they happen, with an error margin lower than yours, who live in a three-dimensional world and therefore, are subject to many limitations.

It is a priority for you to start looking for solutions to the problem that separates the Israeli people from all the Islamic countries that surround it, and to not let the events to be unleashed by themselves; that would be disastrous for the peace and stability between East and West.

All the uprising movements that you are seeing in diverse countries, such as Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya, will provoke all the Muslim countries to gather together in the future, and when they see that they are stronger (we all know that there is strength in numbers) they will decide to free themselves forever of a country that has always stood up to them, which is Israel.

And that would be the beginning of a worldwide catastrophe, unless, as I said, you look for solutions beforehand to the Palestinian conflict and come to a peaceful solution soon, before the arms do the talking.

Please, keep this in mind because if you don't, the war predicted by Michel de Nostradamus in the XVI century, one that could be avoided taking the appropriate diplomatic measures, will become a sad and terrible reality, with devastating consequences.

Signed: Jean Estivel

Channel: Kris Won

Translators: Gloria and Macarena

Comment from one of our readers:

"What in heaven's name was all that about? What does it matter if we within a couple of years will be part of ascension? Sorry but I do not understand the purpose of this channeling. It just made me feel uncomfortable.
Thomas" (03-31-'11)

Our reply:

"You're not the only one, Thomas. We just publish it, in order for everybody to use his own discernment. We can't say much more about it, except that people in Heaven don't necessarily need to be enlightened. There are many vibrations in Heaven, depending on the development of the soul. Hence the difference between Montague Keen and Matthew Ward. So please don't take this as the absolute truth!
Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (03-31-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Wow! Reading this was an unpleasant experience. I definitely did not like the tone and the energy of this read. It just didn't resonate with me and I can't help but question the source of information. Not necessarily Kris Won because other messages he's channeled had a different energy but this one, I'm not so sure about and I can't help but wonder what his thoughts are about this one (Kris Won).
Is there a way one can protect his or herself from channeling lower energies?
Much Love, Light and Warmth,
~Adrianna" (03-31-'11)

Our reply:

"Let's ask Kris Won, Adrianna. I'll include him in this reply.
Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (03-31-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"This message is rather unorthodox, it feels very much as though some entity is attempting to sew seeds of doubt or fear amongst the readers of these channelings. I very much agree with the other comments to this post, this message feels like a much lower frequency than all prior messages from Kris Won (and all the other messages on this site for that matter) and I imagine readers have the discernment to know that and treat it as such.
Peace and Love to all!
Robert" (03-31-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"I agree with the previous posts. this is a very strange and dark message and does not resonate with the rest of this site. Kris' has been posting some very unusual messages of late. Will look forward to a response to your inquiry Kees.
Linda in Chicago" (03-31-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Looks like the lopsided one-way U.S.-Israel propaganda machine made all the way to Heaven!
stephanie" (03-31-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

I don't know if I'm correct...What I think for this message is it's trying to tell that we have to reconcile the relationships between these(or maybe all) countries/races/religion before any violence has been taken place. However, the approach /interpretation of the message has been focused on the negative outcome. This is quite opposite with the messages we used to read, which ask us to focus on our bright and wonderful future.
This message sounds like a 'warning' (which suddenly reminds me the way I teach my daughter). But of course under the Law of Attraction we have to focus only on what we want, not what we don't want. So at the point, I do agree with Kees that 'There are many vibrations in Heaven'.
Sorry for my poor English.
Much love and light,
Amy" (04-01-'11)

Comment from Kris Won:

"I have read the comments of some people (including you, hahaha) about the last message from Jean Estivel, but, what can I say? I think we have to leave their messages to be heard. I agree it is a bit alarmist, but maybe the political situation is critical now. I have no idea, because I personally don´t like very much politics, you know? But maybe it was written in the destiny that this message should be spread over. How to know it? I am just an antenna in the Cosmic Net. If I were a writter and I were written that message, then everybody could reprove my thoughts; but this is not the case.
So, if I could go back to the past, I would do the same. I´m sorry if the message has disturbed some sensible readers, but life is not only Ascension and First Contact, we have to deal with the errors and imperfections of the human race as well, and it could be in danger; therefore some advice coming from the Other Side should be welcome, don´t you think so?
Love and Peace, Kees.
" (04-02-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Ive read in other "channelings" that not everybody will choose ascension to the higher planes in this life. The people who do not choose to ascend will have to live on this planet and will have to deal with the current situations and problems. The message on Kris Won March 9 2011 from Mother Mary points us to pray for World peace , harmony and fraternity for all men and women. This as well as the suitable diplomatic solutions will prevent such a disaster.
Nath" (11-21-'11)

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